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  • Hello MrRUGMAN,

    Your videos front footworship and face standing very well.

    I want to know if you have private videos and amateur on the face standing , face walking, forced foot smelling , face foot massage between girls or women or know women who practice it.

    Do you also have videos of the 1980s to 1986 Website CCDUDE, videos of girls and women


    Mr. Rugman, you're a legend. I admire your work, and I love your stories. Specially that one were you stayed bound in a female restroom in China, and the gilrs waiting for the stalls would "pick on" you just to kill time.

    I added you as a friend - but, come to think: who the Hell am I to be friends with "the MAN". Well... I'm just trying.

    Thanks for your time!
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