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Mar 25, 2018
May 2, 2004
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Mar 25, 2018
    1. Milneza
    2. drconan85
      Her videos are on these sites clips4sale.com/facesitting-by-mistress-sitter-clips4sale.com/real-sitter-vids and also smother.com . I want to get subscription at smother.com but I don't know why it doesn't accept my visa card . There are alot of clips at that site I want to get and I only want to subscribe to get her sitterworld videos and don't care much about the other videos . This is my mail omalath@yahoo.com . I think it's easier if we keep it touch using that
    3. drconan85
      Hello Rhino , I can see that you like Mistress sittter and her video clips very much . In fact I love her videos too that I bought most of her videos at her clips4sale video store . But now I'm still thirsty even more for her .Since we are on the same boat ,can you please tell me anything you know about her since she is not here since 2010. How can I contact her , I really need more of her videoclips
    4. Rhino
      Hi mate, sorry for the delayed response. Ok, first question is how big is the actual video?
    5. victimofthearsequeen
      Hi Rhino...In need of desperate help with the video upload and to try to compress it to a smaller size...if you have any ideas on how i can do this please email me at thearsequeen@gmail.com.........

      Thanks ...
    6. Rhino
      Hi Sitter, I just mailed you again to your hotmail address.. Can you kindly have a look?
      It might be in your junk email..? in any case my email address is dqnet@hotmail.com
      Can you send the link there please my dear?
    7. Mistress Sitter
      Mistress Sitter
      Sorry RHINO I didn't get your mail. just email me at the address I gave you ok?

      Mistress Sitter
    8. Rhino
      Hi Sitter, not a worry i've taken note of it. My email address is dqnet@hotmail.com
      Like i've always said, your videos are in a different class to all that commercial rubbish out there. I'll send you an email now, can you just confirm you receive it. Many thanks.
    9. Mistress Sitter
      Mistress Sitter
      Hi Rhino, The mail address on my profile is incorrect, and for some reason I can't change it. My e-mail is babyvd@hotmail.com
    10. Rhino
      Hi Mistress Sitter,

      What a pleasure to receive a message from you. Thank you so much for getting back to me. I wouldnt tell a single soul you dont have to worry about that for sure.
      Please let me know when you post it on megaload and I'll download it instantly so you can take it down before anyone even relises. Many thanks for getting bck to me. I already have a short 3 minute version but I really wanted the whole part. I've bought all your material and continue to do so... once again once its up there just let me know. many thanks..
    11. Mistress Sitter
      Mistress Sitter
      Hi Rhino,
      Unfortunatly I sold the rights to that video to L.SCOTT SALES some time ago. I may have a copy somewhere and I"ll look for it when time allows.Don"t tell anyone, I'll post it on megaload and mail you the link if I find it,but LScott would be pissed if I made it public
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