Alexa - gallery 1 -

Jan 20, 2005
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In the photos she doesn´t seem a very thin girl.
I think that this jeansitting session is not a light weight one !!!
Anybody knows her weight ??? I think she must be between 65-70kgs (depending her heigh)
Thanks for the pics.
Jan 20, 2005
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Ohh yes Marco !!! I forgot about her.
How much kgs can she be ???
And about the question I made to Waffel, who better than you answer je je !!!
What can you say about the most painful and cruelest jeansitting girl in Staria !!!


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Dec 26, 2002
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Hot upview with Alexa seeing up Her Crotch in Jeans !!! Good to see photographers know what is hot to see .
Saw an update today in a pay websites sitting in jeans which got me very disappointed just showing the sitting session from above so you not saw the jeansbutt in level or aside.
It makes me a bit upset when a update you pay for not have a cameraman who not understand what a Jeans-, lover, facesitting, straddle, or shoolgirlpin sessions which to see. Just make it easy just standing in the same place taking most of the pics there from above and just a close up. Cheap, and makes you cancel if it continuing. The Girl do a Hot, Sexy, Thrilling job....but the photographer has no eyes for that, or not like to move and take the session from different angles.
I can not understand that. I think if i had a possibility to take shots of a Gilr sitting on a amns face it would be a lot of different angles....just the fantasy stop it.....:)

Really Hothot photo the second one !!!


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Aug 11, 2002
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Hi tolare2,

I must have missed your question. very sorry.

There are so many many many facesitting girls to choose from. I can't think of
the girls being really mean or cruel. I love the girls to sit and cover his face so he
is really getting smothered for a long time. If it's a guy slave he needs to be small
or bound so he can't just push the girl off.

I would say that my favorite vid is Jenny wearing her tight jeans and buttcrushing
a dollman. The way she looked at the camera and the way she looked down at little
dollman made the facesitting, smothering, domination of helpless dollman come alive
even better then the regular girl on man facesitting vids. That would be my favorite
at this time.

Again the long sit smothers and the slave really struggling for breath catches my
interest the most.


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Jul 27, 2002
Hello all,

thanks for your comments.

I still waiting for the next shooting with Jenny to make a facesitting with the dollman :) Think it will be a hot session.

@Nils - sometimes my picture sets are very different from each other - but many times i made my favorite jeanssitting pics too. I think im a great jeanssitting fan and i hope to make the pics you lilke :)

About the hardest facesitting in jeans i will make a new posting tomorrow.