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Viewing thread Aesthetic Trampling Clips, Jul 21, 2018 at 10:27 AM
    1. gr25
      hi cag00, i'm doing well....i appreciate the compliments.....i want to push myself as far as i can with the ladies i want so badly....yes, it can be scary to pass out....but i kind of feel my life is in their hands....or feet rather....i am used to little to no thanks brother...yes, lets meet up sometime...i live in northern virginia....sure, that would be cool.....thanks again.....gr25
    2. ausguy25
      The one that is run by Feetofphily is on every week and I HIGHLY recommend them! usually 20+ girls to choose from, plus many girls I use on my site. Definitely look into it!
    3. ausguy25
      Hey CAG! Thank you my friend! I actually just moved to NYC, but still not far! Have you ever attended the philly foot parties? You'd love them!
    4. samantatramp
      Thanks for your compliments Cag00, if i come in the Us sure i will let you know:)...i'm happy that you like my clips, i think that me and my slave Calzolaio we are doing a good job, all that you can see is real...
    5. CAG00
      Hi Leg Art, Sorry, I did not notice that you posted but I just found that it was back on line today, How are you doing?? Have a Great Night
    6. leg_art
      Hi CAG00, do you know what happened to Zweig's forum?

      Regards, leg_art
    7. vpose
      I figured out how to do it.. Thanks anyway.
    8. vpose
      vpose here. The pic of my friend I posted under "nice feet" is really, really pissed off at me. How do I go about removing you or if I give you my password could you do it for me. Thanks abunch.
    9. CAG00
      Hi Femalerug, I apologise too, sorry, I did not know that you replied 4 days ago, I will start sending pictures on Thurs or Friday, Have a Great Evening my friend
    10. femalerug
      Hello Cag00. Sorry for the delay,I don´t watch the notifications frequently. I´ll be happy to exchange pics with you, my friend. Please use this e-mail address: Please let me know your address. Have a good night.
    11. hawkdanny47
    12. thommy
    13. VinnyGlasses
      Sorry for the late response, I haven't been on in a while. Once again it's no problem at all and in the near future I'll be sending you more clips hopefully you'll enjoy. My email is and thank you once again and i truly appreciate it!
    14. VinnyGlasses
      i believe this is the clip you're looking for, CAG00! I'll post a link here but please delete it once you have it since I'm not 100% sure if it is allowed to be posted. I also resent it to your email. As for trading pictures that would be fantastic! I just hope I have photos to offer that haven't been seen before. Enjoy the clip!
    15. shomp
      how can we get in touch
    16. CAG00
      I love Victory Poses especially with the winners foot on the losers belly, chest or crotch and also of women stepping on a mans manhood either barefoot or with sexy shoes or boots, on Tuesday I will send you some pictures, Have a Great Evening
    17. dvdlrl
      you are very kind! thanks

      and you? what kind of pics you prefer? if i have some pics that reflect your tastes i can send you...
    18. dvdlrl
      Hello! I wanted to thank you privately for the tons of
      photo posted! Especially for the fem/fem photos!!
      Thanks again!
    19. VinnyGlasses
      it's no problem! i've resent the email using and hopefully you should get it now but if not, is there another way i can give you the clip? thank you!
    20. shomp
      are you in new york
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