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Jun 19, 2018 at 3:57 PM
Jun 22, 2012
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Producer, from PA

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Jun 19, 2018 at 3:57 PM
    1. qrb912
      Are you in need of a seat that is close to the DC area. I would be willing to drive a few hours to get the honor of being a seat for a woman of 500# or more. At this time, I drive to Boston once a month to get a 2 hour session with a woman that is 496 pounds. I would love to get a session on film of me getting some long duration chest sitting under that sort of weight. The size difference is amazing to me. I am a big fan od Luna and Savannah. Big Momma Kat is something special for sure, but I think she lives too far for me. Juicy & Thick would be devastating to be under, I am all in if they need a seat close to here as well. I can not stress enough how much of a fan I am of Lolla Blaze. I think she is a lot smaller than some of these other ladies, but I love her work and it would be my honor to serve as her seat as well. Please keep me in mind if you are going to need a seat in the DC/Philly area.

    2. SmotherMeNow
      I almost forgot. My personal e-mail is Blandar54@gmail.com
    3. SmotherMeNow
      I would absolutely love to experience BIgmomakat all 600 pounds of her literally sitting on my face full weight until I pass out underneathe her. It sounds silly but this has been one of my dreams for a long time just to experience what it would feel like to pass out in this manner. If there was a way to make this possible for a video shoot I would gladly do it. What do you think?
    4. Mike Williams
      Mike Williams
      Hi there!
      I am interested in a session with Bigmommakat, but she is not responding to her email at kat@bbwsurf.com. Is there a way to get in touch?
    5. qrb912
      We talked a while back and you told me that you have someone over 500# that might be willing to do a session if I would come up to Philly. I plan on being in Philly all next weekend. Do you still have someone that would be willing to do a squash session?

    6. thrillandrenalinjunkie1
      me email is njoyceush942@hotmail.com
    7. thrillandrenalinjunkie1
      Can you send me your email so i can work with you?
    8. sitting03
      If you are ever in the Pittsburgh area please let me know
    9. DD Man
      DD Man
      check your yahoo messenger
    10. FrontRowSeat
      I do have a facebook but don't use it at all. PS how Luna ATM, our meet didn't happen, a bit of a misunderstanding that all. I hope she's carrying on!
    11. thrillandrenalinjunkie1
      That is excellent for only a month. You could even generate a fan club and a paid for website with a fan base like that.
    12. thrillandrenalinjunkie1
      i was just curious. how many clips have you sold so far?
    13. thrillandrenalinjunkie1
      Hi, I was curious. How many downloads do you get per month in your clips4sale store?
    14. hellgrinder
      got it, will msg you back tonight and thanks :)
    15. hellgrinder
      Hi FlattenedOne. I'm an affiliate for Yoogirls.com and we'd love to have you with us. If ever you're interested in opening a store please shoot me an email and I'll get you set up with my own personal promo link giving you a +10% commission for the first 6 months. m@s0pr0ducti0ns@hotm.... Just change the '@' to 'a' and the '0' to 'o' (letter o).

      Also pay is in euros (direct deposit or check, you chose), so just on the exchange rate alone you'll be earning an extra 30% when converted to US currency.
    16. undrneath1

      By all means, please feel free to start posting about the new store. The banner thing on your store site used to be a requirement here but not anymore although we always appreciate producers directing more people here.

      Good luck with the new store,

    17. Darkside Slave
      Darkside Slave
      mind messaging me. s7v7n77@yahoo.com
    18. Nikko1627
      Hey man, I'd love the opportunity to step in for you if when you get tired and let Luna continue the punishment on my chest. She told me to talk to you in one of the threads to see how our schedules would work for me to come to you guys.
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