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Apr 23, 2018 at 5:36 AM
May 8, 2003
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Apr 23, 2018 at 5:36 AM
    1. Mistress_Seeker
      I saw your post in my thread where you showed me pictures where the woman stands on the front of the slave's face in high heels. Can you send me the link to the video or tell me what the name of the video is please?
    2. roccololo
      Salut Lucien,

      Je suis fan depuis longtemps de tes clips !!
      Bravo c'est le Top !!

      Juste pour te faire une suggestion pour tes boutiques clip4sales, tu devrais rajouter le tag sneaker, ou sneakers dans tes videos, car par exemple moi perso j'adore ça, et je galère a trouver les bons clips, ça pourrait décourager des acheteurs potentiels.

      Quand tu fais sneaker ou sneakers dans la recherche de ta boutique (facebusting) il ne sort que 3 clips alos que tu en as plein !!

      Voila c'est juste mon avis !!

      le bonjour de Marseille,
      Bonne fine de journéee.

      PS : Imane est ma préférée ...
    3. robeman
      Hi Lucien,
      Please ask Ms. Rabia to remove her heels after she punishes you and force you to lick her bare feet until she is satisfied.
    4. maxime75

      Je cherche a vous contacter, et je n''ai trouvé que cette solution, par ce forum 'les liens sur vos differents sites ne fonctionne pas. Je suis moi aussi producteur de videos, depuis peu, les revenus que je tire de cette activité sont croissants, et j'ai quelques questions concernant la fiscalité. J'aimerai profiter de votre expérience dans ce domaine, puisque cela fait de nombreuses années que vous diffusez vos clips sur internet, pouvez vous me recontacter ? et m'indiquer une adresse email ou je peux vous joindre ?

      Merci, bonne journée,
    5. aresius II
      aresius II
      HI Lucien good afternoon i would like to know if there is a hope in the future if you can do just one clip (trampling face/nose, body and penis ) with adidas slides they are more popular now for women , the name of the shoes are adidas adilette they are beautiful exalt the women feet and the particular tread is soft but leave at the same time heavy sweet shoe-print on skin, i really hope you can do it in future , you did a lot of clip with a lot of shoes this can be a new fresh clip
    6. jhofner
      Hi Lucien! You have posted the video "Miss Jessie savage riding boots trample" a while ago on the forum. Unfortunately it has been deleted in the meantime. Could you please reupload it and send me the link? Thank you so much! Your big fan, jon
    7. robeman
      Lucien. Please consider posting videos where at the end of your trampling the beautiful girl takes off her sneakers or shoes and forces you to clean and worship her feet.
    8. hille444
      WAU, great Videos.
      you make also Ponyplay Videos?
      Contact me, my Mail is;

      Hope for a Answer
    9. Caneboy

      Caneboy MCinema
    10. robeman
      Lucien. Please consider posting videos where at the end of your trampling the beautiful girl takes off her sneakers or shoes and forces you to clean and worship her feet.
    11. arabfeet
      is sherazad still a mistress?
    12. arabfeet
      can u send me link with clips of all your moroccan girls? i cant find them at c4s..
      And i really like that lol might buy them all
    13. anneee
      Can you contact me to

      I must buy a lot of your videos
    14. fennell
      Hi my name is jovan, how could i get in a session with miss Model Miss Ludope
    15. painslave83
      hi lucien, do you allow other subs to appear in your videos or do you do all the filming yourself. I can provide links to clips ive done previously and am a genuine masachist.


    16. termarter
    17. termarter
    18. seb
      salut lucien
      si tu est interressé par l'echange de videos, contacte moi : vassalt12@orange.fr

      merci et a bientot j'espere
    19. kaito77
      Salut, peux tu me contacter à cette adresse s'il te plait: conan7762@hotmail.fr. Merci
    20. anneee
      I would buy some of your videos are so many .... but I can not figure out what to buy ..... can you tell me what are those with cock destruction or cock blood?
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