Assworship in ATL

Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by MadameSmotherme, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. MadameSmotherme

    MadameSmotherme New Member

    Yes !I have a big natural phat ass.
    Yes !I can take your breath away.
    Yes ! If I were to sit on your face I would smother you.

    Now that the formalities are taken care of . Now we can move on to the real stuff like :

    How long

    678-664-8331 text PicsArt_06-03-02.15.30.jpg
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  2. iltbs

    iltbs New Member

    Hi! Amazing body. Do you have a fetlife profile?
  3. garrison15

    garrison15 Member

    What other fetishes do you have Madame?
  4. James

    James Active Member

    Might help if you say which City you’re based in...
  5. MadameSmotherme

    MadameSmotherme New Member

    I travel James. Today I'm in DC . Tomorrow I'm in atl . And FYI I do post the city I'm in .
  6. ruckstr

    ruckstr Member

    I think what James was implying was that you should post your travel schedule so we can know in advance when you're coming to a city near us so we can schedule a session.
  7. sockratees

    sockratees New Member

    I need you in Boston
  8. MadameSmotherme

    MadameSmotherme New Member

    Inbox me
  9. Wow... Really would like to work with you one day.

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