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  • Hi, thanks for the kind words. OK then, I will first document the design and then figure out what to sell it for (completed), as a kit (all the parts--you assemble and paint), and as a design alone. The will contact you and others here and see if the prices are reasonable and if anyone is willing to actually place an order lol.

    Thanks for your interest! I'll email you on your personal reactor email as well.

    Best regards,
    Hey I am sorry i must have missed your visitors message (I'm not very good with this forum stuff). Thanks for the good feedback on the story. I will make another story one of these days, I will try to make it sooner
    Thanks so much for the link. Checking it out right now. Hope you continue with more stories, very good and very easy to read (which is quite rare with fetish stories I've found).
    Guy is 100% legit. EXTREMELY satisfied with his work. His site says he only ships to the UK but he shipped to me in the US I just had to pay extra. (International shipping isn't cheap)
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