Any CRUSH experiences by the Women here?

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by Throwrug1, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Throwrug1

    Throwrug1 Guest

    For the special Ladies of MDFF,

    Are there any Women from the forum who have had memorable crush experiences and would like to share them with the guys? Please, something more than just stepping on a piece of cake or a grape lol.
    I knew a ProDomme who crushed some important pics in a pic frame belonging to a client and i loved hearing about the experience. Many of us crush fans also like to know if there is any special feeling on the part of the Woman crushing/ruining/finalizing something of importance to the guy. Some Women flat out don't care, and some enjoy the power of the experience, and feeling every twitch and crunch of the object underfoot even as She realizes the guy might be reconsidering lol.
    It's nice to know what is going through the mind of the lovely Lady who is doing the crushing. And do You all have any thoughts about it afterwards? as in, do You still enjoy the fact You destroyed something irreplaceable or do You possibly have second thoughts? (hopefully no second thoughts)

  2. kalkar

    kalkar Member

    I really wonder the same thing, are there any women who has done that? or any man who let women do that?
  3. kalkar

    kalkar Member

    and I am still wandering :) any princess out there having fun to crush something irreplaceable
  4. MadameMarissa

    MadameMarissa Active Member

    I've done so many crush - both on and off camera - and of course there's quite a rush if you know you're crushing something very valuable. Can be something actual valuable (I've crushed brand new laptops, luxury watches, etc.) or emotionally valuable (photos from an ex girlfriend, childhood toys, etc.).

    Crushing just "something" is fun, but knowing its value definitely adds some spice to the experience for me :eyebrows:

    @kalkar: If you're still looking, send me an email :D
  5. bustedballboy

    bustedballboy Member

    Absolutely. I hooked up online with a girl who LOVES that. Unfortunately for me she is on the other side of the Atlantic, but we used to IM each other all the time about this and related stuff. She's seriously hot, LOVES expensive designer heels, and LOVES to smash valuable, priceless, or sentimental items to bits under them. The problem she had was getting sufficient supplies of stuff to break, lol! She was equally willing to do the same to a man's face or nuts.... but same problem... All of it would get her wet, for real. She would even tell me how she would love to destroy expensive cars (including asking if she could ruin mine... ) - whether by dancing all over them in her heels or simply finding a friendly junk yard who'd let her pull the lever on the crusher lol! :D

    We drifted out of contact once she dumped her bf (the original reason she got in touch with me was because she loved to fantasise with another man about how useless he was, and all cruel things she'd love to do to him and his possessions), but I could get in touch with her if you have stuff you'd like her to ruin for you. It would need to have genuine value though to get her excited - either financial or sentimental.

    Never known any other girl like that...
  6. So many stories. When I visit my slave at his place I make sure to get my feet on everything. I lay on his bed talking on the phone and make sure I use his pillow to rest my dirty shoes on, we came back from shopping and when we walked in his door I didn't give him a second to put the bags down before I yelled at him for not being on his knees kissing my feet. In a flash he drops everything and on his knees kissing the toes of my dirty boots, the new sunglasses he just bought fell from where he had them hanging on his shirt and laid between us as he kissed and licked away. I told him not to forget the heels and I spun around crushing them under my boots and stood crunching on them as he licked,
    When he visits me he leaves his open suitcase on the floor in my closet and you'll find me standing in it with my shoes picking out clothes every day and I piss in it when he's all packed to leave. lol
    One time I crushed a Christmas ornament that fell from the tree under my heels that he told me his Dad brought over from Germany in 1920, I shrugged my shoulders saying it shouldn't have been on the floor.
    I like putting my heels in his eyes and of course I trample all his food before he eats it too.
  7. LuvsHerHeels

    LuvsHerHeels Active Member

    I love the last sentence of your post " I like putting my heels in his eyes and of course I trample all his food before he eats it too. " That is a fantasy of mine to be trampled on my throat and eyes. Thanks Miss Panic.
  8. Skidplate1

    Skidplate1 Member

    Also love eye trample!!
  9. footstool

    footstool Member

    Hi Miss Panic

    Thank You for sharing!:D

    Do You think You will ever do videos again? I would LOVE to see You putting Your heels in his eyes etc!:D
  10. Spikes1120

    Spikes1120 New Member

    I must admit that I love leaving spike heel tip marks in wood floors and linoleum and putting my heel against a plaster wall and digging in.

    I usually wear stiletto heels worn down to the nail heel or have a x boytoy make me sone titanium shredder tips to do max damage....

    Earlier this year we went to an open house and I was wearing my jeans to cover my deadly 4 inch shredder heel tips... we went upstairs first and I jumped up on the bed and put a few holes in the bedspread and pillow.

    Then I walked on the wood floors, did some heel stands... and also twirled on my heel tip burroughing into the floor...also dug my heel into some basement plaster walls behind a door.... it got me excited... and my boyfriend was rock hard.... i made him lie down and stepped on his jeans bulge in the basement and he exploded in 15 seconds through his jeans... my heel did rip his jeans a little too...haha. oops..
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  11. Your welcome.. Well I don't think so but you never know. Here's an oldie but goodie. Did this the day I collared him. 11944 - Copy.JPG
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  12. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    oh my....sooo envious.:oops:
  13. Skidplate1

    Skidplate1 Member

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  14. Cordelia

    Cordelia Active Member

    I posted on a newer thread about this. I intend to step on pictures of my Steed's ex-girlfriends while he kisses my feet and thanks me for being superior to them for a video in the near future. We just need to print them out (he certainly does not have pictures of them lying around). The idea is arousing to me and he's been begging for it for weeks. I'll post here again when I film it.
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  15. Gina

    Gina Member

    Wow... that sounds like fun.... Make sure you wear your metal stiletto tips to poke holes in those X-girlfriend pics. Spike and twist....and then jab his junk to punctuate your intent.
    I always make sure my boytoys eat their food off of my dirty stilettos and lick them off good.
    I wonder if any of my boytoys still have pics of their X-girlfriends? I would certainly step on anything of value with my killer heels.
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  16. Her_worm

    Her_worm New Member

    Just a thought, Ms. Cordelia...if You had steed also download the pics on to one or more USB sticks, then erase them from his hard drive, You could crush the USB sticks in addition to the printed photos, destroying his only remaining copies under your foot/boot/heel.
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  17. Cordelia

    Cordelia Active Member

    Another excellent idea, worm. Now that I think about it, I do believe he has some gifts and other trinkets from ex-girlfriends. Looks like they'll be crushed beneath my leather knee-highs soon...
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  18. Her_worm

    Her_worm New Member

    Miss Cordelia,

    Just curious, have You had the opportunity to crush any of steed's stuff yet?


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