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Question inserting heel into my urethra

does any one have any tips or experience they would like to share because my girl friend and i want to start inserting her thin high heels into my urethra.
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Clean is a key word here, infections are a big concern. Smoothness of the insertable is important, you do not want to damage your plumbing. And the cock is supposed to be soft when this is happening, at least for beginners. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in.
I would try something like an oral thermometer first, and read up on sounds and their use.
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Infection is something you definitely want to avoid. The pain will be a bit different, more of a burning sensation. Make sure you use something to lube the heel with too

As for the insertion itself, it will go in part of the way and then appear to get stuck, don't panic just make sure everything is lined up correctly so to speak and thrust up a little. I'd advise you to thrust because you will be more aware of where the heels is going. It should break through and then slide in deep without any problems. There will probably be a little blood, but again don't be alarmed. This is a big reason why you want the heel to be sterile

Once you've finished remember to drink plenty of fluids and urinate as much as you can to minimise the risk of infection. Trust me don't urinate in public for a little while because the discomfort on your face will be apparent and there might be some blood there too. There's usually a little pain for a few days after the event when you urinate, again nothing to be alarmed by.

Finally I'd advise possibly going to a specialist shop and buying some insertion toys first, they're smooth metal objects that you can use to get your pee hole accustomed to the sensation and stretched out a little so that the heel can be more readily accommodated.

I hope this helps

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What Jay posted is right on the mark. I did a session with Mistress Clarissa where we inserted here metal tipped heel about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way into my cock hole. (Clips4sale clip forthcoming) Lube (i.e.: superglide) is a must and goes a long way towards getting it in smoothly.

As I have attempted this previously, my urethra must have stretched a bit prior to my session as the pain mentioned by Jay only lasted about 24hrs for me where before it lasted two to three days.

Now that I am at this level, I DEFINITELY want to do this again. The sight of my cock deep throating most of a spike heel simply look AWESOME!!!
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Is Kinky but my girl and I practice diferent things using her high heels, one time she tried to insert her metal stiletto heels in my uretra but before she put in the heel a comdon it was a new experience for us. Then she insert her heels in my ass, and definetly is one of the most kinky experiences that we've had, now we have a tradition when she buy a new pair of sexy heels, firstly she play with me inserting them in my ass, she says that is so excitng and horny for her. always using condoms on it and a lot of lube.
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Honestly I enjoy doing this moreso for the psychological image of having my mistress' spike sheathed within the confines of my shaft than of any actual physical pleasure. btw: keep an eye out for the video of my last insertion at www.clips4sale.com/studio/21649; it should be up there soon. (In the meantime, you can see another clip of her trampling my cock with strappy heels.)
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