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    1. rotter1217
      Hi. I want to order a custom clip with Katy facesitting a tied guy in panties. No one will answer me from Brazil femdom, can you pleas help?
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    2. UnrivalledPretension

      Just curious as to whether you plan on doing more farting videos where the slave's mouth is taped shut? Stuff like Cruel Wrapped Smelly Farts or Goddesses Dirty Farts on July's Nose are some of my favorites from you, and I'd love to see more like them.
    3. krushingentertainment
      We love your videos. True inspiration!
    4. AzazelZero
      Hello BrazilFeet. Im a long time fan. Im wondering whata happened to a slave who worked for you until 2012. Her name was Claudia. She was a skinny slave who appeared in many many films. Is she still in the industry?
    5. lukas1978
      Hello there. I saw your many posts here and had to say hello. I am a huge fan of BBW Brazil, I wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic website and thank you for the many wonderful videos I have been able to dowaload from your clips4sale site. This is the best BBW slim girl facesitting on the Internet and your models and producers are my favourite.

      I have a couple of questions if it's okay?
      Firstly I miss Maria. Her films with slaves Melissa and Claudia are unforgettable. Has she left your company forever? Did she leave the industry or just go another company? Is she likely to be coming back?

      Secondly, Ive noticed the focus recently on full weight and butt drops, are you looking to make more of the BBW asslicking videos? They are my personal favourite and I miss them alot.

      Thank you again so much. I am a customer for life and mustve bought 40 of your films :)
    6. shaft081
    7. femaleseat
      hey. love the site! specially brazil bbw! y dont you make a membership option? i know they have that that on brazil facesitting but no new updates really only old videos
    8. slimdude
      can you do more aggressive antonella type movies please where bbw dominates, lifts, slaps and humiliates skinny women- really waiting for more movies like this-
    9. Hotspot4u
      Hey, I was seeing if on the Black brazil and brazil smother can you do clips with the Goddess putting the slave in a reverse headscissors... Its something new that would sell big with the guys who like female domination and beautiful asses...
    10. miami_fa
      Hello, I've always loved your clips and was wondering if you could do one which involves food. Have the domme bbw set a cake or pie or some other messy food on the slaves face and sit on it, then make the slave lick her clean. Thank you so much for your time, if you do decide to use my idea, let me know please so i can keep an eye out for the clip.
    11. isteele00
      Can you please add clips from mistress fabricia & elaine, mistress fabricia & shirley and some of cibelle mancinni to the members clip section of

      Also is mistress fabricia mayara shelson?

    12. sitz-kissen
      I subscribed to your website but after login there is Page not found 404 error. Can you reconstruct it or I have to be refunded... The Email adress is unreachable on the website.
    13. canderson5
      Let Valesca use a smother box!!!!!!
    14. hal bouvard
      hal bouvard
      Dear Mistress RUBY,
      PLEASE, PLEASE again, send me some answer, PLEASE !i'm slave agnes, as lut slave girl from France very moved by Your beauty. How i would, be under Your ass and under Your Feet crushing my face and breasts till i beg for mercy. Please send me Your decision. I bow down before You
      slave girl agnes
    15. hal bouvard
      hal bouvard
      Dear Mistress RUBY,
      i'm slave agnes, as lut slave girl from France very moved by Your beauty. How i would, be under Your ass and under Your Feet crushing my face and breasts till i beg for mercy. Please send me Your decision. I bow down before You
      slave girl agnes
    16. seth29
      Dear Webmaster Rose,

      congratulations for the site. I am a new member and I was fascinated by the beauty of the many videos. Some models, like Priscila, Leticia Miller and Drika are my favorite. A wonderful video, I think, is where Drika humiliates her slave and ordered her to eat the filth of her pedicure. I was very excited and bought the video on Clips4Sale because he was not present among those of the subscription. But all the videos are very interesting, although I really love the videos that have as their theme the foot humiliation.

      Thanks again for the beautiful emotions, and continue to produce videos where the slaves are humiliated without mercy by the feet of your beautiful models.
    17. gseyfert2
    18. Fcushion
      do you have an im
    19. slave marc
      slave marc
      I would realy love to perforrm in one of your films, specially worshipping ass or eating farts, or to have sessions with your models, I can pay if that is the problem. Please let me know if you're interested.
    20. slave marc
      slave marc
      Guys, I'm a huge fan of your clips. Is there any possibility of me being a slave in your clips? I'm located in São Paulo.
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