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A Goddess and Her Steed (True Woman Worship regular updates)

Discussion in 'Facesitting - Pics/Clips' started by Cordelia, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    Greetings all!

    You may have seen me around the forum; it's such a pleasure to find a respectful community where I can share my passion for Female Domination. My husband was a 'lurker' on these forums for years and suggested I sign up given I have decided to take our 24/7 FLR and Femdom lifestyle 'out of the bedroom' so to speak.

    I'm a huge proponent of keeping Femdom genuine and am having a blast sharing our bond and love for Goddess Worship with the rest of the world. I started a clips4sale page that can be found HERE

    I've had a dominant disposition for as long as I can remember. I sort of started practicing Femdom before I knew what it was. In my late University years, I had realized my sexuality by way of discovering and reading about BDSM and Femdom. My biggest 'turn on' is the idea of 'breaking' a man - the stronger-willed, the better.

    Fortunate for me, my husband has a very assertive, alpha personality. It was arduous, but I brought him to his knees and trained him remarkably well (I admit, sometimes it amazes even me at how submissive I make him).

    That said, I'll be sharing some of our adventures in this thread, with regular updates. I'm also happy to answer any questions you guys have about our lifestyle (I can always permit Steed to chime in, too).

    In such a short time, we've topped out at #1 in many of our primary categories and I can only say that I am grateful to have such an awesome and respectful fan-base. What started as a lark and a want for contributing more authentic and genuine femdom to the online community has become really staggering. So if we have any fans here, thank you. You boys enjoy <3

    <3 Cordelia <3

    True Woman Worship: www.clips4sale.com/126525
    Note: All of our clips have previews that can be watched on the c4s site. The titles of each clip will take you directly to the free preview clip.

    You can also check out the TWW trampling and foot worship thread HERE.

    00100dPORTRAIT950010095BURST2018032520265436995COVER.jpg Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 00.08.20.png Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 12.39.21.png Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 12.41.39.png Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 23.21.03.png
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  3. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    "Worshipping My Beautiful Ass" <----free preview clip


    Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 15.37.15.png

    "It's quite apparent Steed is absolutely addicted to my ass. It's rather peculiar...and endlessly amusing. Whenever he sees even a glimpse of my ass, he starts begging to sniff, kiss, and lick my asshole - especially right after I've finished at the gym. He tells me my asshole is "beautiful" (it is), and that he wishes he could "just breathe through my ass forever". Ha!

    So, per usual, this was recorded right when we got home from the gym. It was Steed's lucky day: he was made to worship my Flower and lap up my cum over and again (which I also recorded and posted here - buy it), earning him his most coveted reward: my sweet and sweaty, post-gym asshole.

    In this clip, Steed is allowed on the bed where I proceed to have him get off to kissing and sucking on my beautiful, sweaty asshole. He relinquishes control absolutely, even starts rubbing his face all over my ass in attempt to cover himself in my scent.

    I suspect that my talking down to him and reminding him he's totally beneath me the entire time (he loves that weird stuff) caused him to cum a bit more apace than usual. Oh well; sucks for him. I got my ass cleaned, and that's all that really matters."

    I used to write professionally, so I love writing little stories and anecdotes about our lifestyle. All of our clips are documentation of what we've been doing for years, so I often find it prudent to write something about the activity at hand (or shall I say, at foot, lol). I find it adds to the overall narrative of our relationship dynamic. Besides, it's fun...and I admit I have a huge love for humiliation and being a bit mean sometimes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I also love to read and I make goals to read entire books while sitting on his face (often requiring multiple sessions, of course). I usually choose very long reads, ha!

    I'll keep sharing these if everyone is interested.

    <3 Cordelia <3
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  4. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    "How Rewards Are Earned"


    Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 15.39.28.png Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 15.39.37.png

    "In case you were wondering, this is how a real woman keeps a well-trained Steed. I’ve converted him into my devoted worshipper and servant; I am his God. Steed has his daily duties; among them is to get on his knees and worship my Flower until I cum again and again and again…then I reward him by allowing him to lap up my cum (seriously, it’s essentially Holy Water to him).

    I typically have Steed wake me and bid me goodnight this way, and I never skip my post-workout session. It’s imperative that I continually train Steed to become ever-more hopelessly addicted to my scent - he’s so obsessed with my Flower that merely seeing it causes a Pavlovian reaction that sees him drop to his knees and thank me profusely for the privilege of making me cum.

    As you can see, he is quite good at it. Unsurprising, given he does it multiple times per day, every day, forever.

    In this recording, I demonstrate my command over him as he passionately licks me to powerful orgasms, making my perfect body tense up and release, lathering his face in my cum and scent. He loves being in his place, but it’s not as though he has a choice: a lifetime of being an athlete has made my legs strong enough to trap him where he belongs. Sometimes it amuses me to see him suffocate between my legs.

    I’ve also trained him to penetrate me precisely how I like, but you don’t get to see that. Too bad."

    This one is our top-selling clip. I'm not sure why - possibly the camera angle? We have quite a few incredible cunnilingus videos, but this one seems to be very popular. I recorded an even better one earlier today that will be posted soon.

    The funny thing about all of our Flower Worship videos - Steed always has to lower the sound levels when I climax so as to prevent our viewers from getting their ears zapped to death. I have explosive orgasms! I mean, very very intense.

    When I first trained Steed to worship my divine femininity this way, I made him read texts on Female anatomy and a couple of books and pamphlets on the physiology of the Female orgasm. I wanted to train him to be the perfect tongue toy. He's very methodical about the way he does it - he's able to bring me to both clitoral and vaginal orgasms at the same time by using his tongue and upper lip in unison. Hence, my extremely intense orgasms in these videos.

    Every Goddess needs an oral expert on-hand at all times!

    <3 Cordelia <3
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  5. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    "Cleaning My Flower While I Read" <----free preview clip


    Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 15.49.29.png Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 15.50.00.png

    "I've the best seat in the house - right on Steed's face. Like I tell him in this video (and all the time), it's what his face is for. His face was made to be smothered by my ass, his tongue made to be buried deep inside of me.

    So today, I continued reading 'War and Peace' while Steed lapped up my sweet Flower, ensuring it was nice and clean. After all, I had just arrived home from working for 8 hours. And 'War and Peace' is a long book; this means Steed has to remain buried down there for much longer than he is used to, as I like to finish chapters whole.

    I sit on his face wearing one of my favorite black lace panties. Such a tease - he'll start to freak out if he can smell my ass and not access it. Since he's been a good Steed, I reach back and pull my panties aside, allowing him access to the Womanly Flower he is so very hopelessly addicted to.

    You'll notice that yet again, Steed can't get enough of my pretty asshole. He loves staring at it and "marveling at its majestic beauty" (his ridiculous words). The entire time he was down there licking my Flower, he kept spreading my ass and trying to steal sniffs of my asshole. He thinks I don't know; how cute. As though I wouldn't know something. I'm his God - doesn't he know I'm omniscient?"

    And for the curious - yes, I really did read the entirety of Tolstoy's 'War and Peace' while sitting on his face. I finished a couple of weeks ago. It was kind of a goal of mine, to read this epic tome of a novel while smothering Steed. It took many sessions and more hours than I can count, but I did it! Next book is going to be Yukio Mishima's entire tetralogy 'The Sea of Fertility', or maybe something nice and long by Dostoevsky.

    Or I could be especially cruel and break out the philosophy. Imagine me reading every Socratic dialogue while sitting on his face. Hmm, maybe I'll go with the ultimate cruelty by reading Derrida. Ha!

    <3 Cordelia <3
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  6. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member


    Last one for the evening. Such a sneaky Steed - always stealing pictures of me at the gym warming up for squats or deadlifting. I punished him quite well after this: a good 2 hours of sitting on his chest with my feet in his face (but he wasn't allowed to kiss them). It was like torture for him.

    Yeah...he asks permission now.

    <3 Cordelia <3
  7. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    The Only Thing You'll Ever Kiss Is My Asshole (passionate asshole make-out session) <----free preview clip


    Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 05.50.15.png Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 05.49.50.png

    "Steed is going to sleep at the foot of the bed right now with the fresh scent of my musky asshole all over his face. After hours of reading (while sitting on his face), I at last finished Tolstoy's 'War and Peace'. As a reward (or perhaps just adding insult to injury, as I am wont to do), I had Steed literally kiss my ass and thank me for the privilege.

    I furthermore had him bury his face deep in my perfect, firm, round ass and rub his face all over my sacred asshole. I relaxed on the bed as he toiled away, kissing and licking, sucking and sniffing my beautiful asshole - all while I laughed at him and reminded him that his face belongs stuck up between my ass cheeks, buried and given only my asshole to breathe through.

    Such a little asshole sucker, ha! Look at how passionate he is, kissing my asshole like a lover! It's endlessly amusing, and I love that all of you are willing to do anything for the chance to do the same."

    Annnd the reward for the hours and hours of smothering required to finish 'War and Peace'.

    <3 Cordelia <3
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  8. John

    John Infidel Staff Member

    Great looking store, Cordelia! Welcome aboard - we're glad to have you. :)

    Been gone for a week but will be around more now... :)
    Cordelia likes this.
  9. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    Thank you, John - it's a pleasure to hear from you. You've got a great community here :D
  10. John

    John Infidel Staff Member

    Thank you, kindly! It's going to get much better in the next coming months. But I won't spoil the surprise...

    Also, I threw you a shout out on Twitter - https://twitter.com/FemdomForums
  11. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    A dream for a lot of us here. Thank you for sharing!
  12. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    Thank you! I'm excited to see what you have in store for the forums.

    My pleasure; glad you enjoy :D
  13. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    "Smothered At The Altar Of Womanhood (full-weight facesitting + cruel smothering)" <---free preview clip


    Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 18.44.50.png Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 17.03.03.png Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 17.03.13.png Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 17.03.51.png

    "As Steed's God, I deserve incessant worship, prayer, and service. So what does God do on a relaxing Saturday afternoon? I further train my Steed, developing my mastery over his mind and body; I tend to re-wiring his psychological constitution even more so as to enslave him beyond forever.

    And I was in the mood for smothering him beneath my Holy Flower today. Such a lucky Steed.

    In this video, I completely obliterate his face beneath my Flower while wearing my new cotton panties and long, gray socks. Steed was so eager to be smothered beneath my Womanhood, he almost got punished here. I control his breathing and pin him beneath me while I talk down to and degrade him, reminding him that he is my devoted disciple...forever.

    Steed offers no complaint. He's so broken by me, that all he can do is kiss my hand and beg; stick his tongue out for me and wait for me to grind my Flower all over his face, powerfully bucking my hips back and forth; lie there - completely submissive - while I use and abuse his face for my pleasure.

    This is the sexiest facesitting footage I have documented yet. It's quite incredible. My body is so perfect that Steed can barely contain himself while editing the videos (of course he does all the work)."

    He really does sit there editing the videos with a huge erection. It's probably the funniest thing I've seen in a long while, haha.

    <3 Cordelia <3
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  14. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    Sigh...Vimeo and Youtube have rather obnoxious spam filters. Well that was rather short-lived. Previews can still be watched here

    In other news, I was contacted by c4s and they want to feature True Woman Worship in their studio spotlight, along with a one-on-one interview! I think this will be a very valuable opportunity to spread awareness about what I am trying to do with the clipsite - to bring FemDom back to its roots as something that real people actually do. That there are real dominant Women out there and not all FemDom media has to be commercialized or produced with models and actresses.

    I suppose I've always considered TWW a sort of return to 'grassroots FemDom'. We greatly appreciate the undying support of all of our fans that have helped our site reach seemingly insurmountable goals for a non-commercial studio.

    <3 Cordelia <3
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  15. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    Your Tongue Belongs Inside Of Me (Divine Flower worship + intense orgasm) <---free preview clip


    Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 05.40.49.png Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 05.39.59.png Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 05.39.34.png Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 05.39.12.png

    "As I've explained before, among the most important of Steed's daily rituals and duties is bringing me to intense orgasms by way of the privilege of kissing and licking my Divine Flower. Steed typically does this multiple times each day, and always does this to help me unwind after a long day of bossing my employees around at my office.

    So of course, the first thing he does when I arrive home is drop to his knees at the edge of the bed and await his beautiful God, my athletic, lean body the most coveted desire of thousands and thousands of inferior men and women all over the world. How could he refuse me?

    My mind-altering training and absolute psychological domination aside, Steed is addicted to the very sight of my toned body...my round, supple breast; my powerful, strong legs; my gorgeous, arched little feet...every part of my divine body works in unison as I arch my back and ride his face with my hips, bucking them up and down as I smother his face in my Flower and use my strong thighs to pin him in place and keep him there.

    And my my, what a powerful orgasm I had in this clip...Watch how I grab Steed's hair and force his tongue inside of me. Watch how addicted he is to my holy cum as he laps it up and desperately rubs his face all over my Divinity. This is true Goddess Worship at its apex.

    Like the Greek myth of Leda - the powerful Spartan queen - and her swan, I own this loyal, well-trained, submissive Steed. And his tongue serves my every whim and want for pleasure."

    Okay, even I must say, this one was especially hot. I always approve the clips after Steed edits them, and let's just say watching it compelled me to do it all over again...

    <3 Cordelia <3
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  16. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    My Ass Controls Your Life (humiliating reverse facesitting) <----free preview clip


    Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 09.25.57.png Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 09.26.44.png Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 09.26.22.png

    "After years of training, Steed has been trained not only to worship me, but to recognize my feet, my breasts, and especially my ass as his masters. My ass owns him; this is quite apparent given how readily he bows down to pray to my ass, to clean it, to lick it, to kiss it, to sniff it, et cetera.

    In this clip, I continued what had already been an hour-long, full-weight facesitting session by turning around and smothering Steed with my aforementioned perfect ass. Watch how he buries his nose deep in my ass! The cute gray cotton panties I'm wearing don't stop my little worshipper from sniffing my asshole, ha!

    I continue to verbally degrade him while I smother him completely with my ass. I grind against his nose, bucking my ass against his face - what an ass-wipe!

    Just another training session to remind all of you of the true 'categorical imperative': I win; you lose.

    That's right - I WIN; you LOSE. Now that you understand, you have my permission to buy this <3"

    Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

    <3 Cordelia <3
  17. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    Bow Down And Honor My Womanhood <-----free preview clip


    Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 12.21.52.png Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 12.22.29.png Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 12.23.07.png

    "My Womanhood is sacred, holy, and to be revered. Steed understands this. All the beta bitch-boys who fawned over me in high school, college, graduate school - they all understand this. It's time you understand.

    I am Steed's religion. I am his God. His Creator, his deity. Naturally, there are certain rituals which, via my effective training methods, have become a part of Steed's daily affairs. Not only does he clean my feet after work and after the gym; bring me to multiple orgasms at the snap of my fingers; serve as my personal ass licker; and serve as my personal reading stool, but he also prays to me and literally worships me each day.

    And so, I decided to document one such session of worship. In this video, Steed had already brought my chair into the room and was prostrate on the floor, waiting. I undress and sit above him, spreading my legs and beckoning him. He passionately and sensually kisses and licks my perfect and sacred Flower as I sit above him, signifying my superiority and ownership over him.

    I even brought the camera in nice and close to provide an idea of what real Flower worship should look like. Consider this a lesson, plebeians."

    I particularly loved this scene. It is reminiscent of many of the oldest FemDom artworks - namely 19th Century etchings and dry-point prints of Female-Led cunnilingus, wherein the male prostrates himself before his Goddess, kneeling between her legs as she reclines above him.

    Not that I need to force Steed to worship my Flower, but I still find much amusement in grabbing a fistful of his hair and smothering his face in my divine wetness, or using my strong thighs to pin him in place until he begins to struggle and 'tap out'.

    Yes, he is a strong Steed, but once pinned between my legs, even he doesn't stand a chance! Enjoy, boys!

    <3 Cordelia <3
  18. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    Your attitude alone makes you a beautiful..but then there's everything else about you that makes you a Queen. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.
  19. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    Why, thank you, sinbad :D Sharing our lifestyle has been quite fun - we'll always strive to give our best back to the community!

    <3 Cordelia <3
  20. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    yeah...I kind of messed up my reply... 'makes you a beautiful woman' was what I trying to get out. I was stammering and nervous. ;)
  21. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    Haha, it's quite all right; I'm used to making people nervous (and I rather like that) :D
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