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Under Her Desk

I found this story on an old hard disk. Almost forgot about it. Don't know who wrote it.

WARNING: Contains toilet slavery.

Under Her Desk


It all started when I got a new job at the Hathaway Corporation. Iíd just graduated and now held a doctorate as well as my first degree. I was pleased with my new position as Head of IT at this large PR company. It had taken me a long time to find a decent job and I had finally come out to Southampton in Connecticut. It had taken all my savings to set myself with a small flat in downtown Southampton but I was determined to succeed. I was almost fifty and had been divorced for some years. Before my divorce I had lost my job (which is why my wife had divorced me) and I had thought I would never find another Ė my age being against me. Anyway at forty-five I went back to college and some years later, armed with a doctorate, found myself being interviewed by Diane Hathaway, the Head of the Corporation.

Diane Hathaway was in her early thirties and was probably the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. She had long dark hair, wide green almond eyes and a body that no words could do justice to. When she stood and welcomed me at the interview I noticed that her black dress was very short, shorter indeed than those of any of the secretaries I had passed on my journey to her office. Her long, lip-smacking legs were encased in sheer black stockings and her feet thrust into a pair of black high-heeled shoes. Her voice was soft and mellow as she introduced herself. She returned to her desk and sadly her legs went out of sight.

The interview seemed to go faultlessly although she had a habit of staring at me that made me uncomfortable, as though she were able to look into my brain and see what made me tick. I was ashamed too, that I had had no money to buy new clothes and had turned up for the interview in a pair of old, rather tight jeans.

As I say I started to get the picture of things on my first day. I was told Diane Hathaway wanted to see when I got in, the first morning. (I ought to mention here that, despite my age, I had always kept myself in pretty good condition, working out at least three times a week.) I had on a brand new suit, bought with an advance on my salary, and was feeling rather pleased with myself as I strode in Dianeís office, her secretary having let me in. A large conference table stretched out from her desk and, as Diane was busy on the phone, I nodded to her and sat down by her desk.

Immediately her eyes snapped open at me. She took the phone away from her mouth.

"Did I say you could sit?" Her voice was still soft but there was no mistaking the iron edge.

"N-no," I stammered, frozen to the spot.

"Well get the f*** out of that seat then." I jumped up, my heart beating. Diane returned to her phone conversation. She laughed at something and said:

"Yeah, heís just a new guy." Her conversation became then meaningless. After a few minutes I was becoming a little irritated. She swung her legs onto her desk and twisted her feet as she talked, as if she were looking for blemishes on her shoes, although I couldnít see any. After another ten minutes she put the phone down and looked up at me.

"What are you doing with that suit?"

I was shocked by the tone of anger in her voice.

"I thought as Head of IT I should look the part - ."

"Listen, David. Why do you think you got this job? Did you think it was because of your pitiful doctorate? You turned up for the interview in a pair of jeans. Tight jeans. You were the only one who did. Well, I liked the look of your butt. Thatís why you go the job. Youíve got a cute butt. I prefer to have older men around too Ė that was another point on your favour. They are often more sensitive to a womanís needs. What a combination Ė an older man with a cute butt. I wasnít going to pass that up. You looked moderately capable so you go the job." She stood up, came round the desk and faced me. At five foot ten inches she was about my height, in her heels. "It comes down to this Dave. Get rid of that suit and get yourself a pair of jeans. And I mean tight jeans. I want to see your butt nice and clear. You want this job, donít you?"

I nodded mutely not knowing what to say. Of course I wanted this job where would I get another?

"Well get off right now and buy yourself a pair of tight jeans. Report back to me and let me see them. If theyíre not tight enough youíll be out on your cute little butt. Have you got that?"

I stared at her, my head in a whirl. Suddenly she placed her hand on the front of my trousers, grabbed my balls and held on tightly. I yelped.

"And in case youíve got any ideas about yelling Ďsexual harassmentí I know some bouncers who owe me a favour, so youíll be yelling Ďsexual harassmentí from a hospital bed, that is when youíre able to yell." She removed her hand and pointed to the door. "Now get out and get busy."

I almost ran from her room and once outside stood wondering where to go. I guess I wasnít thinking clearly, I only knew I had to find a jeans shop. Dianeís secretary gave me directions. Having found the shop I tried on various jeans, worried that Diane would not find them tight enough. I ended up in a pair I could hardly breathe in but I reckoned they would do the job.

I carried my suit back to office in a plastic bag and stowed in beneath my desk. With my heart beating I turned up outside Dianeís office. I had been waiting ten minutes when her door suddenly flew open and she came walking rapidly.

"Debbie", she said to her secretary. "My lunch appointment may go on for longer than I planned. Can you rearrange my two oí clock?" Then she noticed me. "Well Dave stand up and let me see you." I did as she asked. "Turn around!" she snapped. "Do I have to tell you to do everything?" I spun round feeling horribly embarrassed in front of Debbie. "Well, Dave, youíve done alright in those jeans. Make sure you wear those jeans every day. Now tonight," she continued, "thereís a reception I have to attend and I thought it would be useful for you to come too. Weíll go straight from here so come along to my office at about six. No earlier, no later. Go that?"

I nodded. She didnít seem to care that I might have had another appointment. It was just as well I didnít.

As the afternoon drew on I became increasingly anxious. I needed this job. I wouldnít do anything that would screw it up. If she wanted me to come along to a reception with her Iíd go. It shouldnít be so bad Ė she was a beautiful, sexy woman. She knew how to dress, how to talk. What was I worrying about?

I was still trying to convince myself that I was looking forward to the evening when I knocked on her door at six oí clock. Debbie and indeed the rest of the staff had already gone. I opened the door to her office. It was dark except for a light on her desk.

"Come in." Diane was behind her desk studying her papers. She looked up as I entered and smiled. It was a really warm, welcoming smile.

"Hi Dave. Iím almost ready to go. Iíve already changed. Iíve just got to get these papers sorted out. Only one thing. I think I scuffed my shoes while I was changing. Would you be a sweetie and give them a clean?" She bent her head down to her papers.

I wasnít sure what to do. I walked round to the side of her desk. I then saw she had changed into a long tight-fitting red dress and matching red high-heeled shoes. I couldnít see any polish anywhere. I stood next to her desk confused and panicky.

"Whatís the problem?" She looked up irritated.

"I canít see any polish," I explained.

"Well, if you canít see any polish youíll have to use something else, wonít you?" She waited expectantly but I had no answer. She sighed. "Youíve got a tongue, havenít you? Well, use it."

She swung round in her seat and crossed her legs. "Iíll make it easy for you. Now get busy."

She obviously meant for me to get down on the floor and lick her shoes clean. I didnít know whether I could do it. But I needed this job.

I sank to the floor and leaned forward until my tongue met the soft leather of her higher show. I started to lick. I could feel the shape of her toes through the shoe. The taste was unpleasant and I needed plenty of spit to moisten the leather. I used my handkerchief to polish the leather. I knew I had to get the leather shiny but must have pressed too hard for Diane suddenly moved her shoe away from me and kicked me in the chest.

"Not so hard, fool! Do that again and Iíll be kicking you in the mouth."

So then I had to get the leather shiny without pressing too hard. It wasnít easy. I was terrified that Iíd end up with her shoe flying towards my mouth.

When I finished the first shoe I hoped that she would re-cross her legs but she didnít. Maybe she thought I would try to sneak a view between her thighs but I was far too scared for anything like that. Whatever the reason she didnít move and I had to bend down right to the floor to start on the second shoe.

"What are you doing?" Dianeís soft voice with its hard edge hit me.

"I-Iím doing your other shoe."

"You havenít finished the first shoe yet. What about he sole?"

"The sole?"

"Yes, the sole. The sole. You know the bit under the shoe, the bit that walks on the ground, that bit thatíll walk on your f***ing face if you donít pull your socks up."

She lifted her first shoe and presented me with the sole. I had no choice. I got to it straightaway. When I finished I actually asked her to re-cross her legs so that I could do the sole on her other shoe, which was, of course, still on the floor.

"You are so useless. Do I have to do everything for you?" Nevertheless she re-crossed her legs. I noticed that now she ignored her papers and was smoking a cigarette while she looked down at me busy with her shoes. When I finished she stubbed out her cigarette and stood up. I had to move quickly to avoid being hit in the head by her shoes.

During the reception she was as nice as pie. Introducing me to her colleagues with some respect. However, while I called her Diane during the reception she insisted that I call her Mrs Hathaway, as I had to during office hours, once we were outside.

We had taken her car to the reception so afterwards she drove back to the office so I could pick my car up. On the way she patted my knee.

"You did very well tonight, Dave. So well, in fact, that Iíve decided to promote you. Not bad, eh? Youíve only been with my company one day and already a promotion. Iíve decided to make you my PA. Iíve been thinking for some time I need a PA and I think youíre just the guy for the job. It goes with a fifty percent salary increase."

I was surprised, knocked back. I liked the salary increase but I wasnít a PA. I didnít even know if I could do the job. I said as much to Diane.

"You havenít got the picture, Dave. Iím not asking if you want to be my PA, Iím telling you thatís what youíre going to be. Thereís no discussion. Now out you pop and Iíll see you in my office at nine oíclock when Iíll explain what your duties are."

Standing in the car park I stared nervously after her carís headlights as Diane shot away from me.
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Part II


At nine oí clock next morning her secretary showed me into Dianeís office. Diane waved me towards a seat.

"Dave, the job of a PA is to help me do my job better. I can get quite stressed out. Your job is to help me unwind. Do you think you can do that?" I didnít think she really wanted an answer so I stayed quiet. "For example," she continued, "last night I really enjoyed having you lick my shoes clean. I found it soothing and relaxing. So this morning you can start with that. However, I have people coming in and out of my office all day so it would be better all round if you crawl under my desk and get to work from there. Itíll be a bit of a tight squeeze for you, Iím afraid. In fact itíll be a very tight squeeze. And particularly uncomfortable as youíre wearing such tight jeans. But Iím sure youíll soon get used to it."

I couldnít do this. Job or no job I wasnít going to sit under her desk all day licking her shoes.

"You can keep your job," I said, "I resign."

"Dave," she said softly, smiling in a condescending fashion. "If you resign Iíll see to it that you wonít get another job in this city." She thought for a moment. "Better still, Iíll have my good friend, the Chief of Police, frame you for an unsolved rape case. So, my little rapist, unless you want me to hand you over to the police for your just punishment youíll get under my desk right now and start licking." I felt sick, I have always had a pathological fear of the police and of being arrested for a crime I hadnít committed. I was in a panic. She waited and then smiling pressed her intercom. "Debbie, could you get me the Chief of Police?" I scurried round her desk and almost pushed Diane out of the way to get under it. I noticed briefly that she was wearing shoes with high, sharp heels and that her legs were bare. She helpfully used her feet to push me well in. Having forced me into the small gap between her legs and the front of her desk she put one shoe on the back of my neck and forced my mouth down onto her other shoe. The sharp pointed heel on the back of my neck really hurt. Moreover, Dianeís office floor was made up of wood panelling and it was hard and uncomfortable. My tight jeans almost prevented me breathing.

"Get licking, Dave. I donít want to wait all day." I tried to comply as best I could but I was forced down so firmly onto her shoe that it didnít leave enough room to get my tongue out. Diane pressed down even harder. "Start licking or Iíll f***ing strangle you." I forced out my tongue and started licking. "Yeah, thatís the idea, boy." She relaxed her other foot a little and this made breathing a bit easier and gave me some more room, but she still kept her shoe firmly on my neck.

She buzzed on her intercom. "Debbie, will you come in here?" I felt Diane lean back in her seat and heard her sigh contentedly. She pushed down a little harder on my neck. "Thatís my boy. You can move up to my foot now. But not too high. You get near my ankle and Iíll f***ing smash your face." Her skin was much more pleasant to my tongue; it was quite soft.

I heard Debbieís heels as she came into the office.

"Howís your new PA working out, Mrs Hathaway?"

"Just fine, Debbie." I heard them both laugh. Then Diane twisted her heel hard into the back of my neck. I leapt up and screamed, simultaneously banging my head on Dianeís desk. The two women shrieked with laughter. Dianeís face appeared below her desk.

"Did I tell you to stop, Dave?" Her face disappeared and then her foot flashed out and smashed me in the stomach. I collapsed on the floor groaning and clutching my stomach. "Next time you decide to disobey me I wonít be so nice. Now get with that licking. And donít make a sound." She thrust me back carelessly under her desk with her feet and I twisted round painfully to start work again on her shoes. I was feeling sick and almost crying in despair.

"Debbie, could you organise a working lunch today. Iíve got a long meeting starting at ten thirty and I donít want to be disturbed."

"Sure thing, Mrs Hathaway. By the way Joe Keithley is here, should I show him in."


I heard Debbieís heels disappear and the door close.

"How are you doing, Dave?" I felt her wriggle her toes in her shoes then she slipped her feet out of her shoes. "I want you to lick between the toes. Do it slowly and make it kinda sensuous." I carefully bent down to the task and did as well as I could. "Donít spend too long on it boy. My meeting starts soon and I donít think it would be right for you to be sucking my toes while Iím chairing a meeting, do you?" Did this mean that I would soon be free of this prison?

I heard the door open and Debbieís voice.

"Joseph Keithley to see you. Mrs Hathaway."

"Good, show him in." I was sure I could detect a smile in Dianeís voice. "Put my shoes on, Dave." She giggled. "I mean put them on me, just in case you were thinking of doing something pervy." I held her shoes for her so she could slip her feet in.

"You can leave off licking my shoes for a bit." I almost said thank you. But, in fact, there wasnít time to say anything for the heel of Dianeís shoe smashed into my neck, pinioning me at the back of Dianeís desk. I couldnít breathe. I managed a croak and Diane relaxed her grip a little, enough for me to be able to suck in some air. There were footsteps.

"Sit down, Joseph." There was a creak. "Youíve been with this company almost twenty years, havenít you Joseph? Since my late husband started it?"

"Yes, Mrs Hathaway."

"Hmm. Iím going to have to sack you, Joseph, with immediate effect."

There was a gasp. "W-why, Mrs Hathaway."

"My secretary said that you tried to proposition her. I wonít stand for any kind of sexual harassment in this office. Youíre to leave immediately."

"But itís not true, Mrs Hathaway." The poor man was clearly in tears. The way that Diane had pinioned me allowed me to look up a little. As Joseph Keithley started to talk I saw Dianeís hand draw up her dress and drop onto her crotch. She wasnít wearing any panties. Slowly she began to rub herself up and down.

"I would expect you to say that. I trust my secretary implicitly. Collect your cards now."

"But my wife, my children. Please, itís not true."

"Iíll make damn sure you never get another job in this city again." She was rubbing herself faster and faster and gradually applying more pressure to my neck. I tried to croak again but she ignored me or maybe didnít even hear me in her own excitement.

"Please Mrs Hathaway, I need this job - ."

Get out now before I call the police," she yelled. I could feel her trembling through her legs.

"Please Mrs - ."

"Out, out." I heard him tottering over the floor weeping. He had barely closed the door when Diane slammed her heel hard against my neck. I screamed and almost simultaneously Diane screamed in exultant pleasure. She panted for few moments and then buzzed the intercom.

"Did you enjoy that as much as I did. Debbie?"

"Perhaps not quite as much." Debbieís faint reply.

"No, you donít have a PA, do you?" Diane was absently rubbing her shoe over my face and then pressed the sole down on my mouth as she spoke. "I havenít had so much fun for ages. If you get any more ideas like that, do let me know." Debbie and she laughed together and then Diane cut the connection.

She sat back in her chair tapping her shoe hard on my face.

"Did you enjoy that, Dave?" It seemed strange to be talked to by someone only whose legs I could see. "I bet you were pleased that it wasnít you I fired. Well youíre not to worry Ė I wonít be firing you. Youíre going to have a long and successful career here if you keep doing what I tell you. Anyway I think itís time to increase your responsibilities. All that excitement has made things a little messy so I want you to help clean me." Her legs parted and I was overwhelmed by her powerful aroma. Her shoe slid off my face and I was able to breathe more easily. Although only for a moment for she reached down and with her hands grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and hauled me up to her crotch. I had hardly time to grasp what was happening when I found my face pressed hard against her wet pussy.

"Okay Dave, guess what youíre going to do?" She wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed. "Get licking, boy and make sure Iím nice and clean." But she pressed me so hard to her that I could barely breathe let alone lick. I moaned and she must have heard me. She released me. "I guess this is a bit difficult but I want you to get used to it. I love it when I press you so hard against me that you can hardly breathe. And I want you to give me as much pleasure as possible. So youíll have to work out how you can breathe and lick me at the same time, when you pressed hard against my pussy. Think of it as a challenge. Itíll bring us closer together, Dave. As this is your first time Iíll make it easier for you." She pulled me into her but gave me room to breathe and lick. "But donít take my generosity for granted, boy. This is the first and last time. After this youíre on your own."

I couldnít believe this was happening to me and I couldnít see any way out of it. She had me trapped. I didnít know if she was bluffing about the Chief of Police but I couldnít take a chance. Gingerly, I started licking; the taste and smell were pretty strong.

"Thatís it, Dave. Youíre good at this. Now I want you to get me nice and clean but I donít want you to get me overly excited because Iíve got an important meeting starting in a moment and if I get excited itíll be embarrassing. And if Iím embarrassed Iíll get annoyed. And - ." Here she lifted up my head to grin at me. "- if Iím annoyed Iíll have to punish you." Then she popped me back into place. "So, for your sake, I hope youíll be able to clean me up without exciting me. Oh, and if you make a f***ing sound Ė youíre dead."

She dropped her legs over my shoulders, gave me an extra hard squeeze that almost suffocated me, then relaxed a little to allow me to start licking.

I probed around sucking where I could, being careful to stop if I felt the slightest shudder from her. She patted the top of my head. "Well done, Dave. Youíre doing very well."

The office door opened, there were voices and the sound of chairs being moved.

"Are we all here?" It was Dianeís voice. "Right then Francine, your report please." It became clear that it was an end-of-month sales meeting. I couldnít understand what it was all about. I continued to slurp and lick quietly and gently. Eventually from the taste I was pretty sure that all was clean and I gradually slowed to a halt. I sat there, under her desk, too scared to move but getting more and more uncomfortable. The hard wood floor seemed to bore into my knees.

The meeting wound on. After what seemed like an eternity someone suggested a comfort break. Diane asked everyone to reconvene in five minutes.

When the office had cleared Diane caught hold of my hair and painfully yanked my head up.

"Oh dear, your face is a mess. Itís all sticky. Let me clean you up." She took a tissue from her desk and wiped my face with it. "Thatís better. But now what am I going to do with this tissue. I canít put it in the trash for the cleaners to find. Youíd better eat it." With that she shoved it into my mouth. I choked and coughed and tried to pluck it from my mouth.

"No, no!" Diane grabbed my hands. "Youíve got to swallow it. Come on, be a man. Get it down." I struggled sick and wretched, with tears in my eyes. At last it went down my throat. "There you are, that wasnít so bad, was it? Now I expect you need a drink, donít you?"

"Yes." I gasped with relief. I desperately needed a drink.

"I thought so, Well the others have gone for a comfort break but I havenít time so youíre going to help me out. In fact weíre going to help each other. Isnít that great? Youíre going to save me time and Iím going to give you a drink. Now come here." I would have struggled if I could but she held my head firmly as she wedged me tight to her crotch, my nose and mouth forming a tight seal. After a moment she started to pee into my mouth. The hot salty liquid stung against my tongue and my throat. My mouth started to fill up. I couldnít breathe and it looked like I was going to drown for I couldnít swallow either. There was a ringing in my ears. I was terrified. If Diane didnít stop soon I was a goner. Somehow I managed to gulp down a little of the liquid and then a little more. But Diane still kept peeing. I tried to shake my head to force down more liquid. As Diane wouldnít release me I tried to use my hands to force her up so that she would be peeing at a higher angle and it would more easily pass down my throat. Diane started to giggle and let me go. Her pee splashed over my face and onto the floor.

"Oh, Dave, youíre impossible!" Diane laughed. "Youí better lick up all my pee quickly or else itíll smell. Come on." She pushed my head to the floor and started pulling it around. "This has to be easier than licking my shoes. Get busy, Dave. If thereís one drop of pee left when the others return Iím handing you over to the police."

I crawled around licking everything up as fast as I could Ė fluff and grit as well. Diane stood over me laughing.

"Dave, you are wonderful. Hey, maybe I should get you to lick the whole of this room." I looked up startled. Her eyes gleamed. "Or maybe," she added breathlessly, "the whole building. You could do one floor every night. Before the cleaners come in, of course. There wouldnít be much point in doing it after the cleaners. Or maybe we could use you instead of the cleaners. Hmm, itís worth thinking about, isnít it, Dave. I can hear the others coming back now and," she looked carefully over the floor, "youíve cleaned up all the pee. Well done." She sat down in her seat, took my head in her hands and kissed me on the forehead. Then she pushed me brutally into the gap under her desk and slammed her shoes into me. Once again her heel dug painfully into my neck and forced me against the shoe on the ground.

"Get licking, boy. I canít feel your tongue, boy." She pressed down even harder. "And remember, no sound!" I wanted to scream but I controlled myself. I managed to get my tongue out of my forcibly closed mouth and began licking as best as I could. How long was this to continue? There was going to be working lunch. That meant that I could be here the whole day. It was an horrific thought.

The others returned with a scraping of chairs and the meeting recommenced. It must have continued for almost an hour and a half but during that time the pressure of Dianeís shoe on my neck did not let up once. I could hardly believe that so beautiful a woman could keep up that level of careless cruelty for so long. I think my neck had gone numb by the time I had the trolleys rolling into the office with the lunch. At last Diane relaxed her foot and took it off my neck. I heard the others leave to do their own business before they returned for lunch.

"Debbie, could you select some sandwiches for me, I have some phone-calls to make." Over the noise of the others in the room leaving she leant down and whispered to me. "Dave, youíve no idea how much pleasure youíre giving me. You make a boring meeting tolerable, even enjoyable."

I saw Debbieís legs appear round the corner of the desk. Debbie was presumably carrying Dianeís food.

"Is he still under there, Mrs Hathaway?"

"Of course, do you want to take a look?"

Debbieís face appeared under the desk. She was smiling broadly. Debbie and Diane both looked at each other and then burst out laughing.

"Can I have him when youíre finished with him?" gasped Debbie.

"There might not be anything left," said Diane. That brought fresh outbursts of laughter from the two women.

"Have you used him yet for you-know-what?" asked Debbie.

"I thought Iíd save that for the afternoon."

"Lucky you."

"Maybe Ė he might not be any good."

"In that case you could just break his nose while he was in position, to teach him a lesson."
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Part III


Diane stretched out her hand and stroked my hair. I cowered. "Oh, Dave knows what will happen to him if he doesnít come up to scratch. Donít you , Dave?" I whimpered.

"The poor dear," said Debbie. "I think heís scared. Although if he knew what was going to happen to him heíd be terrified." With shrieks of laughter the two woman hi-fived each other and stood up.

Diane sat back in her seat and hauled me into position.

"Now, Dave. Your responsibilities increase all the time. This afternoonís meeting is going to be quite stressful and I want you to keep me nice and calm. So youíre to apply your tongue to my lips, my lower lips, of course, and bring me to a nice, sweet orgasm. Iím sure youíll be able to do it because Iím sure you know what will happen to you if you donít.. Here come the others now." She shoved me hard against her and squeezed her thighs against me head. Again I could hardly breathe. I managed to force my tongue out and my one thought was that if I brought her to a climax quickly I would be freed. I started work, dimly aware that around me people were talking and eating, including Diane. Occasionally, I felt her stroke my hair. As she became more excited instead of bucking, to control herself, she squeezed me ever harder. I thought my head would burst. Eventually she came silently and I felt her relax a little. But then, instead of freeing me, she wedged me right into her. All this time she was talking calmly and, as far as I could judge, eloquently during the meeting. She then proceeded to pee into my mouth. Again I had to gulp as well as I could. However, this time, to stop me doing anything with my hands, she pinioned my hands to the floor with her heels, pressing down firmly and ruthlessly. I was in agony and my mouth was burning. But Diane seemed to be enjoying the experience Ė I felt that she was relaxed and in control.

I didnít think I was going to get all the pee down and, feeling sick, was beginning to choke. But Diane signalled her displeasure by pressing down viciously with her heels and I forced myself to overcome my nausea and the feeling of drowning that I was experiencing.

I think there must have been another comfort break but I was only barely conscious of people moving back chairs and walking around.

Diane lifted my head and spoke to me.

"You did all right there, Dave. But next time no messing about. When I pee in your mouth you damn well drink it all down quick, no matter how fast or how much I pee or how tightly Iím gripping you. I donít f***ing care whether you can breathe or not. Iím in control here, boy, and you better remember it. You screw up next time and youíll be whipped. Go that?

"Itís the last part of the meeting now and I want you to give me a nice slow orgasm. About one and a half hours should do it. If you bring me off earlier or later Iíll damn well have you beaten up and handed over to the police. After youíve eaten my shit, that is. Is that understood?" She jabbed her heels suddenly into my hands to emphasise her question.

"Yes," I whimpered. I hoped if I sounded despairing she would show some mercy. No such luck.

"Get to it, boy." She slammed me into her so hard I thought she had broken my nose. I was terrified; if I started to bleed over her she would really be mad. I licked slowly and carefully as I was pretty sure she wasnít fooling about her threats. I started counting methodically every second, scared to my bones that I would miss the count. Time seemed to pass by in a dream. Now and again I would feel Dianeís hand on the top of my head petting me with both encouragement and praise. If I was going to fast Diane would help out by stabbing her heel into my hand. Although I managed to maintain a steady count I hardly knew what I was doing. I had to count to five thousand, four hundred and it was only the terror of failing that forced me to keep going. Unbelievingly as I approached the magic number I felt Diane stiffen, her thighs closed around my head with terrifying tightness and her heels seemed to push through my hands. Threats or no threats I tried to scream in anguish but my mouth was comfortably muffled by Dianeís crotch.

I heard Diane bring the meeting to an end and, despite my almost unimaginable pain and exhaustion, I was impressed by her coolness.

Once again when everyone had left Diane hauled me up. If she had not done so I would have collapsed on the floor. I had been squashed under her desk, licking her, drinking her pee, suffering the agony of her heels for almost seven hours and I was in no state to move.

"Dave, that was brilliant! Youíve earned yourself a bonus. I ought to take you out for dinner tonight andÖ damn it, I will. Go and clean yourself up. You might brush your teeth, your breath smells awful."

I was shaking as I emerged from her desk. "Use my private washroom, Dave," continued Diane. "You deserve it."

I disappeared into the washroom. I stayed there longer than I needed, just to take the opportunity of a break from Diane. When I came out Debbie was in the office with Diane.

Diane smiled at me gaily. That smile scared me more than any threat.

"Dave, thereís been a change of plan," said Diane. "Debbie was going to join us and then she suggested it would be much more fun if we send out for food and had a quiet little dinner at my house. I couldnít resist it. Are you happy with that, Dave?" I was almost in tears. I suspected the dinner would be more fun for Diane and Debbie than for me.

I accompanied the two women to Dianeís car. It was large, as befitted a company chairwoman. I turned to the back door but Diane waved me round to the front.

"No, no, Dave, you ride in the front with me and Debbie. Get in." I climbed inside and sat in the front seat.

"Dave," said Debbie, "donít be silly. You can hardly sit up here with me and Diane." I was puzzled and frightened. "On the floor, Dave," explained Debbie. "Curl up nice and small on the floor. I want a chance to experience what Diane has experienced all day. Itís only fair, isnít it, Dave?"

I slid onto the floor. It was quite roomy for a car but could hardly accommodate me. Debbie climbed into the passenger seat and carefully placed her shoes on me.

"Itís nice, isnít it, Mrs Hathaway?"

"Call me Diane when we are out of the office, for goodness sake. And you must too, Dave, " she added looking down at me.

"How much pressure can he take, Diane?" asked Debbie.

"Iíve no idea. Try it and see."

Debbie was also in high-heels, even higher and more pointed than Dianeís. I saw with horror Debbie press herself back into her seat to give herself purchase and then she drove her shoes suddenly into my neck. I couldnít believe the pain. She pressed harder and harder.

"Dave," said Diane, "you can scream if you want to this time. Thereís no-one else around."

I wasnít going to give them the satisfaction but then Debbie stabbed her shoe against my cheek and I hollered like a banshee.

"Wow, that was some scream," said Debbie. "Can I have another go, Diane?"

"Sure, but donít damage him. I am supposed to be treating him to dinner tonight."

"Oh, thatís a shame, itís such fun! And such a turn on having a man crawl at your feet." She pressed the sole of her shoe against my mouth. "Lick it, Dave. And lick it real fast. Iím going to be timing you and I want at least one hundred and twenty licks per minute. My shoes have nice thin soles so I can feel every movement. Iím starting to count from...now!"

I licked as fast as I could. The trouble was I soon began to run out of spit and had to slow down. I had a clear view of Debbieís face and as I slowed down she pouted.

"Dave, thatís not fair. I only asked you to do a little thing and youíve hardly been going three minutes." I was in a panic. I gathered some more saliva and started again vigorously. "No, no, Dave, itís too late now. You havenít done what I asked you to do. It looks like Iím going to have to do it myself." What on earth did she mean?" "Now stretch out your tongue on the floor, as far as it will go." I did as she asked. "More, Dave." There was a hint of warning in her voice. "I know you can do better than that." I stretched until my tongue ached. "Right, letís see if I can help you with this sole licking." She stamped the sole of her shoe hard down on my tongue and began to rub it backwards and forwards over the floor of the car very fast. I cried and gurgled. I couldnít believe the pain. I thought she was going to tear my tongue out at the roots. "Now this is the way to lick the sole of a womanís shoe. I hope youíre learning this lesson, Dave. I know youíre going to be grateful to me." Debbie kept up the rubbing for a good few minutes and then rested, her shoe still firmly pressed on my tongue. I desperately wanted the journey to end. "Now, Dave, have you learnt your lesson?" I gurgled an affirmative. "Whatís that? I donít understand. Why on earth canít you speak clearly. You certainly donít know how to use your mouth, do you? You couldnít lick my shoe. And then when I show you how to lick my shoe you wonít even speak to me. Thatís not very nice." I tried nodding yes with my head although that made the pain in my tongue terrible. "I think you need another lesson, a better lesson this time." With that she started dragging my tongue viciously over the floor. I just cried, I couldnít think of anything else to do.

"You know teaching a guy to show respect can be pretty exhausting," said Debbie.

"Tell me about it," said Diane

"Well, if Iím to spend my time teaching him I reckon he ought to pay me for the privilege."

"That seems reasonable," said Diane. "I tell you what Ė Dave will give you half of his salary, Iíll organise it with payroll, and you give Dave his lessons whenever you think he needs them. Itíll have to be outside business hours because I need him then."

Diane must have been at a stop light because she looked down at me. "Sorry, Dave, youíve just lost half your salary, but I think youíll find Debbie a good teacher. Iíll give her full permission for her to do anything she thinks is necessary. After all it will be much easier for me if youíve been trained to show proper respect for a woman."

Debbie eventually removed her shoe from my tongue. Iím sure it was longer now. The car drew to a stop and we all clambered out. I didnít feel much like eating now. Debbie helped me out of the car. "You okay, Dave? I hope there are no hard feelings."

"Actually," broke in Diane, "I hope there are!"

The two women fell about at that. I was sullenly aware of what they meant for, on the way to the house, Diane grabbed my penis and used it as a lead. Debbie followed.

Once inside Diane asked, "What do you fancy, Debbie? French, Italian, Spanish?

"Frankly", said Debbie, "I fancy American," looking directly at me.

"So do I," said Diane "Come on, Dave, letís go upstairs."

I was exhausted, pulled apart, my tongue in agony, my body aching. But I was going upstairs with two beautiful women, presumably to Dianeís bedroom. I was hoping I was finally going to get a payoff. Especially when Diane said:

"You know Daveís been such a good sport today that itís about time he had a little fun."

"I agree. Do you want to go first?"

"Let Dave decide. After all itís his treat." She turned to me. "Well, Dave, who do you want to f*** first, me or Debbie?"

This was such a shock that I just stood there and gasped.

"The poor thing is all confused," said Debbie, "he didnít expect this."

"Well, if Dave canít decide Iíll go first, by reason of age and authority."

Diane unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. "Come on, Dave. You have to undress too."

I followed her and removed my clothes not quite believing that I was actually going to f*** her.
Life is too short, so enjoy and share
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Part IV


"Now help me with this, you too." She hauled out from below the bed a rubber sheet. "Just in case we make a mess," added Diane.

"What are we going to do?" I asked rather nervously.

"Make love, of course, but you canít be too careful," said Diane.

We helped her lay out the rubber sheet then Diane said. "When I make love I really like having my arse licked before f***ing. And I know Dave will oblige."

This didnít sound too great an idea to me and I was rather hesitant in response.

"Dave, youíve been so good up to now," said Diane, as she stroked my face and then put her arms around my neck. "Donít spoil things. I donít want to have to get you beaten up and handed over to the police. Although I admit the idea does rather excite me you have far better uses. "Now," she added patting the rubber sheet, "up you pop and lie down on your back so I can lower myself onto you."

"Youíre not going to smother me again, are you?" I was in despair now.

"Dave, donít make such a fuss. You know Iíll do what I want anyway. Now get up here. I donít want to have to ask you again."

I complied with her request. What else could I do? The rubber sheet was cold against my skin.

"Dave, Iím really looking forward to this." So saying she stepped onto the bed and faced me. Then she lowered herself and kissed me passionately, forcing her tongue through my lips. I responded hoping thus that she would be more kindly disposed to me. She pulled away.

"Youíre a wonderful kisser, Dave. Now letís see if you can use that tongue just as well." She swung her long legs over my face and spun round. Slowly she lowered her arse. It was a beautiful arse but I still couldnít believe this was really happening. What was I supposed to do?

"Get that tongue out and start licking, Dave." Her arse was poised just above me then it suddenly collapsed onto my face. This was serious, this time I really couldnít breathe. I tried to struggle, I would have bitten Diane if I could. Dimly I heard her giggle and then she raised her arse.

"Sorry, Dave, I couldnít resist it. Now you get licking."

I was terrified that overcome with excitement she would give way to her desires and fall on me again. Nevertheless I delicately started licking round her anus. After a few moments I heard her sigh.

"No, no! In the crack. Get your tongue deep into that crack, boy." Did she really mean that I should lick right inside her arse. I wasnít left in any doubt when her fist struck my balls. I yelped in agony. "You heard me, Dave!"

I pushed my tongue into the crack. As I probed deeper I definitely picked up a bitter taste. I was horrified but Diane started to squirm with pleasure.

"Thatís it, thatís it! But go deeper, deeper."

I went deeper and my tongue suddenly touched something hard. I guessed what it was I had touched. Simultaneously Diane gasped.

"Dave, I think youíve just found my latest turd. I suffer from constipation and I've been trying to push that damned turd for a couple of hours now. I'm glad you're here to help me. Keep licking it while I push it out towards you." Was she serious? I was sickened and terrified. I felt the turd push against my tongue. Diane lifted herself up a little and I saw the tip of the turd emerge from her arse. The smell was appalling.

"Lick it, you f***ing bastard," she suddenly screamed. "Lick it or Iíll tear your f***ing balls off."

I licked it as it came further and further out.

"Get your mouth around it, boy and run your lips up and down it. Make love to it. Itís part of me. Part of your boss. Part of Diane Hathaway. You have a rare treat here." She yelled in ecstasy as a final push forced the huge log out of Dianeís arse and straight into my mouth. I gagged. I wanted to puke.

"If youíre sick, itíll be the last thing you ever do," screamed Diane. "Now start chewing Ė I want to hear you chew it real slow."

It was awful. It was beyond belief. I started chewing.

"Thatís it, Dave. Now let me hear you swallow a little." I gulped down.

"Yes, yes! Thatís it! Now carry on chewing and swallowing." I did as she asked. I donít know how I stopped myself puking. "Thatís brilliant, Dave. Oh, gosh. Thatís so good. Youíve no idea. Get it down quick. Iíve another one coming and I want you to get it down in one swallow." I tried to get as much down as possible. There suddenly there was another log forced straight into my mouth, on top of the first. "Go it, Dave. Thatís wonderful. Thatís really good. Isnít it delicious? Oh gosh! Iím sure it is. Yes! Yes! Oh, David. Chew it, boy. Yes. Yes.. Grind it slow. Let me hear you savour it. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Yes. YES!"

I knew sheíd come. Perhaps stronger than sheíd ever come before. I felt her whole body trembling, heard her panting. But she hadnít collapsed on my face. Instead she rolled over and faced me.

"Oh, Dave, you smell disgusting. But that was the most wonderful, the most beautiful thing that anyone has ever done for me. Thank you so much." Her face was ecstatic. "Now you get yourself cleaned up in the bathroom and then itís Debbieís turn. Make sure youíre nice and clean."

I tottered off to the bathroom and washed my mouth out. I couldnít bear the idea of going through the same thing with Debbie.

When I came back into the bedroom I threw myself at Dianeís and Debbieís feet and kissed them, pleading with them to let me go. I couldnít bear to swallow any more shit.

"Dave," said Diane, "this is really sweet of you to show so much respect. And maybe weíll take you up on it later. But itís only fair, Debbie is expecting her turn and I know you wonít want to disappoint her, will you? Now up you get on that bed."

I returned to the bed, tears burning my eyes. Debbie stripped off and approached me.

"Open wide, Dave," she said as she climbed on the bed and turned her arse to me. "Now, I want every little bit swallowed down."

She lowered herself onto my mouth and in a few moments there was a log in my mouth.

"Eat it all up. And then thereíll be another, for you." I started chewing and swallowing. I didnít know if I could keep this up.

"How long do you think youíll be, Debbie."

"Iíve no idea. You know, I think Iíll just stay here for a bit and make sure everything is out. Is that okay."

"Sure. Iíll put the TV on for you. Relax and enjoy yourself. Iíll be downstairs."

I heard noise from the TV and then the door closed.

"Isnít this fun, Dave. I'm enjoying myself so much. I hope you are too. Oh, here comes another." She forced another log into my mouth. It tasted worse than any before.

I heard Debbie laughing at something on the TV. There was nothing else from her arse for about ten minutes. It was hot lying beneath her but at least I could breathe. Suddenly she farted.

"Dave, I think all this excitement has given me a little stomach problem. Now, this time there may be a lot but youíve still got to get it all done."

She farted again and then suddenly my mouth was full of soft shit. It was pouring in.

"Swallow it, Dave. And when youíve finished clean me up. I think Iíll lie here for about an hour and I donít want to be dirty."

I had to suck it all down. I was scared I was being poisoned but I had no choice. I was revolted, appalled. I started to clean up Debbie but as I did she collapsed on top of me, smashing onto my mouth.

"Thatís more comfy, isnít it, Dave. But youíve still got to get me clean."

It was hard work and very slow and exhausting as well as being vile. I donít know how long I was there but after what seemed like hours Debbie stood up.

"That was great Dave, youíre a wonderful find. You and I are going to get along real well. Now go and get my shoes."

I looked round and saw Debbieís black, high-heeled slingbacks by the wardrobe. I brought them back to her.

"Put them on me, Dave."

I knelt down and slipped her feet into them.

"Excellent. Now, lick my soles. I think you know how to do that properly, donít you?"

I bent right onto the floor and licked her right sole rapidly. Not caring whether I had sufficient spit I carried on so that my tongue became sorer and sorer. I was scared, I just went on and on. My tongue was becoming numb. I became aware that Debbie was absorbed by something on TV. She seemed to have forgotten about me. Had she or was she testing me? If she had forgotten about me what should I do? I had been licking Debbieís sole for about ten minutes when I heard the door open.

"Hi, Debbie, whatís going on?"

"Dave did well for a beginner. I had a bit of a diarrhea but he managed to take it. He is strong."

"I don't see any mess on the rubber sheet and I don't smell anything either. That's good, Dave. You did a great job serving Debbie. I know it probably wasn't easy for you, but it will get easier the more you do it. Debbie and I will make sure to use you as our toilet from now on. Isn't this exciting news? You should be proud of yourself. I know I'm proud of you. What are you watching, Debbie?"

"This program on TV is really fascinating?"

"Is it?" Diane sat down to watch too. Both of them seemed to ignore the fact that I was at Debbieís feet scraping away on her sole with my tongue. I was going mad.

Eventually the program finished. Debbie moved her foot away.

"That was excellent, Dave," said Debbie. "Youíve kept up that rapid licking for almost half-an-hour. You see, that lesson I gave you was worth it. So I think itís time for another lesson. Now, I was going to give you five hard kicks with my shoe. But as you seem to have learnt my first lesson so well I really feel I ought to make sure that this lesson is even more effective so that youíll really benefit from it. So Iím going to give you fifteen very hard kicks. Now kneel on the floor."

I knelt on the floor crying, looking up at Debbie. Then she swung her leg back and kicked me savagely in the stomach. The next kick caught me in the balls. I screamed. The next kick was in the face. I was becoming delirious, screaming and crying. Diane grasped my arms and held me up to ensure Iíd get maximum benefit from the kicking. I think some went in my neck but before the fifteen were reached I had passed out.

When I came to Diane and Debbie were standing over me. Theyíd both dressed but I was still in the nude. They had glasses of champagne in their hands.

"Hi Dave!" said Diane. "We were just toasting you. Actually weíre just filling ourselves up with plenty of liquid so we can have some more fun later on. During the evening weíre going to fill up the loo with our pee and then get you to drink it all down. Wonít that be fun?

"Anyway, you should know that Iím away on business from tomorrow so Debbie is going to borrow you."

"You can sit under my desk tomorrow. Unfortunately, for you, it is somewhat smaller that Dianeís and my legs are somewhat longer so itís going to be a very tight squeeze."

"But itís out in the open." I said. "Everyone will see me there."

"But theyíre all women in the office, Dave," said Diane. "Theyíll appreciate seeing how a man learns to respect a woman and is put in his place. Theyíll enjoy it, donít worry."

"Perhaps they could have a go at using him."

"Yes. Or you know," said Diane thoughtfully, "it would be better all round, if you were just to pop him into that empty cubicle in the toilets and let the women use him as and when they wanted to. Get one of those little portable toilets that we can strap him into. You can bolt his head into it. Heíll be permanently available then. I want to see this done by the time I get back. Yes, Dave," she added, dropping onto her knees to come to my level and then patting my head, "youíll be put into your own little toilet with your head strapped in nice and tight. Itíll hurt quite a bit but think of the relief youíll be giving to all those women. Youíll be proud of yourself."

"Great idea, Diane."

Diane stood up and they clinked their glasses.

"Cheers, Diane."

"Cheers, Debbie."

Then they turned to me and raised their glasses.

"And cheers, Dave! Welcome to Hathaway Corporation."

The End
Life is too short, so enjoy and share
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fantastic and imaginative story ,bravo
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That would be written by Brian Solomon
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A hard fate for a poor male .... But I'm sure we all expect him to suffer a little more soon, and even poor Dave knows, I think, at the back of his mind, that he has found some kind of paradise, the famous Hathaway female heaven for servile men!!!
Thks, and , please, tell us more about Dave's destiny ...!
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thank you for a great story

Does anyone remember a similar story where a woman just finished college and was very meek. Her boss stood on her and kept her under the desk and her and her assistant would have the smelliest feet. Near the end they even got the girl's mother to be there carpet
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This could be Ms. Hathaway. Courtesy of http://www.womanworship.co.uk

And this could be her with her secretary Debbie:

Life is too short, so enjoy and share
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Or this could be Ms. Hathaway, courtesy of http://www.russian-mistress.com

And this could be her and her secretary Debbie:

Thanks to http://www.messyshare.com for free image hosting.
Life is too short, so enjoy and share
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what a dream ! it turn me on
please GODDESS rub your sweaty smelly feet on my face every evening after your hard day of work i was born just for that
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Originally Posted by equidum View Post
A hard fate for a poor male .... But I'm sure we all expect him to suffer a little more soon, and even poor Dave knows, I think, at the back of his mind, that he has found some kind of paradise, the famous Hathaway female heaven for servile men!!!
Thks, and , please, tell us more about Dave's destiny ...!
Dave's destiny is not very good. But, he's not alone. Just one year later, the world has radically changed. This is just a sample of what the world turned to and there's no going back!

Life is too short, so enjoy and share

Last edited by face4wife2sit; 06-15-2008 at 6:58 PM.
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What a great new world !!!!

However, reliable studies tell us that, while males have an average 10/12 sexual pulsions a day, Women enjoy ONLY one or two ......:-( So, unless our lovely Mistresses of the World drastically improve in that area, our lives will be far less axciting than in this nice clip !!!
I will always support Women's power though !!!

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Originally Posted by equidum View Post
What a great new world !!!!

However, reliable studies tell us that, while males have an average 10/12 sexual pulsions a day, Women enjoy ONLY one or two ......:-( So, unless our lovely Mistresses of the World drastically improve in that area, our lives will be far less axciting than in this nice clip !!!
I will always support Women's power though !!!

You describe the way it is today, Equidum. The "Women's World" video is taken in the future where a lot has happened. Ms. Hathaway was ahead of her time. First, as more women gained more power in the family, society, business and government and men kept losing power, women's sexual appetite increased while men's started to decline! Henry Kissinger was right when he said that "Power is the greatest aphrodisiac!"

Then the discovery of hormones D and F made a radical effect on female and male sexuality. Hormone D is a drug that has almost completely cured breast cancer and Hormone F cured ovarian cancer. These hormones had the side effect of making women more lusty, kinky and dominant. On the male side, hormone S saved half of prostate cancer patients but had a side effect of reducing men's sexual desires and taming their impulses to the point of submission.

The world has adjusted well to these changes even though they benefited women at the expense of men. Just like earlier in the century, the courts have accepted same sex marriages, future courts have approved willing slavery as a domestic partnership arrangement and slave contracts became legal.

The progress of women cannot be stopped. Today they will not go back to being submissive wives and in the future they refuse to let go of their new status as queens and goddesses that men are trained to serve and worship. Why should they?
Life is too short, so enjoy and share
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Hi, Face4wife2sit

What a great vision of what the World should be!
Now, if you live in the USA, voluntary slavery is already legally possible to-day there, as the XIIIth Amendment only forbids "unvoluntary slavery"... But a slavery contract will not stand in Court, as soon as the slave claims he is no longer WILLING to be in servitude. And I wonder how one could update that damned XIIIth Amendment towards allowing some kind of unvoluntary slavery !!!!!

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