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A Painful Belly Game (Stomach Demolition)

Discussion in 'World of Visual BDSM' started by Furetto, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Furetto

    Furetto Active Member


    This video is aimed at all those people who love the Abs of Steel Challenges and adore watching a victim beaten in the midsection with powerful blows. The rules of this one-side beatdown challenge are very simple: Little Acab - a muscular girl with strong arms and formidable biceps - can beat the Fakir with full force in the belly, stomach and solar plexus. It will be the Fate to choose the number of belly blows: the female assistant of the fakir has to draw cards from a pack in order to establish the right number of punches, elbows, knees and kicks (three types of kicks: toes kicks, soles and instep ones). At the end of the painful game, Fakir will turn into a human nutcracker: in fact he puts a walnut right on the navel and challenges Little Acab to crack it with three foot stomps: three attempts to crush the walnut and strike the final blow to the fakir's sore belly!

    Here some pics

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