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BBW Crush "True Story"

I am new at facesitting but after looking over several sites i became interested in what it would be like to be facesat, I figured i would never get the chance to be facesat because I am in a wheelchair and very rarely get out to any places. While I was getting some groceries the other day at the store my wheelchair quit working when i was loading up my groceries and this lady stopped to help me get everything loaded up. I noticed she had another friend in the car and she offered to follow me home to help unload groceries i was grateful so I said yes, when I got home she got out and helped get them in the house and put away she is African American and 5‘9“ tall and about 235 lbs her name was Janna… Then her friend came into the house , I was surprised she was also African American about 6’ tall and weighed probably close to 350 lbs she was very thick and very well put together her name was Sasha. They stayed for a while then when I thought they were going to leave they asked if there was anything else I needed and I said jokingly there is but you probably couldn’t help me they kept being persistent so I got online and showed them this message board and they read and looked at the pictures for a while. Janna said she had no problem with facesitting and Sasha just smiled I told them how I have become interested in being facesat but thought since I was in a wheel chair I would not have a chance since I did not get out much. Man was I wrong… Sasha came over to me and helped me lay down on the floor in front of the couch I was sitting on, she took out one of the cushions from the couch and put it under the back of my head. As I laid there looking up I thought what did I get my self into… Janna came over and stood over me and said this is your lucky day… Janna was wearing a pair of silk jogging pants when she took them off she was wearing a pair of silk panties she then squatted down over my face and stopped just as her asshole touched my nose then she said if I need to take a breath just tap her on her thigh, she then started to put more weight on my face which lasted a couple of minutes I knew she only had about half of her weight on my face. She then put more pressure on my face as she shifted her body trying to get comfortable. I just about tapped her thigh for her to get up as she let me breath as she turned around and then she sat back down this time burying my lips right in her asshole. She then sat with most of her weight right on my lips, I could not breath she had me totally at her mercy she must have sensed I was struggling and she got up and said “is this what you wanted.” I said to her yes but I was thinking she really hasn’t put all her weight on me yet and I wasn’t sure I could take it, just as I was thinking that thought she turned back around and sat down cutting off all my air and ramming my nose deep into her ass but this time she did sit full weight so I tried to turn my head a little to get air but she weighed to much so I tapped her on her thigh after about 1 minute She then got off my face looked down at me and said we are not done… I thought to myself Sasha is going to do this now and there is nothing I can do about it, I thought if sasha sits on my face maybe she would take it easy because she was a much larger woman 6’ and over 350 lbs… After Janna got up I saw Sasha standing over me she looked down at me and smiled gave me a wink then she turned around and all I saw was this huge ass she was completely naked she didn’t waste any time she asked Janna to help slide me over to the couch which she did then she had me lay my head back onto the cushion.. I was sitting on the floor with the back of my head just in the corner of the cushion, Sasha then walked over turned around like she was going to sit on the couch then lowered herself slowly down on my face and just as her ass started to engulf my face she had Janna spread her ass cheeks wide which exposed her asshole which was just touching my lips then she sat down a little further putting pressure on my nose and mouth then I heard her tell Janna let go of her ass cheeks and when she did my entire head was buried deep into Sasha’s ass, I couldn’t even hear I thought Sasha was sitting full weight but she was only about half sitting she then got up a little so I could take a breath then she sat back down again pulling apart her ass cheeks so my face was completely buried deep into her ass… This time Sasha sat down using her full weight I thought I was going to pass out from the extreme weight of Sasha sitting on my face. I was trying to tap her on her thigh but she had rested both feet on my hands so I could not move I think she sensed that and got up for a few seconds as I caught my breath I heard her say to Janna to come join her as she sat back down I felt her weight again but then I felt even more weight Janna was sitting on her lap, I thought OMG my head is going to pop there was so much pressure from them both sitting on my face what am I going to do then Janna got off her lap and Sasha got up off my face and I gasped for oxygen. Sasha then said to me that I must lick her asshole and Janna’s asshole until they were satisfied which I did. Then after their assholes were clean they got up and got dressed and left.. I just laid there thinking I really do like this facesitting thing. I took me a few days before my face stopped hurting especially my cheek bones but It was definitely worth it being facesat for a couple of hours by these two African American BBW’s It will probably never happen again...I will never forget it
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great story, you should have got their phone numbers.
Kiss her ass & sniff her feet, sweaty sweaty such a treat

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Originally Posted by Bently View Post
great story, you should have got their phone numbers.
I did get it... We have another shopping spree set up next week...
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awsome .. story
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