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About Rodzo's art

Hi Guys

Anthony here (Rodzo's nephew).

Nice to see the old fellow's getting some
publicity, and even nicer to see he's still got
friends who are looking out for him.

Not so sure though, that it's a good idea to
publish his art for free, as he's really getting
kind of old now, and no longer in the best of

His website, which I manage, merely provides
him with the odd comfort in the way of beer &
smokes and I'd hate to see him deprived of
the few small pleasures he has left.

So I'd count it a favour if you'd limit your
publication to those images from his site that
are free anyway.

His site, by the way, is http://www.rodzo.com

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and the same goes for the posting of Epstein's art.


Epstein's mother
Proud to say I've never watched an episode of American Idol in my life.
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Hi Anthony.

I think you talking about me.
Because I posted here a couple of pictures of his work.
I like his style so much ans I wanted to share like other people share the pictures from Stanton or Namio.

But anyway.
If you think its not a good idea, I will stop it.

Best regards to him and tell him he has still fans.

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Thank you everyone, for your consideration.

Du, Rodzo sends his best.

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