1. highboots

    Boot Care Outside

    Madame Verona comes to a spring of water where she commands her slave to care of her rain boots. The slave kneels down and starts to worship them. Later she sits down and her slave still worships her rubber boots as long as she kicks him out...
  2. highboots

    Lick Soles of My Boots

    Cute Xenia notices that her boots need cleaning, so she calls at her boot licker to clean her luxury boots. First he licks her dirty soles. Later she stands on the small table and her slave cleans her shiny boots with his tongue properly. After that she kicks him out and checks how her amazing...
  3. highboots

    Boot Service in Kitchen

    When Rita comes to the kitchen she calls at her slave to clean her boots. As soon as he crawls to her she puts her feet on the chair and he has to clean her boot with his mouth. Later she sits down on the table and her slave still cares of her boots. Finally she orders him to take her boots off...
  4. highboots

    Footstool for Rita

    Rita enters the house and goes to the kitchen. Her slave crawls to her to clean her black boots. For a while he also has to make a stool and she sits on his back. Then he cares of her boots again. Later she takes a seat and uses her slave as a footrest for her shiny boots. Finally he serves her...
  5. highboots

    Care for Wellies

    Attractive Xenia studies something on the sofa. In a minute she shouts at a slave. As soon as he crawls she orders him to clean her black wellies. So he licks her rubber boots under the table. In the end he serves as her footrest...
  6. highboots

    Keep My Boots Clean

    When Rita comes inside she calls at her slave to come to clean her boots. He crawls on all fours and starts to clean her boots with his tongue. After that she goes away https://clips4sale.com/53851/female-boot-world/cidb7a6f7a88efcc7c43219a7a087
  7. highboots

    Boot Worship on Ladder

    Madame Verona goes upstairs in red rubber boots. She takes a seat on the chair for a while. When she comes inside she orders her slave to bring the ladder because she needs something above. Meanwhile her slave starts to worship her stunning boots. Later Madame sits down on the sofa and he...
  8. highboots

    Worship of Pumps under Table

    Madame Verona relaxes outside with her feet in black pumps on the table. When she comes inside, she sits down to the table. Madame lets her slave who is under the table worship her pumps and feet. Finally she orders him to take her shoes off and she puts her soles on his face...
  9. highboots

    Beneath Rita's Boots

    Rita takes a seat on the sofa and commands her slave to take care of her knee high boots. Later he has to suck long heels of her boots as well. In the end she makes herself comfortable and puts her boots on his face http://c4s.com/female-boot-world
  10. highboots

    Clean My Shiny Boots

    Rita goes to the balcony. She puts her feet in shiny boots on the table. As soon as she comes to the kitchen where her slave is looking for something in the drawer she closes the drawer with her boot and orders him to clean her boots. So he immediately licks them http://c4s.com/female-boot-world
  11. highboots

    Boot Fealty

    Larisa is reading a magazine in the terrace. In a minute she goes to the kitchen. Then she sits down on the chair. Her slave waits like a doggie under the table. Larisa orders him to take care of her stunning boots. So he licks and worships her boots http://c4s.com/female-boot-world
  12. highboots

    Boot Licking in Woods

    Madame Verona walks in shiny rubber boots. She goes through the stream too. As soon as she comes on the bridge she calls at a guy. First she commands him to kiss her rain boots and then he has to lick them. Later Madame sits down on his back and he goes on with licking her shiny boots...
  13. highboots

    Under Her Whip

    Madame Heidi rides on her slave. She fastens him on the cross and begins to lash him. After whipping she unfastens him and she orders him to lick her thigh high boots. He has to suck the long high heels too https://clips4sale.com/53851/female-boot-world/cid3248d20aeb4a59d16a18433398
  14. highboots

    Boot Worship under Desk

    Larisa comes to the bathroom. Then she takes a seat and let a slave who is under the desk kiss her amazing boots. When she goes to the kitchen for a while he tries to smell her sneakers which are under the desk too. As soon as she returns he goes on worshipping her boots. In the end she orders...
  15. highboots

    Licker for Sandra

    Sandra sits down and puts he legs in rubber boots on the table. She has a smoke. As soon as a slave appears there, she orders him to clean her boots, so he kneels down and start to lick them. She sticks her rubber boots into his mouth too. Finally she knocks him down and tramples him...
  16. highboots

    Leather Boots on Table

    Katherine uses her slave as a step to stand on table and allows him to worship her leather boots. She also presses his head between her boots. Later she takes a seat on the armchair and uses him as a bootstool while she is smoking...
  17. highboots

    Cleaning in Hallway

    When Katherine comes to the house she calls at her slave to clean her boots. So he has to immediately kneel down to clean her leather boots with his tongue at the door… http://c4s.com/female-boot-world
  18. highboots

    Lick My Boots

    When Katherine comes inside she looks for a slave to clean her luxury Calvin Klein boots. The slave has to kneel down and lick her rubber boots to be shiny. After cleaning she takes a seat and allows the boot cleaner to worship her stunning boots while she is reading a magazine. Finally he is...
  19. highboots

    Beneath Rubber Boots

    After Sabina came inside she whistles to her slave. He comes on all fours and she pins him down with her rubber boot. Before she takes a seat on the sofa she treads him. Then she let him worship her rubber boots. http://c4s.com/female-boot-world
  20. highboots

    Anita in Brown Boots

    Cute Anita relaxes on sofa and reads something. Later she orders a guy to clean her knee high boots. So he kneels down and begins clean her boots. Then she checks them and he has to polishes her boots on the floor. http://c4s.com/female-boot-world