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trample orgasms

I enjoy being both on the giving and receiving end of trampling.

My ex wife who weighed 115 lbs loved to gently trample me while she masturbated and many years before that, I had a girl friend (110 lbs) who loved to finger herself to orgasms as I trampled her abs and small, firm breasts(I weigh 160 lbs).

Have any of the esteemed members of this forum had similar experiences ?


for joyful, mutually pleasurable trampling
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i LOVE masturbating while under my gf, Mistress Fetish. it's an awesome feeling to be looking up at her like that
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I would absolutely love to be trampled while the girl is giving herself an orgasm!
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I can cum just from getting jumped on. If she jumps long enough and I keep my gut soft I just cum from that. They love it when you pop off like that. : )
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