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A fantasy made reality - Pt 2

Discussion in 'Facesitting & Smother Stories' started by BluTheCool, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. BluTheCool

    BluTheCool Member

    A fantasy made reality - Pt 2


    I had lost all sensation in my nose and surrounding area. My face was slowly becoming completely numb from the lack of blood flow. My ears had closed up due to the extreme pressure. It didn’t help that we were in a tropical country. Heat from her butt was searing my face like a steak. I was sure that melted bits of my skin would stick to her butt when she finally managed to unstick my face from it.

    My hair was drenched with sweat. The bean bag cube didn’t dissipate away any of the heat. My head was being baked in the delicious position I have wanted all my life.

    Although my face was numb, the pain would return at the highest scale anytime she moved even the slightest. And she moved all the time. I was cursing the game’s AI by that time. She flinched every time she got shot and that made its way to punishing my nose.

    My neck was also starting to really hurt now. The bean bag cube was lower than a chair but still my neck was bent backwards. She had sat up properly a while ago, plowing my face backwards a little more.

    I really wanted a break now. I had had my fill. And so I started allowing my body to finally behave in a manner suited to this level of pain. I started squirming and clenching a little more visibly. Maybe she would take the hint and let me have a break. I didn’t think she would stop forever just because I squirmed a little.

    She chuckled in a slightly but genuinely amused way when she felt the movement from under her. “What’s the matter, you done?” she asked, still going at the game pretty hard. I made a noise to let her know that I was indeed ready for a break.

    She chuckled again, but to my horror, she just went back into the game. I groaned to let her know I was serious. But she really didn’t seem to mind. I resigned myself to my plight.

    She tried to move her legs to a more comfortable position. She lifted up her right leg and tried to put in my lap, but instead put it on my huge throbbing erection. She let out a gasp and looked down. I too was surprised. I was too caught up with the pain in my head and the highly charged moment that I didn’t notice it. But of course I would be erect. Why wouldn’t I be.

    Since I was not expecting to be having an erection during the day time, I was just wearing my shorts. It was a bad day to be commando. The weight of her foot landing on my penis sent a sudden jolt of excitement through my body. It was as if I was brought back to life by a defibrillator. Suddenly the pain didn’t matter at all.

    She cleared her throat as if to question me what the hell I was doing. “Ahem. Really? You have to do that now?” she asked gently touching it again with her toe. She chuckled when my whole body winced at the contact. I was so ready to go that I’d probably blow my load if she just touched me a few more times. I felt like a teenager discovering my sexuality for the first time.

    When she saw that I was not answering, she proceeded to lift her right foot up again. I knew because I felt the pressure shift on my face. She was gonna step on my dick again wasn’t she? Nice.

    But that didn’t happen. Instead, she lifted it up higher and placed it on my stomach. She quickly followed suit with the other leg. I couldn’t control the yelp of pain. My mouth was finally free; I could open and breath out of it, and even talk. But her weight was now entirely on the top half of my face. If I thought my nose hurt, earlier, I was so wrong. Now it was just a mulch. I would look like a pug after this.

    I tried to stop my continued yelps of pain. This was super uncool. “Quiet down under there. And answer me. Why cant you put your boner away for now? Do you want me to stop so you can go rub one out?” she asked, shaking her butt sideways to make sure I answered.

    I let out a muffled scream when she shook herself but tried to answer in a painless voice, “I’m sorry its all the blood rushing out of my head. Please don’t stop”. Now I don’t know why I said that. I really wanted her to stop. And fapping right away did seem like a wonderful idea.

    “Well then stay still.” She said with finality and slid her feet down to my lap. Her feet landed on both sides of my penis, teasing me with the proximity. I couldn’t believe I was pining so hard for a ‘footjob’ I guess you’d call it. At this point she’d just need to close her feet around it and jerk it a couple times to get me off.

    But I knew I was being greedy. I couldn’t possibly ask anything more out of the universe. Everything I wanted had come true. I had woken up that day with no idea that I’d have a girl sitting on my face.

    But then I heard her pause the game from above me. She was going to do something. Suddenly I felt very vulnerable. I felt the pain shift more on to the right side of my face and I realized she had lift up her left foot. She then even so slightly placed it on the tent I was pitching. She placed her feet the same way you’d place it on a brake or accelerator pedal of a car.

    She laughed as she pressed down a couple times and saw that it was springing back into position. I had never been that erect in my whole life. She continued to rest her feet with a little more pressure and went back to the game. This felt really good and comfortable. Apart from the still searing pain on my face that is.

    But I didn’t want comfortable. The passion was about to explode from my very soul. The gentle weight of her foot on my manhood, the punishing weight of her butt on my face, the whole subjugation flavor of it all… I was at the point of no return.

    Her foot lay ghostly still as it rested on my penis. I knew she was teasing me. My body was spasming from need for release. I felt my hands instinctively inch towards my groin. It was reaching a point where I wanted to quickly grab it like a ninja and get a couple jerks off before she could react. I would need only a couple wanks. She’d be really pissed afterwards but as I said, I was going to explode.

    But before I could do anything of the sort, I heard her click again with irritation from above me. It was probably the game. She was always blissfully unaware of my struggles. Or was she? She knew enough to tease me.

    She suddenly adjusted her position on my face. In doing so, she had to put all her weight on her legs for just a second when she realigned her butt. For a single moment, half her weight was entirely on my penis, crushing it into the ground.

    Maybe it was painful, I don’t know. But I let out a silent gasp as my mind went blank. It was my body’s turn now. Wave after wave of orgasms crashed through me, twisting and contorting my body in the process. She let out an audible yelp as my body suddenly started bucking like an untamed stallion. She chose to keep sitting, clamping her legs down and closed. Both her feet were on my penis now. My orgasm suddenly amplified and a final tremulous burst wiped my body clean of its senses.

    And then it was over. Like a flash of thunder, my mind came back to me. My first thought was regret. That could have been a lot better if I had actually held it and wanked it. My dick was just thrusting around trying to squeeze out as much as possible with no assist from my hands. I knew a lot was still left. But I also knew I was in trouble and that took priority. I also began to notice that I couldn’t breathe under the position she took when she was trying not to fall off.

    She hadn’t realized what had happened when it happened. Her feet were still on my penis. I lay there running out of breath, waiting for her to figure out what I had just did. I suppose it was only a matter of my sperm permeating through my shorts to her feet.

    But part of me didn’t care. I was extremely satisfied with life at that point. I felt stronger than I had ever been, despite being her bitch at the present.

    She let of a “Eww!!” noise and lifted her feet up, quickly rubbing them dry on my shirt before putting them to the ground. But she still didn’t get up. I thought for sure that would do it.

    “What the hell! You fucking came! Oh my god! I really thought you’d be better behaved than this when you came at me begging to do this” she trailed off muttering to herself and then continued. “I’m gonna punish you for that. I know guys lose all interest in anything sexual the moment they blow their load. So now you can just continue lying there. I know you wont be enjoying it anymore” she said, crossing her legs suddenly.

    Well jokes on her, I already stopped enjoying it a while ago. But she was also right. Now that the whole sexual energy had left me, I was back to just feeling pain and pressure. I had now completely lost interest in this. I wanted to stop, go dip my head in water and cool off now. But as she made it clear, I wasn’t going anywhere.

    And it’s funny, I wasn’t even tied down or anything, I just couldn’t bring myself to push her up and get up. My little swimmers had completely wet the groin part of my shorts and the whole thing was getting more uncomfortable and embarrassing by the second. She wasn’t stepping on my dick anymore, so it just lay there, like a pitiful lump. I wanted to go wash it off and put on another pair of pants. I was getting more and more ashamed at myself.

    But then I realized, it would be worse when she got up. After all I had done, how would I face her again? The weirdness of that made me want to put it off as long as possible. Which meant she got to keep sitting for as long as she wanted. And she did just that. She kept sitting until my sperm had all dried up, freezing my tent in place, a silent monument to my boner.

    And then at long last, she suddenly put more pressure on legs and I felt my head rising up from the inside of the bean bag cube. It took me a while to comprehend what had happened. Her sitting on my face had become so natural that it was weird when she got up. I felt blood slowly come back to my face. My capillaries slowly started filling up with blood after being flattened dry for so long. I was certain there were bruises.

    My head was still pounding with pain despite her having gotten up. This was a new pain that I was not used to and I had no idea how to handle it. I almost wished she would sit back down and bring me back to the old familiar pain of her sitting on my face. But she didn’t. She had completely moved away from me. I realized that there was no more face sitting that day. I almost reluctantly lifted my head off from the pit it had made in the bean bag cube.

    Fresh pain greeted me as my neck muscles cried out from being bent back into normal position. I held my head with my hands trying to apply a little pressure to try and reduce the pain. I slowly tried to open my eyes. It was hard since there was no blood circulation in my face for a while now. I became aware of muffled giggles in the background. I opened my eyes completely.

    Everything was blurry. My eyes tried desperately to focus but I was not succeeding. But slowly things started getting clearer. I could make out that she standing in front of me, facing me. As more of the haze disappeared, I saw that she was recording me with her phone. She had a hand cupped to her mouth, holding in her giggles as she saw what was happening through her phone.

    I suppose I should have been embarrassed but I was too preoccupied. “So how was it then?” she asked, giggling more openly now. I tried to talk, but my throat was still not ready to let me do it. But when I finally could, I whispered, “I loved it”. I said it more to myself than to her.

    She laughed again when she heard it. “So you’re probably gonna want to do it again huh” she asked, putting her phone away. I didn’t care what she was going to do with the video. I knew she wouldn’t try to blackmail me or anything. But at that point I felt like it was her right to have that video if she wanted. That and I was too scared to ask her.

    “God yes! I want to do it again. I want to do it whenever you’ll let me. I loved it so much!” I exclaimed, my eyes imploring her to grant my wish. She rolled her eyes and poked her cheek with tongue and then giggled, closing her eyes. “I’ll think about it. But I think I have to go now. I think it’s time to leave” she said with a promising smile.

    Part of me loved the fact that she left me wondering whether I’ll ever get to do it again. I watched with an exhausted smile as I saw her walk away, her gorgeous butt swaying gently behind her. It was hard to believe that wonderful thing was on my face just a few seconds ago.

    She looked back to catch me looking at her butt. I suddenly looked up to her face and saw that she was smiling knowingly. She winked and turned her head back. I got one last view of her butt before she disappeared from view.

    I lay down on my bed thinking about the next encounter with her. Maybe I could convince her to wear tights the next time. That would be so much more bearable. And it would be hitting my fetish right in the bull’s eye. Of course it was too much to ask for her to be naked. That might be too weird for her and there’s nothing in it for her. Either way I knew one thing for sure. I wanted to have this wonderful feeling again!


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  3. mustang

    mustang Member

    Superbly written. One of the best stories I have ever read. Thank you for posting it.
  4. Noops

    Noops New Member

    Great story thanks (first party too).
  5. toejam

    toejam Member

    Loved It hope she comes back.
  6. megman23

    megman23 Member

    The absolute best story on here in a looping time, thanks for sharing!
  7. fpm29

    fpm29 Member

    Great story!!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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