Anybody tried waterboarding facesitting?

May 12, 2018
Sounds like a torture chamber? well it could be.
I once saw a clip where a girl hovers over her tied up victim in skimpy silk knickers, she then pisses through them and then sits full weight on his wet face in wet knickers.
I have tried this and its awesome, you cannot breathe! Its similar to waterboarding but in a nice way? (yes nice as facesat and forced to drink piss)
I wish i could find more women into this, especially now i'm single again
Feb 22, 2008
Big cities, expensive dommes. Even then it may be seen as too intimate, or possibly risky/unsafe.
There are a lot of women who like giving GS. Look hard enough and you can find them. I've gotten 3 gfs in my lifetime to sit on my face and pee on me too.
Apr 29, 2006
They could've done with her at Guantanamo Bay. She'd have made the Muzzies talk.
Ha ha you guys are funny! this is a clip from our store Extreme Amateur Facesitting. I do have to say this is an amazing thing to experience! Especially through dirty panties. I also have my mouth taped shut a lot of the time so I have to inhale through my nose.. quite extreme but hard to beat definitely try it.