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Discussion in 'Facesitting - Pics/Clips' started by 8inches, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. romansupport

    romansupport Active Member

    very nice
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  2. 8inches

    8inches Producer


    Mia is back, with more close ups of her incredible ass. Wearing small black shorts to start with, she facesits him and gets his nose deep her ass. She shows off her legs as well smothering him in a side scissors in her small blue panties. Such a delicious and pleasant ass to watch smothering a face.

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  3. Norm

    Norm RUSH! R&R Hall of Fame!

    After a rough week at work, I'm gonna enjoy getting this one.
    I seriously can't get enough of Mia.

  4. 8inches

    8inches Producer

    Glad to hear that Norm! Cant get enough of her either, we are shooting more with her next month.
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  5. 8inches

    8inches Producer


    Sav's background is a dancer, but she is making her name for her facesitting and smothering. She takes control over him on the couch with her ass to start with, giving most of her weight on his face. Second part of this clip moves to the bed where she applies a facesit and some breast smothering. Sav shows off her flexibility on smothering him in a scissors, as she moves her upper body effortlessly to show us his nose buried in her pussy.

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  6. 8inches

    8inches Producer

    Sensual Smother 11

    Jessica Bellisimo stars in our popular Sensual Smother series. Wearing a black thong, you get a great view of her beautiful legs and ass across the bed to start the clip. Jessica's caramel skin and plump ass makes this sensual smothering experience a great one to watch. She enjoys every second sitting on his face, grinding her full weight on him.

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  7. kyle1013

    kyle1013 New Member

    This is an almost perfect clip. Her ass looks so good in those panties. I love the full backs.

    QUOTE="8inches, post: 1717013, member: 48922"]MIA-LICIOUS

    With the amount of close ups and different angles, you get multiple flavors right on your screen of Mia's body. She starts off wearing some yoga pants as she lays on the bed. Also you get some close ups in her light pink panties as her pussy lips and ass checks nuzzles his nose. Great Face Sitting in this one! Mia Ram is Mialicious![​IMG]

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  8. 8inches

    8inches Producer

    Thank you Kyle!
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  9. 8inches

    8inches Producer


    Our new member of the team, Sharlie, is a tall beauty from the south. In this clip, you get a first look at how she enjoys using a belt to facesit and have her victims heads smothered between her ass. "You like how it smells?" wearing small pink bottoms, insinuating him on her smell and how the only air he's getting is her ass. Sharlie also had fun taking a video herself of sitting on his face multiple times, giving a close up of her pussy and ass smothering his face. She brings fun, dominate, and sensual into this clip, you don't want to miss this!

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