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Oct 17, 2017 at 1:34 AM
Jul 8, 2002
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Viewing member profile dickievirgin, Oct 17, 2017 at 1:34 AM
    1. MsChristina
      John, I'm confused with the new forum set up. Are all the old threads gone? If not, how do I access my old threads? You can Email me at MsChristina@MsChristina.com

      1. John
        Hi Christina - your old posts and threads should be there? It seems like everything moved over to me? If you need help, I can try and locate them for you on the forum?
        Oct 16, 2017 at 4:14 PM
    2. trampled_lucy
      Hi there, just saying love your work, would love to chat sometime about your vids and ideas :blush:
    3. facechair69
      Hi John, I was hoping you were able to look into my request from today. Please let me know ASAP

      Thank you
    4. Jman2k5
      hi John how are you I was wonder can you tell me what is the name of the girl wearing the white pants and red 76 shirt in the one photo set in snoopy's post on page 24 and can you buy that clip anywhere is the picture set available in a clip? thx she is amazing
    5. Blushing Slut
      Blushing Slut
      Hello John. It's Blushing Slut. Im back again and gearing up for a new story. i wanted to test the waters by reposting some previous stories, but mistakenly posted a previous toilet slavery story into the facesitting forum.. Sorry.... there is only the mention of toilet slavery in these 2 episodes, but still, it does refer to the threat of it. Could you please remove them.
    6. Marcus
      I see Lisalisa and Attila the honey are long gone. What happened to the Moderators?
    7. spyderweb
      John -are you still the one in charge of Smother and Trample Super Store on C4S? I have some questions for you - spyderswebLLC@yahoo.com
    8. sgt
      Hey 'John', Sorry for this post reply of me but i had too cause of his dishonesty/lies. All well with the wife?
    9. Danté777
      Hey John, I was wondering if there is anyway to purchase or download photos of your facesitting and smothering work?
      Dante UK
    10. sgt
      Hey 'John'. Don't you think that the main subforum = Facesitting - Pics/Clips is becomming more and more like a place were nowadays everybody uses it to promote their own site/Clips4sale? I am referring to "Scorpion_Fetish","SeductiveStudios", "ausguy25"cause for the last few days i am seeing them putting up ad random new advertisement posts for their site like the Facesitting - Pics/Clips subforum is one big advertisement place for them only. Infact the Facesitting - Pics/Clips is becomming more and more an only advertisement "come to my site"place instead a place for normal users without a business agenda. Wjat i mean to say: Is it not getting an little bit out of hand cause i don't see them participating in the forum like normal users and only advertise for themselves. Greets Editor.
    11. magicman08
    12. Ride_myFace
      Hi John, not sure if it's your cup of tea, but if you don't mind I would like to send you a free Smother Harness 3, if you want it. Just for being so cool and providing this most amazing site to us for so long. I know I for one appreciate it very, very much. Just figured I'd do a little giving back, if that's OK. If you want one, that is lol. I can send you the link to my site for pics and such.

    13. Marcus
      Hey John, Marcus here. I was chatting with Dickie Virgin yesterday and he said he'd love to contact you. I think he's been trying on some likely old email that didn't work. Something about the MDFF banner on his sites or something. If you can please give me an email and I'll connect you two. eroticmemories@hotmail.com is mine. Thanks.
    14. Londen81
      Hey, could you change my account name to Londen81 please?
    15. k2extm
      Mr. John... it Greg... Give me a shout when you can sooooooooooooooooo want to catch and see how the heck you've been!!
    16. budwiser
      John last 2 days I've tried to look at several post either on facesitting and trampling. I had no success. I've logged out and back in and still nothing. Before I logged out it said my last visit was yesterday at 8 am or so but I tried several tines since then and it still said 8 am or so, it only changed when I logged out and back in but still can't access any post at all. Need help and is other's having this same problem. Thank you- budwiser
    17. victimofthearsequeen
      Hello John.

      Is is possible that you could contact me by email? - I have a question for you.

      Thank you

      AQ - thearsequeen@gmail.com
    18. Marco
      Hi John, tryed to contact you :) webmaster@facesittinggirls.com - please send me an email.

      Regards :)
    19. rotter1217
      Hi John,

      I tried to send you a email, but no answer yet. I just joined the new smother.com, and have to say, keep up the great work! I love these clips. I also wanted to join the plonx site but the payment module seems to be broken. Can you help?

      Best Regards
    20. facesat12345
      how do i have all my previous threads deleted? it does not let me have that option anymore. i would like all previous posts and threads deleted please.
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