1. I

    Kinky India Classifieds - List of Spa & Massage Parlours for Femdom Experience in India

    Hello Guys, I am single and submissive from Chennai, India. Have been interested in Femdom and BDSM since i was a young school going kid. Had no luck so far since its difficult to find a real mistress or domme in India. Have had few experiences of foot worship and trampling in several Spa's...
  2. trampletime1969

    2 Lesbian Lovers Stomp my Back!

    Hey trample friends, I recently found a great video where 2 lesbiansd stomped me hard to turn eaxch other on. It was a dream come true, and they went nonstop for a while! I have found very little of the video, but have it for sale on my manyvids and c4s stores listed. Here is a link to my...
  3. Dunefeet

    Punk steam girls, duo trampling

    Punk steam girls, duo trampling: The rules are simple. Find man and crush him. Bea (22) and Stella (18) enforce the law. Dressed in steampunk they will rule the world, their world. Your world? Brutal face and chest trampling! 10 years of Female Domination from Dunefeet...
  4. trampletime1969


    I met these 3 shoppers at a mall in Brazil, and they wanted to try trampling me! All 3 together, 180, 210, and 160lbs walk, stomp, and jump on me. They take turns standing on my face, and 2 of them even stand on my face at the same time! I am hoping to see them again this year, and they want...
  5. trampletime1969

    TrampleTime at PornHub

    Hi friends, I have been getting trampled around for the world for over 15 years and trying to get injured the whole time!!!! I have just started a pornhub account and am making short clips from my videos for sale, check them out: If you want anything custom...
  6. trampletime1969

    TRAMPLED by a BBW and a COUPLE

    I was at a party for the guests to trample, and a 240lbs biker BBW and her friends (a couple weighing 160lbs and 220lbs), wanted to all stand on me. A mix of face/back/chest standing and a little jumping Unique video, now for sale at a discounted rate at The guy...
  7. Dunefeet

    triple agony: triple trampling by beautiful trio...

    Sonny, Aqua and Bea are great friends, connecting fun and fetish all in one. They triple trample Passer-by all the time. He has a hard time breathing while the girls are having fun... 10 years of Female Domination from Dunefeet:
  8. trampletime1969

    4th of July Sale on All Videos!!!

    Hi friends, I have recently set up a new vid store, and wanted to give everyone a chance to vcheck it out at a discounted rate!!! I have a promo code tra7177 this will give you 25% off all videos on The discount will run until July 5th at noon (USA PST)
  9. trampletime1969

    170lbs Marie's First Trample!

    My neighbor Marie, a frustrated secretary who weighs 170lbs and asked if she could try out some trampling! She had a lot of fun, and wore some painful heels, and wants to shoot more videos with me, and is also available for custom videos. Check out the new video at my store...
  10. trampletime1969


    This 265lb BBW enjoyed trampling me, stepping on my nose (she tried to break it several times), my throat, and jumping stomping and even kicking my back and chest. She also jumped on my arms and fingers!!!!! She was truly sadistic, and I was sore for a few weeks after being under her feet. I...
  11. trampletime1969

    1550lbs tramples me at the park!

    An older shoot from about a year ago, I am now getting around to editing it. This was from a Birthday party in the park I was asked to attend for the women to stand on me as Birthday entertainment! 8 women, 1550lbs, and now the video is online at...
  12. trampletime1969

    Trampled by a Couple at the Beach

    This couple really wanted to try hurting someone together, and approached me about crushing me. I set up a time to meet them at the beach, and had a great time!!! She spent most of her time standing on my face And trying to break my nose, as he stayed on my hands and stomach mostly, but he...
  13. trampletime1969

    Hong Kong Group Trample

    Hi trample friends, I have been traveling and getting tons (literally) of new trample material to share! I have a new store on ManyVids with a lot of the new stuff: but many of the old videos are still on I have...
  14. HoustonFetish

    Slave love

    I've been serving Goddess for a couple of years. I don't have a girlfriend or anything, so my time has all been used for work and serving the Goddess and her family. I wasn't sure how to tell her that I'd met a girl...a girl who seemed to like trample and being trampled as much as I did. She'd...
  15. tnt

    The Best facestanding POVs (point of views)

    These manga pics are probably for me the best facestanding image I have seen. So good that's is hard to make it real. Unfortunatelly is a drawing. However some japan and asian sites have got almost these angle. the others 2 are also hard to find in the real world
  16. MissMinaBBW

    Clementine Foot Crush Barefoot BBW Stomps On Oranges With Big Feet

    Download my Clementine Foot Crush Barefoot BBW Stomps On Oranges With Big Feet at your fav clip sites: GodMotherOfAss Many Vids Store I Want Clips Watch almost 300 of my hottest big butt BBW fetish porn videos & get regular updates for one low price. No BS. Go here...
  17. 0

    Lisa and Bill, a BBW dominates her shy neighbor

    The sun was shinning down bright on Lisa’s body. She was laying out by her pool wearing a sexy low cut one piece that showed off her big boobs. She knew it wouldn’t be long and her neighbor Bill would find an excuse to work in his backyard, so he could check her out. She has caught him drooling...
  18. 0

    Holly and Mike, a dominant BBW story

    Holly and Mike have been married for 15 years. They are both in their mid 30’s. Mike is short and stocky. He stands 5-9 and weighs 250lbs. He has a hairy chest and belly. He is bearded, and his upper arms and shoulders are covered in tattoos. Mike is a partier and lives life on a whim. Holly is...
  19. mrtramplefantasy

    Mistress of Mararude getting ready while wearing black wedges

    MIstress of Mararude is getting ready for a girls night out. The always stunning Mistress needs to do some little touch ups as always she has her own human rug laying on the floor next to mirror to stand on as she finish getting ready. Mistress of Mararude black wedges needs something soft to...
  20. H

    My laptop, Her Walkway

    I work a stressful job during the day and go to grad school at night, dealing with major commutes in all directions. I have very, very little time. And I am right in the middle of finals. For lunch today, I had to go home and get my broken gaming laptop - a really sweet, decked out HP Omen...