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Amazons from another planet

Discussion in 'Scat Stories & Discussion Forum (No Scat Pics)' started by donkeylathe, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    It was such a big thing at the time ....First contact from other beings in the universe , but a few years later it seems old hat . The Amazonians , yes their planet really was called amazonia !. In fact there was a lot of similarities between the two cultures . They had a monetary system and comunication devices , worked for a living etc etc . their language was even close to ours .

    The one glaring differance was that women ruled the planet with an iron fist . In their race the female is dominant and also quit a bit bigger , men dont grow much past 5 feet but women regulaly grow to 12 feet tall ,some even taller .

    A lot of humans had left for amazonia looking for work or just looking for a new start . Those first men on Amazonia had mostly been brutalised by the massive women because it took them a while to realise that the amazons looked like us but were different when it came to rules of society . The women are very self centred and have no empathy for others . They are bad tempered and lash out pychically without a second thought .

    Their police force is all female and also deals with punishment in a number of harsh ways . Documentries from amazonia gave some insight into their thoughts on men and their place in life . They had no legal rights , were forced into manual work at a young age and were treated like slaves . The first humans working on amazonia soon found out what happened to any males that didnt obey the rules , human men were no different and the amazonians expected complete obedience at all times as they did from their own men .

    Troy hadnt had much work lately , everything seemed to be automated now . So he took the plunge and signed up for a year working on amazonia . He researched a fair bit before boarding the spacecraft the amazonians had kindly donated for us to use . As he sat reading on the week long flight he wondered if these big Amazons are really as rude and bullying as all the articals say they are . The craft carried on through space for 6 more days before slowing down as Amazonia aproached .Out the window it looked much like earth with clouds and continents and large oceans .
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  3. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    The craft made its way through the atmosphere and came to rest in a large travel hub . Troy made his way on to the platform with his small bag ( luggage was an expensive option over such large distances .)
    He was shocked at what he saw . Huge women everywhere strutted around with an air of nobility while the males were very quite and seemed to not want to be noticed .
    The women were all different sizes of big . None that he saw were less than 8 ft tall . But it wasnt only their hieght , they were also heavily built , huge arse's , massive tits , strong thick thighs and they clearly weighed a lot judging by the sounds of extra large ladies shoes and boots clomping along the pavement . Troy joined the rest of the crowd and headed up the street looking for the hostel he would be staying in until he got some money coming in . He quickly learned to dodge out of the way of the big amazons as they strolled down the sidewalk .It would seem they really dont have any manners ............"oh well"thought Troy "its only a year and the money is too good to miss ".

    Eventually he hailed a cab and a short meek looking driver took him to the hostle . On the way Troy asked him about society on amazonia and if the women really were cruel bullies who did what they liked . "Sir i cannot speak ill of Amazon women ......it is an offence and will lead to punishment for us both ". That certainly gave Troy something to think about for the rest of the journey . As the driver went to drive off he whispered to troy " The Amazons are heartless giants , stay away from them as much as you can " .Troy thanked him and walked up to the large door to the hostle . It struck him that obviously the scale of the streets and houses would be built to match the Amazons size . The door opened automatically and he entered the long futuristic passage way . He had his instructions with him and he quickly found the reception and office complex . He qued behind several other humans all anxcious to get settled in after the tedious journey . All the staff were men except 2 security guards . Both milled around keeping a suspicious eye on these new males .Troy's que took him slowly past one of the guards . He sneaked a few looks at her without being obvious . She was about 30 yrs old , about 9 feet tall and very sturdily built . Her Leather jacket and tight trousers that made up her uniform were so tight it was easy for troy to see her powerfull thighs and hips and her enormouse heavy looking breasts . Just then there was a commotion at the head of the que , A human was raising his voice and the meek males behind the counter looked petrified as they tried to quieten him down " Please dont behave like this , we will all be punished " he pleaded . "But i booked my room 6 months ago and now they say they are double booked " continued the man getting more and more anoyed with the staff and raising his voice more and more . Suddenly he felt a large hand on his shoulder . Before he knew what was happening he was swirled round painfully by his shoulder and left facing the security guard who had been standing nearby . "Maybe you can get something do....."...His sentence was cut short By a brutally powerful punch striaght to his face , his head snapped back with great force and he collapsed unconcious on the floor in front of the desk . The guard then spoke to the male staff menber behind the desk , but rather than step around the unconcious human she trod straight on his hand with her clompy boot . She didnt care that her sole was slowly crushing the hand flatter and flatter . When she finished her conversation she stepped off his hand just as he came round and started yelping . He knelt up and gingery cupped his crushed hand with a look of panic on his face ." I'll report you you crazy bitch "he yelled at her back as she began to walk away .
  4. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    She stopped and slowly turned and looked at him coldly . Suddenly he felt real fear as the bohemeth woman walked briskly back to stand in from of him "I know this earth word and it has been outlawed on amazonia " she said calmly . She continued "You have broken the law and now i must punish you ".
    The man was Clearly regretting his actions and panic began to show on his face . "I'm really sorry "he begged . " The rules of amazonia are very simple , break the law and the law breaks you " she stated as if it were nothing at all ."but ...but ...i... er "he stuttered . Her huge hand shot out and glasped around his wrist with tremendous force . He yelled as as he felt the bones grinding together . Then with just one hand she wrenched him off the ground by his agonised wrist ,holdhing him while his legs kicked this way and that . Then holding him in such a way that he was facing her , she pulled him closer to her beachball sized tits and the deep dark cleavage between . Her other hand went behind his head and pulled his face deep within her cleavage . Troy watched from further back in the que and even started to feel horny thinking what it would be like between those massive tits . He had always liked curvy women and seeing her hold him so effortlessly between those monster breasts was certainly giving him a thrill and made him think that these punishments he had heard about wernt so bad after all .

    But what she did next quickly dispelled that thought . Holding his wrist in a vice like grip , she bought his wiggling hand to her face . Then to Troys horror she opened her cavernous mouth and stuffed the hand inside . Her jaw began to chomp and chew . She pushes 2 wiggly fingers between her large flat back teeth and bites down hard . Even buried in her cleavage some moans can still be heard . When she was satisfied she had made her point she pulled the hand out of her mouth still grasping it by the wrist . The hand was mangled with fingers poking in every direction and some clearly crushed beyond repair . This seemed to please her as she surveyed her work . She released him and he fell in a pile at her feet . It was the same hand she stood on before and he cupped it in his good hand and whimpered uncontrolably . Throughout the whole thing she showed no emotion or sympathy for her victim . "Maybe next time you will learn to speak with respect while on amazonia "she said . He didnt answer instead he continued sobbing and moaning . "Perhaps you human males are too stupid to learn "she said and leaned forward and gripped his other wrist and ground it around between her fingers changing his sobs to full blown sceams for mercy .Then a look of pure terror crossed his face as she pulled him off the ground by the wrist and her other hand cupped the back of his head for a moment before ramming him deep in her cleavage again .
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  5. miami_fa

    miami_fa Member

    Looking forward to seeing how this goes for our protagonist...
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  6. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    The cruel guard bit and chewed his other hand until it looked the same as the first one then threw him violently to the floor. He lay there for a moment and she thought he was unconcious .Then a slight moan could be heard . She responded by kicking him onto his back and treading heavily on him until , at last , he passed out .

    She turned to the pertified clerk and said " what assignments do you have for males who can't do physical labour ". She already knew the answer as did the clerk . " only T&T maam " he said in a shakey voice . She continued " and what institutions have requested T&T males ?" The clerk reeled off several names ."What about -THE MONSTER GIRLS CLUB " snapped the guard. "Of course maam , they always need males "answered the clerk . Then he looked up at her and noticed the MGC badge worn so proudly on the lapel of her low cut tunic . " Thats settled then , this rowdy male will serve a year at the MONSTER GIRLS CLUB or until his death whatever is sooner ". Every male on Amazonia knew of the MONSTER GIRLS CLUB . It was an exclusive club for BBW's and heavy women to fullfill their Cruel fantasies on smaller weaker males . They would broadcast a show on Saturday evenings that was compulsory viewing for all males . The show would consist of interviews with the infamous CLUB TORMENTORS who would often demonstrate live how men suffered within those walls . There would be wrestling matches with no holds barred between a small male and a massive 12 ft giantess . The giantess's recieved a brutality bonus if the fight was extra cruel or violent .Amazonian women loved the show but the males of that planet watched every week with dread .

    The guard spoke into a thin silver badge on her lapel " Police , i need transport for a sentenced male going to the MGC . " Within a few moments there came several replies . Shortly after the main doors opened and two 8 ft powerfully build women in police tunics entered and walked to the front of the que . They chatted to the guard for a while and then dragged the still unconcious male away .
    Troy and the other human males went very quite , it was now obvious to Troy and all the others that here they had no rights and were at the mercy of these huge uncaring women . Thoughts of leaving on the next shuttle to earth were dismissed as they had all signed the contract to work there and agreed to the Amazonians rules . One human who was about 35 and wore a suit went to the front and addressed the clerk . " I have money and i wish to return to earth " he said respectfully . "The clerk peered at him with pity " I'm afraid all contracts are binding and you will be kept here for a year until the Amazons have had their moneys worth "..........he then wispered quietly "The best thing you can do is stay out of trouble , and hope you get a easy assignment like laundry or gardening ." "whats a hard assignment" said the suited male in an anxious voice. The clerk hesitated .........
    "Tell him"roared a loud voice from the office behind the clerk , the door was open and the occupant within was in earshot of the front counter . Soon a 9 foot busty woman in a business suit came out of the office and stood behind the clerk who dare not look round at her as sweat began to form on his brow . The clerk obeyed instantly " A bad assignment is sextoy to a muscle giantess " "why ?" asked the suit in a small voice . At this point the office giantess took over " muscle giantesses have such powerful vagina's that they sometimes suck a male's entire genitals inside them , then when they come their mighty muscles crush the males genitals to mush ." She said proudly . A look of dispair came over the faces of all the males present . They had signed to work not knowing what their duties would be and now it seems that many of them were dangerous . The giantess continued " Our small males could not get us pregnant with their puny cocks so women crush the genitals , and with them still inside they stand up powerfully and rip them right off ". "They are then pulled up into our bodies to fertalise us " she smirked .
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  7. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    "Number "she bellowed at the suit . Initially startled he soon got himself together and handed his papers up to the towering woman on the other side of the counter . She handed them to the clerk who hurriedly entered his details . Then he spoke in a loud clear voice while keeping his gaze forward. " This male is assigned laundry duty at the local womens police station " ......... The suit breathed a noticable sigh of relief " lead me to it " he said confidently.
  8. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Just then there was a loud -Bing Bong - noise , the giantess office woman addressed the males present . "Its time for the MGC broadcast , viewing is compulsary ....now sit " she bellowed . As one all the males sat in a chairs facing a plane side wall . A few moment later a sharp images appeared on the wall a bit like our TV but far more advanced .A title screen displayed the MGC emblem for a few seconds . Then the screen showed a studio complete with an audience of cheering women and several males standing naked with large bodyguard women at their sides holding whips . The shot panned to the presenter , a 9 ft heavily built young black woman dressed in a smart jump suit . " Good evening ladies and thanks for tuning in .....Lets get right to it and see whats happening in the club today " The shot changed to a dungeon scene where a male was confined in a barrel With only his head protruding through the lid . The lid fit snuggly around his neck and left him with only a small amout of movement in any direction . His face was at the front part of the lid and jutted out clear of the barrel .Also the front of the barrel was missing and every part of his naked body was clearly on view . Then there was a trundling noise and 6 men struggled to push in a large trolley with a hugely build middle aged black Amazon laying on her back on top of it .She was naked with her legs raised upward and spread to the sides . She was about 8 ft tall and was very heavy with a lot of fat and enormous breasts and thighs , her buttocks were huge and her massive butt crack and huge cunt were clearly visible .......She was wheeled up to the barrel and left with her butt crack inches from the trapped males face . She looked directly at the camara and said " This man is gonna suck my bladder dry or die trying "she smirked . She looked in the males eyes and said "ready piss drinker " "please..."he began to beg. She raised her hand and the 6 males pushed her slowly forward . His face disappeared between her bum cheeks as her monster but engulfed him . She wriggled about untill her piss hole was right in his mouth and then squirted a small hot acrid mouthful into him . He gasped in shock as his mouth suddenly filled with strong tasting urine . But his torment had hardly begun as she then relaxed her muscles and a powerful torrent blasted into him and straight down his throat into his guts where it sat heavily. The onslaught continued for what seemed like ages as she filled him at her leisure with no thought for his condition .
    eventually she was finished and wiped her cunt around his terrified face Before signalling the 6 slaves to move her backward . Troy and the men sat in silence with their mouths open in disbelief . The office giantess smirked , she loved seeing these human males suddenly work out how cruel these women were .

    On the screen the shot focused on the barrel males belly that was cleary bulging a little . Then another trundling noise as 8 males pushed in another trolley , On it was an even bigger overwieght giantess . She was 10 ft tall and massive in every direction . with her legs high and wide the struggling males pushed her forward until the barrel slaves face was inches away from her arse crease . She looked at the camara and said " this man is going to suck my bladder dry or die trying " The women in the studio could be heard cheering as everyone realised these huge women were just going to keep coming and forcing copious amount of strong urine into his tiny body . The screen returned to the presenter in the studio " we will return later to the dungeon and see if he is still with us or if the ladies have burst his guts " She smiled broadly as the crowd cheered even harder . "And now this short film "she said . The images changed to a concrete area behing the main building were Some covers had been removed to reveal pipes running from the ladies toilets into a 4 ft square hole . Inside the hole was what you would expect to find from the run-off from a toilet . Shit ,piss, toilet paper , sludge etc . The level was about a foot from the top . Out of the middle of the foul smelling waste a young mans head could be seen with the sludge upto his lower neck .He was facing directly toward the ladies toilet and a few inches in front of him a number of 4 inch pipes faced him . At that moment a buzzer sounded from the toilet block . Then a few seconds later a massive quantity of soft shit burst out of a pipe and covered his face . The studio audiance cheered even more . The shit slid down the front of his face to join the rest of the sludge . As it did the level rose noticabily . Immediatly the buzzer sounded again and the male started to scream , "please let me o......" his words were cut short as a huge lumpy turd that almost filled the 4 inch pipe thundered out and mashed against his face forcing his head to tilt back slightly and then curling around and sliding slowly into the waste , again the level rose noticibly . In a small box in the corner of the screen , the presenter appeared " ladies press your voting buttons and let us know which clip your want to see . A ,,,,the big piss ladies relentlessly force feeding a man hot urine until he bursts or B,,the struggling male in the shit pit fighting for his life as a number of giantess women form a line outside the toilet block determined to bury him before the day is out "
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  9. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Graffics whired across the screen and eventually some numbers appeared briefly before the shot returned to the presenter . "Most of you want to see the shit pit but we don't want to disappoint anybody so we are going to show both . " ......."select split screen on your home keypad to see both live as they happen ."
    The office giantess pressed a button and troy and the other men could now see both scenes on a split screen . The male in the barrel was screaming as a huge 12 ft giantess was being wheeled in on a reinforced trolley by 15 young males . As her huge butt crack swallowed him , his little head seemed tiny in comparison . She addressed the camara directly "This man is going to suck my bladder dry or die trying " She anounced joyfully .
    Then with suprisingly harsh aggression she released her bladder . His body shook silently as his stomach tried to swell to accomidate the ever increasing torrent of strong foul piss.

    "I'm gonna fill you to bursting little man, I'm gonna overwhelm you with my hot strong piss " she goaded him as her piss blasted into him and pressurised his full mouth before forcing its way done his throat . Troy and the men were horified but also fascinated in a mcarbre way and found they could not look away as the scene continued . His stomach was now bloated far beyond its natural size and looked fit to explode at any moment and yet the giantess kept releasing her large bladder and blasting into him without a second thought . "If you think thats bad , see what its like when i start pushing it out "she anounced coldly .......Suddenly there was a muffled popping noise and bumps and lumps started to rise up through his skin all over his stomach . Still the mighty woman kept blasting into him as hard as she could . His stomach seemed to be like a soft bag filling with liquid . Eventually her stream slowly abated and the 15 slaves began to pull her back . His nose had been flattened to a pulp by her hungry cunt and his cheeks looked baggy such was the pressure she had forced into him . His stomach looked unnatural in its size and shape . The giantess office woman pressed a button and paused the screen ." In case its not clear to any of you what just happened there ," she said " That 12 ft giantess just ruptured his insides with nothing but her bladder and urine .......but the parties not over yet , the ladies will keep coming and keep filling him until he actually explodes "ha ha haaa .Her laughter was cold and scary .
  10. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Meanwhile the suit guy ( john ) was finding out the reality of laundry duty at the womens police station . It was a large complex with an underground basement with cells and punishment rooms . John had arrived and his papers had been checked . Then he was taken into a room and ordered to strip by a large young white girl in a nurses uniform . He complied thinking that after the examination he would be able to get dressed again and then be shown to the laundry room . However his clothes were removed and he was placed on a high table on his back while the large young nurse checked his body . Standing at his side her hands came to rest on his cock and balls . He went to grab her hands but a frightening glare from her made him forget that idea . "You humans are a bit bigger than our males and can take more punishment " she stated coldly . Then added "and we like giving out punishment " she manipulated his balls until she was holding one in each hand . They looked so small and soft to her in her large paws , so vunerable and so asking to be hurt . "What duty are you on?" she asked curtly . "I'm on laundry duty maam "he said hoping that by calling her maam as he had seen others do that she may not hurt him. "Good , good "she said thoughtfully . " we have a powerful sex addict giantess in a specially made enclosure .Some women like her take recreational sex drugs and growth pills " she went on . "Most women enjoy small amounts occasionally but some get addicted and overdo it "..........." Those women become dangerous and end up living were people can care for them " .........John wasnt sure what this had to do with him . " I'm new here and i dont really understand what you are telling me " he said shakely .

    "Well little man you are our laundry slave and your job will be to keep her panties clean " ......"ok sound good "he said trying to be as possitive as possible . " Ha Ha Haa "she laughed "It might sound good now but things are not always as they seem ".

    "Now lets see how good you are at taking punishment "she mused as she refocused on his balls . She rolled his left ball between her thumb and forfinger .The balls looked tiny in her large strong hand . Her thumb was huge and covered his whole ball as did her finger . Then she began to squeeze the ball harder and harder . His hand shot out and grabbed at her wrist but his little hand would not go all the way round so he could not get a grip . Still she increased the pressure effortlessly causing agony to course through him . In desperation he struck the large breast that was nearest him with his fist . She yelped suddenly and her face turned to thunder .Her hand left his genitals but then returned as a fist and smashed into his balls 3 times unbelievably hard . His body curled up around her fist and he screamed like a small girl . His balls were in agony and a powerful ache spread through his groin . She elbowed him in the face and knocked him back into a laying down position then climbed up on the sturdy bench and knelt with her butt hovering over his face and her hands roughly grasping at those naughty balls .She sat heavily on his face facing his feet . She was probably twice his size , he weighed 154 lbs but she had to weigh at least 500 lbs . Her bottom and cunt were covered by some grubby , smelly panties and he saw some very messy stains as that enormous butt lowered toward him . Now she was grinding herself over him powerfully and crushing his face hard . "Time to find out about laundry duty little man " . ....."your job is to lick and suck my putrid panties until they are nice and fresh " she ordered . He heard her but could not quite take in what she was asking him to do. " I won't tell you again , start sucking my panties clean NOW....." She yelled . Under her collosal weight it was almost impossible for him to move his face or head . He suddenly felt renewed agony in his balls as she carelessly rolled them between her thumb and finger. Then she cruelly gripped them hard , actually trying to rupture them . " How dare you punch my breast you tiny maggot I'm going to ruin a ball for that "she sneered still sitting hard on his little face . A cruel smile came over her face as she got hold of his left ball with both fingers and thumbs , compressing it into a small area and crushing it from all sides . "nnnnnnnnnaggggh "she growled and her fingers and thumbs crushed inward reducing anything between them to mince .She felt his ball rupture and break and pressed even harder rolling it around her cruel hands "Thats better "she cooed as his gasp of agony made him suck on her stinking gusset . In total agony and panic he started to lick and suck her panty gusset as hard as he could . She responded by lifting some of her weight off of him and giving him some room to move around under her .After 40 mins the front part of her gusset was clean , well outside anyway . "Good boy , now do the back "she ordered as she slid her weight forward leaving his tounge under the brown stained butt part . Immediately he could smell and taste the pungent odour as he sucked the material into his mouth and sucked the juice out of it .As he was working hard with his mouth she leaned forward and looked at her notebook . She ticked off a few items and then wrote ---violent to staff member -ruptured one ball---Eventually he was finished and she stood up and slipped her panties down her legs and stepped out of them . Holding them in front of her , she inspected them thouroughly . " not bad for your first time "she giggled
    But now comes the real test " Then she turned them inside out and pulled them up nice and snug . She then got on the bench again kneeling over his head and made him look up at her large butt and the insides of her filthy panties . The front was smeared with thick gung and some pubic hairs and the back was completely stained brown with some bits and lumps impregnated into the material .Before she lowered back onto him , she looked through her legs at his pitiful face and sneared at him . "Suffer for me slave "Then she dropped with all her weight so hard that his nose was flattened and his lips pressed flat under the enormous pressure . For the next two hours he learned all there was to know about laundry !!!!!!
  11. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Meanwhile back at the arrival centre , the office giantess unpaused the show and the men watched the split screen as the grisly events unfolded . The barrel piss slave was the first succum to the harsh treatment . From the point his intestines were ruptured he was going down hill . But still the 12ft woman had carried on filling his body . After she was wheeled away there was a gasp from the studio audience and the males watching at the centre . There on the screen , 25 young males sweated and strained to push an enormouse trolley forward toward barrel boy . On the trolley was a huge monster of a woman . 17 ft high and weighing more than a ton with huge legs and breasts and a massive heavy butt . A butt that was now aimed at barrel boy . He tried to scream but his body was too damaged and only managed to whisper a plea for mercy . The monsterous female heard him and grinned . " I hate little men like you who whimper and beg for mercy , I never show mercy ,in fact it just makes me want to increase your suffering even more . The slaves got her into possition with the barrel boys face an inch away from entering her butt crease . Slowly she turned to the camara and her booming voice said "This man is going to suck my bladder dry or die trying ".........The barrel slave was drifting in and out of consiousness and everyone knew he would not last much longer .The trolley slaves moved her forward and buried the barrel slaves face deep in her cunt . Her massive clit rubbery clitorus was about 2 inches round and 3 inches long . She forced it in his mouth and ordered him to suck it . He did his best and after only a minuite her big body shuddered as she orgasmed powerfully . Her come juice was thick like slippery porridge and filled his mouth instantly . She was still coming and she was still squirting come into his overfull mouth. unbelievably his stomach actually began to swell even more . Then as her orgasm subsided she began to urinate into his tiny mouth . At her size her stream was like a fire hose blasting into him . Then without warning his stomach exploded , piss and come shooting in all directions . But the huge giantess continued to empty her bladder directly down his throat and out of the hole in his stomach . "One down and one to go "said the presenter as she appeared on the screen .

    The screen then returned to the young man in the shit pit . Now the sludge was up to his chin and he had tilted his head back as far as it would go . The scene panned round to the ladies toilet where an 8 ft sturdy teenager was running past the line shouting "emergency I'm going to to shit myself " As she got to the front of the queue A cubicle door opened and an older woman came out and the teenager dived in and closed the door behind her . Even with the door closed everyone nearby heard the wet sludgy sounding explosion followed by 30 seconds of plops and splashes . The scene returned to the man in the pit just in time to see A bucket full of runny diaria and soft lumps of shit blast out of the pipe directly in front of him . It splattered over his face and raised the level in the pit instantly above the mans chin and lips . He could now only breath out of his nose as another load flew out of the pipe with a wet heavy ----plop--. The level raised above his face covering him completely . A hole appeared in the sludge as he opened his mouth in an effort to breath . The hole filled instantly burying him again . The studio audience cheered loudly as the mans face thrashed around just below the surface until eventually all movement stopped .

    The scene returned to the presenter " Well thats it for tonight ladies , i hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to tune in next week for our face sitting special with the biggest woman on the planet and the smallest male " The screen faded away and there was silence in the arrival centre as the men sat stunned by what they had seen . The office giantess ordered the men to line up at the counter and had the clerk assign them their duties . Some cryed , some said nothing . Troy was assigned -cleaner in a womans prison - But thas another story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  12. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Sometimes when i get the urge to write , i can tell if its working as a story or not. This time i really couldnt -weird eh .
    Any input on whether i have gone too far out there this time will be appreciated ..all i can say is its been a heavy weekend and a lotta fun ..
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  13. DK_Face

    DK_Face Member

    Great story.
    Now I want to become a astronauts ...
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  14. miami_fa

    miami_fa Member

    Very much appreciated donkeylathe. I'm not a fan of extreme pain or CBT, but i am a fan of comically oversized women abusing tiny males.

    Usually if i get the urge to write, i have to get it all out in one sitting. Tomorrow me will not be in the same mindset, and the story won't be the same. So it's hard for me to continue my stories...
  15. LondonBob

    LondonBob Member

    I love the idea of the laundry slave. Thanks for sharing.
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  16. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Hi Miami Fa , i understand what you mean about the extreme pain and to be honest its just because i am running out of ideas . I do like some ballbusting in a story , When i act out these stories with my Wife / Mistress she does bust my balls but not too hard . When i was a younger man she used to kick my balls quite hard and with great enthusiasm . Also i dont consume her wastes now and instead subtitude chocolate or sausage meat . On special occasions she will use me as a full toilet but i dont swallow as i have stomach issues .

    I also like to get stories out in one but often will go back to an older story rather than have to find a new scenario . I love your stories and are without doubt my favorites .
  17. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member


    I have been playing around with Daz3D . These are some of my first tries to illustrate a story . This scene is actually coming in the next instalment .

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  18. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Hi Again , i have just revisited some of your stories and i cant find the one where the woman from his work lends him money that she had saved up to buy a new toilet . I hope it hasnt gone for good .
  19. miami_fa

    miami_fa Member

    You're right, i'll have to check my hard drive to make sure i still have it. Looks like the damage to the site was more extensive than we assumed... :(
  20. DK_Face

    DK_Face Member

    miami_fa You posted your "The Debt" story in rossendale's "ssbbw" thread (post 5)
    Maybe you should give it it's own thread.

    Everything posted since January the 1st of 2011 is this here. BUT it is very random what the "Search forum" funktion can find from before the switch to this new forum design.
    I had to go though the "Scat Stories & Discussion" forum page by page to find your old story
  21. miami_fa

    miami_fa Member

    Nicely done sir!
    I'm about to post another story i just finished. It's not really scat, BBW smother and some pissing. But it may have some potential... lol
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