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Attitude adjustment

Discussion in 'Scat Stories & Discussion Forum (No Scat Pics)' started by donkeylathe, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Jo was lazy , he drifted through life doing odd jobs and drinking too much . He had girlfriends in the past but they soon moved on when they realised that he thought far too much of himself and was constantly arrogant and bossy . He had no savings and at 40 years old he was living in a run down apartment in the poorer side of town . A lot of men in the area had moved away looking for work So the building was mostly women , most were black or Indian .They all got on well except for Jo , he was right wing and would often make racist and derogatory remarks to the women . The women started to despise Jo , before he came life was good . Now they felt uneasy leaving their flats on their own , they didnt want to bump into that loudmouthed Jo .

    One evening the ladies had got together and were enjoying some wine and chatting away .
    talk eventually got round to Jo . May ,a large 45 year old Indian lady explained that complaints about Jo had had no effect as the owners didnt care as long as they got their rent .

    "maybe we should deal with him ourselves" said Eva a middle aged black woman . She had always been big and strong and had even worked as a bouncer in the past . As she had aged she had put on wieght and was now 450 lbs . The ladies chatted about how great it would be to have him at their mercy "I would love to kick him in the crutch "said Mina ,a dumpy Pakistani woman ."Yes that would teach him a lesson "said Eva smiling . Talk went on that evening then life returned to normal . Mina was in her apartment watching TV at about 8 pm when her door was knocked urgently .She hurried to open the door only to see Eva's sister Josie standing there in a complete rage ."That bastard keeps playing loud music so i went to his door and asked him to turn it down"said Josie ."do you know what that fucker did ?"she asked Mina " No , what "replied Mina ...."He spat in my face and told me to get my smelly ass away from his door " yelled Josie , she was so angry . Mina led her inside and fixed her a coffee .They chatted for a while and Josie calmed down a lot . Her mood had gone from anger to hatred .

    That night the ladies had a meeting at Eva's and plotted to show him his place once and for all .
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  3. rog03

    rog03 Member

    I suspect he will be in deep shit, or perhaps the other way round :);)
  4. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Saturday at midday Jo left his apartment dressed in scruffy jeans and a worn T shirt . He made his way through the long corridor to the front entrance . Thats when he came face to face with May's 20 yr old daughter Gita. She was slim with long black shiny hair , Jo would leer at her whenever he got the chance . " Hi Jo "she said cheerily . Jo was taken aback at first usually the women in the building didn't talk to him . "hi "he mumbled back nervously . She carried on " I'm here on my own for 2 weeks while my mum is away ........I..was just wondering if you would like to come and spend the afternoon with me "she smiled making her pretty face light up . "eerr i guess so "stumbled Jo as it dawned on him that this sexy young thing was actually asking him to spent time with her . His mind raced with the possibilities . "I am just going to the store , i won't be long "he said confidently , he was now getting into the swing of it ,in fact he was getting a boner . "Why not get a bottle of wine" she said as he walked off " ok " .

    'This could not be any better" he thought to himself . "Alone with her and she will be drinking " ........
    Jo made his way back from the store and knocked on her door . " Hi honey "she said opening the door and giving him a sultry smile . He carried the bags in and put them on the kitchen surface "I'll deal with those , have a seat and relax "Gita said as she started to organise some glasses for the wine .
    Jo sat in the large sitting room and looked around at the tastefully decorated apartment . "At least i can fuck her in a nice bed and not in my grubby apartment " he thought .

    Gita carried the wine glasses in and handed one to Jo . "Ive got some good DVD's "she said ."yeah that will be cool " he replied . She shuffled though them asking him what he would like . Already Jo was enjoying her waiting on him . perhaps he could make her his girlfriend , and they seemed to have some money judging by the apartment .
    They settled down to watch the movie , Gita sat next to him on the sofa and he could smell her perfume and hear her gentle breathing . The wine bottle was on the table and Jo helped himself and topped up Gita's glass . Soon the bottle was empty . Jo was quick to offer to get another bottle from the store . "That would be great "giggled Gita , she was already getting a little tipsy thought Jo as he headed out to the store .

    Soon he was back on the sofa and sitting close to Gita again . He was feeling lucky today and he slid his arm around her shoulder . She didn't pull away in fact she cuddled up to his chest , deliberately pressing her firm young breast into him . She could feel his breathing quicken and she knew he was getting turned on .Jo poured yet another glass of wine and chugged it down in one to steady his nerves . They started to kiss and she pressed her hand against his pants and started rubbing . Jo was completely loving this strange turn of events and he began to squeeze her tits .He was a bit rough and made her yelp , he grinned with no care for her at all and started to hug her to him crudely .

    Jo felt like he was in a fog . His eyes fluttered open slowly and he looked around . It looked like an unlit basement , he could make out dark shadows and shapes if he stared long enough .His mouth was dry and his head ached horribly . He tried to get up but to his shock found that he was secured by his wrists and ankles . As he lay on his back he felt a coldness and realised he was naked and probably on a concrete floor . Jo thought about yelling but decided against it as it may bring his captor .
    As the fog in his mind cleared more he was able to think about his situation . " who the fuck did this to me " he said quietly to himself .
    Suddenly a door creaked open and a light was switched on . His eyes closed from the brightness but he could hear heavy foot steps walking toward him , lots of footsteps .

    He forced himself to open his eyes and his face was a mask of shock as he looked up . There standing around his laying body was six women from the building ,The middle aged Indian woman May and her daughter Gita,The large black heavyweight Eva and her sister Josie , Mina the Dumpy Pakistani woman and a fat white woman from down the corridor , she wore stretched legging and her thighs bulged and flexed as she stood with her belly hanging in front of her . "What the fuck is going on "Jo yelled at the group in general . The women leaned in and sneered down at him . Eva swilled a huge glob of spit round her mouth then spat it down onto his face . before he could react her sister also spat a wad of spittle right into his eye . " Stop you bitches , you cant treat people like this" . He shook his head from side to side trying to dislodge the sticky goo from his face . By now all of the women were gobbing in his face . The fat white woman actually snorted back as hard as she could then made a growling noise as she bought it from the back of her throat . Then she propelled it down hard into his face . The women laughed as the slimy lump of goo full of boggies and snot splatted into his eye . Desperately he moved his head hoping to be rid of the vile sludge .

    "Stay still "barked May and lifted her shiny black shoe . Her shoe had a flat hard sole and flat wide heels . She stepped forward and trod on his face hard from the side . Her sole flattened his nose and the heel dug into his cheek . He yelped and swore as she stepped harder and started to squish his face under her tremendous bulk , his face squish to the shape of her shoe and he made muffled yelping noises as May trod even heavier and began to grind her foot from side to side doing her best to flatten his stupid features .
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  5. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    "mmmmmnnpph " the sound seemed to come from under her shoe " What's the matter Jo ,is the big Indian lady to heavy for your stupid little face "sneered May as she lifted her sole and he gasped for air and moaned in pain . "of course you are too heavy you fat bitch "he snapped angrily . May didn't respond with words ...instead she lifted her knee to waste height bringing her shoe about a foot above his face . "That attitude is why you are here loser and believe me we are going to stamp it out and stamp it out hard . Then with barely concealed glee so Stamped her mighty leg downward and drove the shoe into his face hard . Again there was a muffled yelp as the shoe made contact and another as she ground her shoe around and lent her weight hard on him . Although this was an unusual situation , the women had no second thoughts about egging May on " "Stamp on his dirty mouth and lips May " shouter Mina . May pressed her shoe down hard . Suddenly the pressure on his face increased massively . May had stepped over his face like a stepping stone , for a moment all of her weight was on his face . That's 400 lbs and was enough to crush his nose flat .As she stepped off him it was clear that his nose was damaged and flattened . He started to plead with the women "Please let me go , i havn't done anything" he whinged . His voice sounded odd through his virtually flat nose . Josie the black sister of Eve sneered down at him with hatred in her eyes " You spat in my face when i asked you to turn down the music , and you told me to get my smelly ass away from your front door " Said Josie in an accusing tone . "please let me go . i promise it will never happen again "he pleaded . Josie wasn't quite as big and heavy as her sister Eve but she was still around the 300 lbs mark and she was wearing heavy hiking boots . Angrily she stepped between his legs and looked at his cock and balls ." Ready for your first punishment loser "she said " what do you mean p....p....punishment he gasped .

    Its quite simple , you have been bad to us and now we are going to punish you and hurt you until you see the error of your way's ".said Josie .........
    She bought her large hiking boot forward and pressed the heavy toecap against his balls ,causing them to roll around a little . "Hello little soft unprotected male parts "said Josie At this point Jo worked out what was about to happen ." ' no , not that ,please don't hurt my balls ....please ..please please ,,,,"he cried . "Oh i am going to hurt your balls little man , i'm going to kick them really hard and see if i can smash them back into the hole they came from " sneered Josie . With that she stepped back slightly and then forward and drove her toecap visciously into his nuts . The momentum of her heavy leg and foot wear drove her boot forward crushing his manhood against his pelvic bone . His body arched against his bonds as the agony flowed freely from his groin .He gasped at shallow breaths as the pain kept coming . "Do it again Josie " shouted the younger Gita . '' yes give him another one "joined in the other women .
    Josie hated him and didn't need to be asked twice . This time she stepped further back and stood glaring at his balls . he started to yell and scream non stop . Eva removed her massive knickers and shoved then hard into his mouth nearly choking him . The taste was acrid and strong and his cheeks bulged to the limit trying to accommodate the huge garment . "Thanks cooed Josie sexily as she lined up again . Whooomph she nailed him good , smashing into his left ball with all her might . .Jo passed out from her brutal kick and just lay there . "Yeah '"good one "the other ladies congratulated Josie on her cruelty and strength .
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  6. slavetristan

    slavetristan Member

    Love it, especially the ballbusting
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  7. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Jo came too a few hours later . He was still naked on his back with his arms and legs secured . His face ached and his nose throbbed from were May the big Indian lady had trod on his face with her hard shoes and colossal weight . But worst of all was the pain from his groin that seemed to spread out around his body . It was a dull ache accompanied by a sharp pain from his left ball . He groaned from the pain but could do nothing about it . Also his mouth tasted disgusting and was still rammed full of Eve's dirty underwear He thought about the women standing around him , spitting on him and cheering as Josie kicked his genitals as hard as she could .Most scary was laying at the mercy of Six mostly large women .The looks on their faces leaving no doubt of their hatred for him . As he lay pondering his situation he began to remember all the snide comments he had made to the women , all the sour looks he gave Gita and May if ever they were in the lift together , not hiding the fact that he though they smelt bad . He needed a piss and lifted his head a little to look at his cock . He saw that his cock was taped into the neck of a large plastic drinks bottle that was now laying between his spread legs . Reluctantly he let go and heard the liquid flowing into the bottle.

    Just at that moment the basement door opened and the light came on dazzling him for a a few seconds .
    When he opened his eyes he saw the large white woman with the overhanging gut walking toward him .She was wearing a work mans overall with an insignia on the pocket . That's when he recognised her as the Janitor and explained how the women had managed to get exclusive use of the basement .
    A rush of emotion burst from him and he moaned loudly into the knicker gag .Pam smiled as she arrived next to him and enjoyed the feeling of power she was experiencing just seeing him helpless and at her whim . She lent down and pulled the moist musty smelling Knickers out of his mouth ,as soon as she did he burst into voice babbling out one apology after another .Pleading with her for mercy and firing questions about what was happening to him ."Silence or the knickers go back in "Pam warned . .He fell silent instantly ."Good "continued Pam ."Here's the deal ,we could no longer tolerate your abusive antisocial behavior and we got together and came up with a plan ".
    "First we entice you into capture using the young and sexy Gita ".
    "Then we go into your apartment and get the rent details so we can pay it every month , that stops anybody noticing you are gone and leaves you in our hands for as long as we want "
    "B.b bbut why ?"he stuttered nervously .

    She thought for a moment before replying " A number of reasons , we dont like you living in the building and free to roam around , we don't like your lack of respect for us ,or your behavour in general " Said Pam . Then added "even if you did learn your lesson and start behaving yourself , some of the girls just plain don't like you and all agree you deserve to be punished "

    "Please tell me what you mean by punished " he said fearfully as half of him did not want know .
    She smiled down at him , her large body stretching the overalls to breaking point .

    "Well here's the thing ........Our plan worked and now we are moving on to the next stage , thinking of ways to hurt and humiliate you ". "In fact we had a get together yesterday evening and were making suggestions on ways to achieve that "said Pam with a glint in her eye .
  8. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    A long period of time passed after Pam left . He now had a new fear ...6 women sitting around coming up with ways to torture him . He tried not to dwell on it for the moment . Eventually big Eva and Pam the janitor entered the basement Carrying buckets and mops . They scrubbed him with the brooms and rinsed him off with the mop .Then untied him and he stood shakily while they cleaned the concrete were he had been laying . As they went to secure him on his back , he began to struggle and tried to run, as he tried to get past Pam she swung a large arm out with a flat palm and slapped his face so hard he was knocked on his back . He lay there with his ears ringing and his sight blurry . His head felt like it had been kicked by a donkey . Pam thumped over to where he lay " get up and get in position on the floor now slave or it will be a fist next time " she chuckled . He slowly picked him self up and lay down and let them retie him .

    Eva stood smiling down at him . "You know us ladies have been working hard on punishment idea's ,well we have chosen the best from the list "....." some hurt and others are humiliating " added Pam . ..Eva continued for her friend " But there are some things that we all want to do , ballbusting is one " . "And dont forget the toilet thing "quiped Pam giggling a little .
    Both women laughed for a moment then stood looking down at him . Pam spoke first " most of the punishment suggestions were what you would expect ".

    "Kicking in the balls , walking our heavy bodies all over you will high heels , that sort of thing " she paused for a moment " then we saw Gita's suggestion and we were shocked ".
    "Please tell me "he whimpered .
    " Well..............Gita wants to force you to eat her body wastes " ."yeah thats right loser she want to shit in your mouth and make you eat it " added Pam .
    His face was a picture of despair as the meaning of their words sank in .
    Eva continued "once we saw that we knew it would have to happen , and Pam here is looking forward to constructing some special furniture ".

    Pam interuped her friend "We have to go Eva , we can demonstrate my creations this evening when we all come down for the grand opening of our punishment parlor "
  9. rog03

    rog03 Member

    Great continuation, many thanks
  10. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    Some time later the light came on again and all the six ladies filed into the basement and locked the door behind them. PPlease , please , i'm so sorry , please let me go "he whined . they ignored him and went about building some sort of wooden pieces . when they had finished there was a large cross to secure him to and a Box with a hole in the top and what looked like a toilet seat on top of that . They untied him and dragged him to the frame and secured him spread eagled with his back to the frame . "Right "said Eva to Jo ."i won the toss and i go first " She was wearing an oversized black leather mini skirt that showed off her powerful thighs and a tight white T shirt that flexed as it tried to contain her mellons . On her feet were calf length boots with short high heels .
    She walked over to one of the bags the ladies had bought and pulled out a long swhishy cane . She flexed it in her hands and tried swishing it through the air . It made a fearsome sound and Jo's blood ran cold as he started babling again . Eve pulled down her grubby knickers and stuffed them in his mouth"ssssshhhhhhh"she said quietly.

    The other woman got comfortable and watched intently as the large black woman stood in front of him glaring at him . Then without warning she slashed the cane across his face and then back again before he could react . The power of the blow jerked his head back and forth and he mumbled through the knickers . Then she shot the cane forward and upward between his legs catching his scrotum perfectly and hard . "Yay "cheered the others . The powerful negress began to thrash at him all over , his face groin , chest , legs , arms . It went on for about 20 mins before she felt satisfied . Then the ladies opened some bottles of wine and started enjoying themselves . "Who's next "called Eve . " "Actually its me " replied Gita "I got the next slot " "Ok "said Eva and her and some of the others laid the frame on its back on the floor with him still attatched . Then they placed the box over his head , it was hollow and his head went up inside it . It also had a upside down U shape that suqeezed hard against his neck skin .
    Gita asked "does it have to be so tight ?". "Well , if you want it to hold water .....er and other things , it will have to be "replied Pam . A naughty look came over the 20 year olds face as she thought about what Pam meant . "I didnt really think much past messing on his face and possibly in his mouth but now that you say it I can think of all sorts of ways to punish him " chuckled Gita .
    The toilet seat was attatched and Gita and the others looked down the hole . There at the bottom was Jo's face peering up at them pleadingly . "hmmm i cant wait "smirked Gita and pulled down her leggings and slipped off her flip flops . Then she turned her back and sat on the toilet seat . She looked down and smiled at Jo . Then suddenly a small flow of urine began to splash on his face and in his eyes . The flo increased and got stronger and jo was nearly drowning under the onslaught . Eventually the flow stopped and Jo started to gasp in breaths . Quite a puddle of piss had started to build up around the sides of the round box ( the bottom was made from a bucket ) "Well done "the ladies congratulated her and clapped . " Oh i havnt finished yet "said Gita sexily . " in a little while i will need a dump and guess were its heading " .................They all laughed and agreed that it was a fitting punishment for the arrogant Jo .
    About half hour later Gita mounted the box again and possitioned her butt hole right above his face . She was soon grunting and groaning as she tried to empty her bowels . However she was trying too hard , she always had sludgy shit and with the pressure she was pushing with , her anus suddenly exploded with what seemed like a bucket full of shit and sludge ."oooooooh said the ladies as they covered their noses and retreated back a few metres .Below her Jo's world had gone black and the stench had invaded every pore of his being . her stodgy soft logs sat heavily on his face covering his mouth and cheek and also his forhead and one eye . Thick sludge was mixing with her piss from earlier and forming a sort of broth . The stench coming up to her was overpowering and she realised this was because usually everything is under water in a bowl , however here it was out in the open so everyone got the full flavour , espessially Jo . Gita wiped her arse and through the paper in the bowl . "wow that was fantastic "she said ,
    "It sure was" agreed the others . Then Gita added "but i'm not letting him off that easy ......now i want all of us to use him "
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  11. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

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  12. rog03

    rog03 Member

    Again, great continuation, very many thanks, looking forward to more.
    Why the "OOPS" ?
  13. littleboy69

    littleboy69 New Member

    Realy, realy great Story.
    Nice to read...

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  14. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    I had a keyboard problem and could not close typing box unless i typed at least one word !!
  15. SanchoPL

    SanchoPL Member

    I'm curious how it will go on
  16. slavetristan

    slavetristan Member

    So excited!!
  17. donkeylathe

    donkeylathe Member

    For a moment the ladies looked at each other , a little taken by surprise at Gita's suggestion . Then a huge smile came over Eva's face " He certainly deserves it and now i think about it , its quite sexy to think of six women using him as nothing but a toilet ". "Yeah , I'm in " said the heavy indian lady ."And me "said Josie . Gita stood next to the tube with the seat on top and looked down at her soft logs laying across his face and her piss pooling around the sides of his face . She felt a tingle in her groin and picked up a plunger she had bought with her . She leaned forward and bought the rubber cone about an inch above his turd covered face . Then with a cruel grin she plunged it down hard onto his face crushing the turds into his nose and mouth and causing them to spread over his whole face as they squeezed out from under the rubber cone . He began to shake his head from side to side as much as he could trying free himself from beneath the sludge .He tried to breath in through his mouth but he only gulped down a large mouthfull of her stinky sludge .Then she plunged again and ground the plunger down hard and pumped it up and down on his face . More shit was forced under pressure into his mouth and face and down his throat . Gita showed no mercy as she relentlessly plunged everything into his mouth and enjoying the strangled guggling noised that occassionly escaped the depths of the swamp . It took about 15 mins but she cleared the bowl and left his shit smeared face looking up at her in terror ."Who's next " Asked Gita .
    "Iv'e drunk 4 beers already "said Pam the large white janitor , then added "And i could do with emptying my bladder pretty soon " . She ambled to the toilet and pulled down the stretched leggings she was wearing . She turned and settled her bulk heavilly on the toilet . She had done a good job of constructing it as it held her weight . Her thighs hung over each side of the seat and her belly hung in front of her between her tree trunk thighs . Inside the toilet Jo was in virtual the darknes but had watched in awe as her monsterous butt had decended and her huge hairy cunt began to glisen above him . Suddenly A torrent of hot salty liquid was cascading down on him , he closed his eyes but it felt like somebody was spraying a garden hose right down on his face . He gagged and choked noisily causing the girls to giggle and chuckle as Pam kept up her piss . Soon the level at the side of his face was up to the sides of his lips and showed no sign of relenting , the level rose over the sides of his mouth and gushed inside filling it instantly . Instinctivy he took a huge gulp and chugged down a mouthfull of hot piss . Then another and another until the level settled around the sides of his lips again and Pam had finally stopped emptying her large bladder . " HHHHmmm" coed pam sexily "that was wonderfull and made me feel so powerful ,,,I cant wait to take a huge dump right in his face ".
  18. SafetyPin

    SafetyPin Member

    Great story. Looking forward to the next instalment.
  19. sweetbimbo

    sweetbimbo New Member

    i love it !
    thank you very much @donkeylathe

    forced consumption & feedings by some beauties is ... so beautiful :)

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