Although ---- everything I despise .........

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by menial, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. menial

    menial Member

    Although the gif bellow is everything I despise about foot worship;

    MASK ---- Implies, hates feet doesn't want to be contaminated by them.

    STYLE ---- Copied from lazy unimaginative US studios. They seem to think licking soles is the ONLY way to enjoy feet. Back of man's head view, lick, lick, lick. EVERYTHING a pov ALL of the TIME.

    But look at the lovely girl, Annette in this gif. Enchanting and truly ENCHANTED by the attention she is getting.


    From THIS studio;

    I might be tempted to buy it.

  2. goletiout

    goletiout Member

    Looks good.

    I love foot worship clips where the girl is embarrassed/disgusted by what the guy is doing.
  3. menial

    menial Member

    You must be even MORE frustrated than me ------ I'll bet those clips are HARD to find.

    I like, I guess human furniture clips;


    Imagine those soft soles resting on your face. :)

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  4. underman6

    underman6 Active Member


  5. flapjak

    flapjak Platflattened

    Alternative interpretation: MASK ---- Implies the male model LOVES feet enough to be in a public video for no pay from the producer. BUT he wants to remain anonymous, and doesn't want his face on a porn clip with him licking a woman's feet kept for all time, including his future job applications, the family tree of all his great-great grandchildren 200 years from now, and techno-geologists in 5000 years.
  6. Fetishexhibit

    Fetishexhibit Member

    I have to disagree with the mask, some people can not afford to show the face for many reasons and I am sure if he hated feet he would not be licking them the way he is!
  7. raju

    raju Member

    Well Said
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