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Advice for a less painful sitting experience?

Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by lightlight, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. lightlight

    lightlight New Member

    Hello! I am not exactly sure this is the right place for this question, but I've scoured the internet for advice and didn't have any luck. So I thought time to break my lurker status here!

    I am a very nervous person, and somehow had my dream come true last week of having two beautiful women sit on me while playing video games. Before this I have only had any facesitting experience in the context of the bedroom, and never two people at once.

    Anyway, to cut to the chase, the experience ended up being infinitely more painful and embarrassing (and not the good kind of embarrassing) then I predicted. I had to keep asking for them to get up so I could readjust, and I could never find a good way to turn my head. Eventually I just stopped asking, and I have really bad neck pains/back pains today now. Honestly I'm not even sure I enjoyed the experience, but want to try it again before I bring up my concerns to them. For anyone who has done this sort of thing, I was hoping you could point me to a resource or maybe give me some advice to make it more enjoyable.

    My fantasy/goal is to have two girls play video games on me for at least an hour. In reality we did it maybe for 15-20 minutes before I couldn't go on.


    1. Do you need to have breathe breaks? I had my head turned just about every way possible, but I never felt like I was getting enough air, so I'd constantly have to make them stand up. Is this something we should expect/incorporate into things? I'd prefer if somehow they could remain seated the whole time.

    2. Is this kind of long duration facesitting really a thing? I've only seen videos allude to someone being a cushion for hours, but in practice I don't know how that could be possible. Maybe I will get better with practice?

    3. My face is sort of bruised up! It's sort of embarrassing, would something like a mask help? In theory I like to be looking up, but maybe that's a bad idea if it's going to cause my facial bruises.

    The idea of this is still really hot to me, the lead up was really hot to me, and thinking about it now the experience was crazy hot to me. But I am surprised that I don't know if I really enjoyed the sitting process. I have a newfound respect for all the cushions out there who made this look so easy!
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  3. rudeworld

    rudeworld Member

    Just lay face up with them straddle (leg on each side) face should fit between the cheeks. Find he comfortable spot where they either sit more on your mouth (breath through nose) or your up more toward your eyes (breath through mouth). My wifes normal sitting time is usually 1/2 hour but the longest has been 2 1/2 hours of constant sitting. It also depends on the type of ass, surprising i have found that bigger asses are usually more comfortable as the weight spreads on your face. Side sitting has always been a problem with me.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2018
  4. phillovesfacefarts

    phillovesfacefarts love facesitting/farting

    i have had the pleasure of doing similar even recently 7 ladies at once sitting on me, on and off for 20 minutes my face was a mess the next day and bruising internally on back of head. chest area too. I agree with the above larger asses are much kinda to your face, the skinny ladies do damage quickly when sitting full weight. breathing and finding a comfy position takes time and each different lady your find its different based on there style, body shape etc. I've tried being sat on while my wifey reads a book a couple of times and i managed 1hr but my face was very bruised by the end. we have found a position where she can use a magic wand while sitting on me full weight it gets rather hot down there, and my eye sockets often hurt lot but she does this often for around 20-30 minutes cuming twice mostly however i'm able to breath through my nose on one side the whole time but it sometimes does make you feel Claustrophobic. i find a fan or something to move air around in the room really helps and makes it a enjoyable experience of being facesat hard without serious pains. I must admit however i also enjoy the painful ones and regularly get bruised eye sockets, cheek bones and nose when we do facesitting fun and/or im a sub in a clip. almost all the clips (if not all) online saying stuff like "i've been sitting on him for hours etc isnt true its just part of the story line for the clip. reality is, long periods of full weight sitting hurts, its like dead weight and over time it gets more and more painful unless they do move slightly. sideways makes it easy to breath but certainly not as fun for me as the feeling of the ass on the face.
  5. Fcushion

    Fcushion Active Member

    @phillovesfacefarts I just looked at your twitter feed, how shit your a lucky guy, absolutely amazing photos, and wow just plain wow
  6. thisisrob07

    thisisrob07 Member

    a smotherbox would help! I happen to have one for sale if you're interested :)
  7. phillovesfacefarts

    phillovesfacefarts love facesitting/farting

    thank you very much
  8. James

    James Active Member

    My advice is always write a short 'script' as to what you want with a few pictures of the positions you want. I've rarely had problems like yours but am sure I would have done if I hadn't shown my 'script' and pics....

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