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Jeansitting Is Dangerous ???

I`ve a very short facesitting experience with my girlfriend. I love the facesitting and she too. Until now everytime she`s sat in my face she wore panties or tanga, but yesterday she purpose my about the jeansitting. I don`t want to be a coward but it afraids me. In this forum I read that it`s very painful and that were cases of nose broken. She`s 20 years old and not very heavy (55 kgs), but she is inexperienced and afraid about it.
Has anybody a bad experience about the jeansitting or a serious injury on his face ? Is it so dangerous ?
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My fiance is drop dead gorgeous and I never stop her when she gets in the mood to facesit me..but however bootilicious the ass it become like a flat board when reversed sit in jeans. I do not find it pleasant. I do like jeans when she is standing and there is some leeway to get in there. She should avoid grinding..ouch!
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jeanssitting is something that doesn't turn me on. Surface is too rough for me.
As long as I have a face, you have a place to sit.
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i think jeans sitting can be very dangerous if done full weight for extended periods. i've done it many times, but only for 20 minutes to an hour or so, but i still just can't get myself to enjoy it at all. It's more like real sacrifice to me than pleasure, especially compared to facesitting in lingerie or nude, which seems so much easier and pleasurable.

Despite that, for the right person i'd become a 100% faceseat for her jeans. i can think of a couple of Goddesses i'd do that for.
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I say the surface is too rough & hard, go for something like silk which is the best.......
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Go fot it.Nothing quite hugs and shapes a bottom like a pair of jeans.
Get her to poise over your face for a while so you can enjoy the view of a large firm no mercy bottom about to descend.Then get her to lower slowly and sit fairly still until you can't take it anymore.

Yes jeans are tough,thick to breath through,but should be experianced at least once.
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I love being sat on in a pair of jeans. They are so sexy. Especially if you can get her to wear a pair that have no pockets on them... ...
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