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Jul 21, 2018 at 6:01 AM
    1. Fred UK
      Fred UK
      Hi John. Any news on the recovery of the pre-upgrade posts yet? Seems to be taking a while or has it been abandoned? I hope not as there were some great posts on the old board and also some of mine that I'd still like to get hold of to refer ladies to in advance of a session. Thanks. Fred.
    2. Ms. Sweet
      Ms. Sweet
      Hello John,

      Long time member here at the forum! Wasn't sure on how to get a hold of you regarding a inquiry I have about a few websites I believe you own? Please let me know what is the best method to contact you? Thank you for your time. Ms. Sweet
      1. John
        Hello Ms. Sweet - please email me at
        Feb 15, 2018
    3. krushingentertainment
      1. John
        Seems very nice.
        Feb 12, 2018
        krushingentertainment likes this.
    4. SoleMann
      Hey John,
      I hit the “Contact Us” at the bottom of the page a couple days ago to ask you a question about my stories, but have gotten a reply. I wasn’t sure if you just hadn’t gotten a chance to reply back yet, or if the “Contact Us” wasn’t working properly since the update here?
      1. John
        I have not seen anything? Feel free to send it to
        Feb 5, 2018
      2. SoleMann
        So, I was checking my email the other day, something I pretty much only do when signing up for something new, and lo and behold there is a message from the forum. I was expecting to get a reply from the “Contact Us” as a PM here, but I guess they get sent to our email addresses :/
        Feb 26, 2018
    5. sgt
      Hi there 'John',

      First of all best wishes for 2018.

      Second, wondering if you could help me out cause i can't find my thread (old) i started up with pics and links of FS scene's in regular movies. I was a long and big thread but i can't find it anymore.

      Thank you in advance for your help.


      SGT (former editor)
      1. John
        Hey man..thanks for the well wishes - same to you. Most likely the thread got wiped on our DB move. :( I'll look around for you...
        Jan 13, 2018
      2. sgt
        Jan 14, 2018
    6. aslik
      1. John
        Thank you my friend! Most of this old stuff I just leave out there, but thanks for watching out!
        Dec 24, 2017
    7. doormatAZ
      John, if there's a problem with my last thread, feel free to remove it in case I overstepped the bounds.
      1. John
        Not at all my friend. :) I was just hoping you had any contact info since they don't reply to email about the issues they are having. :)
        Dec 13, 2017
    8. Fred UK
      Fred UK
      Hi John. Is there any progress on fixing the search facility? I've got quite a few posts I'd still like to have access to but haven't been able to get them since the new format. :-( Thanks.
      1. John
        Still looking into this, Fred! We tried rebuilding things a couple times. Will let you know when sorted!
        Nov 28, 2017
      2. Fred UK
        Fred UK
        Hi John. Any news on this yet? Seems to be taking a while or has it been abandoned? I hope not as there were some great posts on the old board and also some of mine that I'd still like to get hold of to refer ladies to in advance of a session. Thanks. Fred.
        Jun 27, 2018
    9. sleepyzzz
      Hi John. Just letting you know that what ever is different between yesterday and today has caused the pages to load quite a bit more slowly. during the delay the screen show a line that says ads by clips for sale towards the top and waiting for at the bottom. It's not horribly slow but noticeable none the less. Have a great day! It's about a 5 to 6 second delay.
      1. John
        Hey bud. Thanks for letting me know! I believe I have it all worked out now. Took me awhile to deal with the C4S API unfortunately, but I believe I have it solved. :)
        Nov 14, 2017
        sleepyzzz likes this.
    10. sykopaf
      Hi John, I've been trying to find the full clip of ss498 on to no avail. I'm aware of the clips4sale store but intending on using credit on the site instead. Would you be able to help?
      1. John
        Hey there...I will take a look for you. I received your email as well. :)
        Oct 27, 2017
      2. sykopaf
        Thanks John! Any updates? :)
        Nov 2, 2017
    11. Fred UK
      Fred UK
      Hi John - I'm having similar problems. Search is bringing up no results at all for me. I'm trying to refer a lady I'm in discussions with for an upcoming session to an old post of mine, but I can't access it. It was post ref 412045, keyword(s) if you want them kinky larue. Thanks. Fred. PS. Also sent you a message about this and about my email address being incorrect but not sure that went either. :-/
      1. John
        Hey Fred - we're trying to find out why this is. A couple people have reported the same - once I find out what's up, I will let you know!
        Oct 27, 2017
    12. MsChristina
      John, I'm confused with the new forum set up. Are all the old threads gone? If not, how do I access my old threads? You can Email me at

      1. View previous comments...
      2. MsChristina
        John, that would be helpful. I didn't know I had to go to "alerts" to see your reply. I used to get an Email when someone replied to my post, but not any more.
        Oct 23, 2017
      3. John
        Actually, I have never used this either. LOL! Are there any specific keywords I should be looking for in the db to find these?
        Oct 24, 2017
      4. MsChristina
        Try, "MsChristina's Video Update."
        Oct 24, 2017
    13. trampled_lucy
      Hi there, just saying love your work, would love to chat sometime about your vids and ideas :blush:
    14. facechair69
      Hi John, I was hoping you were able to look into my request from today. Please let me know ASAP

      Thank you
    15. Jman2k5
      hi John how are you I was wonder can you tell me what is the name of the girl wearing the white pants and red 76 shirt in the one photo set in snoopy's post on page 24 and can you buy that clip anywhere is the picture set available in a clip? thx she is amazing
    16. Blushing Slut
      Blushing Slut
      Hello John. It's Blushing Slut. Im back again and gearing up for a new story. i wanted to test the waters by reposting some previous stories, but mistakenly posted a previous toilet slavery story into the facesitting forum.. Sorry.... there is only the mention of toilet slavery in these 2 episodes, but still, it does refer to the threat of it. Could you please remove them.
    17. Marcus
      I see Lisalisa and Attila the honey are long gone. What happened to the Moderators?
    18. spyderweb
      John -are you still the one in charge of Smother and Trample Super Store on C4S? I have some questions for you -
    19. sgt
      Hey 'John', Sorry for this post reply of me but i had too cause of his dishonesty/lies. All well with the wife?
    20. Danté777
      Hey John, I was wondering if there is anyway to purchase or download photos of your facesitting and smothering work?
      Dante UK
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