Avenging 9/11: farting on Islam's holy book, the Quran

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  1. Farting on the Quran, Islam's holy book

    Let's have an "International Koran-farting Day": Fart porn actresses, such as Veronica from Taylor St. Claire's website or even Taylor herself, perhaps even Sexy Flatulence among others, can hike down their trows, and clad only in G-string or Bikini, squat over a copy of the Moslim holy book, the "Koran".

    After the nice lady passes loud and smelly gases on the Koran (better to insert an icing sugar up their ass so when they fart it can show a tragectory, basically rendering the fart VISIBLE, adding a dimension where you can actually see the fart fly), the girl then posts the offensive videos on XTube and YouPorn, her own respective website and sends it to Larry Flynt.

    I believe Koran-farts would exceed face farting, cake farting or any other fetish related farting and render the woman an international sensation.
  2. MissLizz

    MissLizz Fetish M.I.L.F.

    I just posted about this on my blog. Of course I tweaked it a bit but lets see what happens!!!
  3. Sauur

    Sauur Well-Known Member

    Can't tell if you're trolling or serious. There is no doubt Al Queda hit us on 9/11. /boggle
  4. You are amazing! Hehe
  5. First of all, I cheer SteveDiabolo for your intelligent conversation and the topics you brought up.

    I believe that Lizzy Borden would make the best candidate for the "job". I'm sure that the majority of Americans would love to see a fetish model defiling the Koran by this way (or Queen of Farts and Ashley Dobbs splashing it with enemas haha). Just the way pastor/minister Jones in Florida rose to prominence and self promotion (something we excel at as a nation btw), a woman who would fart on the Koran would make a good gimmick and capture headlines worldwide.

    On another key, I'm suggesting it more of an attention-grabbing gimmick than as an actual "revenge" for 9/11. However, I strongly and avidly believe that riding on the anti-Islam wave prevalent in US society would propel the Koran-tooting model into mainstream celebrity status.

    I do NOT think that farting on the Koran is outdated. Moreover, one can fart on the Old Testament as far as my atheist flair is concerned and I'm fine with it. Like rock music (Marilyn Manson for example), pushing the envelope is a great way of creating self advertisement. Remember, controversy= money.

    Now, I don't want to delve into politics, but I disagree with you on the bigger picture (macro): I think that Al Queda were 100% behind the 9/11 attacks. Nonetheless, there are many holes in the official govt. version such as building #7 and the physics and mechanism of the crumpling of the towers upon impact.
    There was the fact that air traffic control that was supposed to intercept the planes was grounded to a halt on that very same day.

    That said, I'm a patriotic American and I strongly love my country.
  6. :hornydevil:

    This guy looks like a terrorist :p

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  7. Sauur

    Sauur Well-Known Member

    Well to clarify I didn't mean you were just a forum troll - just on this subject but from your follow-up post it sounds like you're serious so I'll withdraw that.

    I still think you're way off base but I won't derail your thread.

    In any event your work is awesome so I'm OK with eccentric geniuses. ;)
  8. DexWard

    DexWard Member

    Mini-nukes? Umm. no. There is no such thing. There is no such thing as a nuclear bomb that is so small it would only take out a single building. And nukes have radioactive fallout. I am a lifelong New Yorker and was here on 911 watching it live. There were no "mushroom clouds". This kind of talk is cliched nonsense.

    "cars looked exactly like in an "Nuclear Aftermath" that day..."

    That is a ridiculous claim. What on earth are you talking about? Cars were covered with DUST from collapsing buildings. "Nuclear Aftermath"? Do you have any idea what nukes do? Everyone in the vicinity would have had radiation poisoning. My brother was covered with dust from the building collapse and suffered no illness. There was no radioactive fallout whatsoever.

    As a New Yorker who was THERE, and who knows people who were KILLED, I truly resent this kind of bullshit. I am tired of people making up bullshit fantasies which distort what actually happened. And with NO proof whatsoever. We dont need baseless fantasies. We know what happened. What is it with people that they feel a need to make up scenarios rather than simply accept the facts? And this talk of "lame stream media" and "brainwashing" is trite, ill-informed, populist tripe. I work in the "lame stream media". The claims people make about the media are laughable. If there was a story other than what we know for a fact, every media outlet would be fighting tooth and nail to be the first to break that story. Media is a competitive, cutthroat business.

    But this "mini nuke" theory is one of the most ridiculous I have heard yet.

    That said, Islam itself is not responsible. So farting on the Koran is rather childish. That is not "revenge" for 911. It implies all Muslims are to blame, and that is rather bigoted.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2015
  9. DexWard

    DexWard Member

    Good lord, what a steaming pile of bullshit. Your post is a mountain of ridiculous baseless claims
    You work in the media? What “media”? Online blogging? That is not real media. You are no journalist. That much is obvious. You have no clue what real journalism is. There is nothing more lame than silly phrases like “lame stream media”. I have to doubt the judgment of anyone who uses Sarah Palin’s idiotic terminology. Who exactly is the “lame stream media”? Anyone who doesnt share your views?

    And as proof, you offer a truly lame, amateur youtube video by some anonymous schmuck with no credentials whatsoever? Someone trying to deflect blame from Islamic terrorists? You believe this garbage? He does not make a single viable point. Is he a physicist? Engineer? REAL scientists and engineers have explained every aspect of 911. And REAL journalists have investigated and reported the facts. Not imbeciles like this guy. Any schmuck can post a video on youtube. Do you know what it takes to be a journalist?

    There is nothing unusual about the facts, except to Idiots who have no idea what they are talking about. There is no “fakery”. Do you have any idea how many people actually SAW those planes slam into the building??? That video is not the only one that shows it, either. And when the 2nd plane hit the building, the entire thing was on television and thousands of people on the street were watching. We SAW the plane hit the building. There was no “trickery”. So you think thousands of people AND the videos are all LYING? You have no rational basis for such a claim

    And do you have any idea of the force of the impact of an airliner that size slamming into a building at that speed? No steel girders could resist that impact. And the flames from jet fuel were hot enough to soften the metal, which is all it takes. The metal doesnt need to melt. It just needs to become weak enough that it can no longer support the weight, and collapses.

    “You know the biggest Lie is always hidden in plain sight…”

    Blah, blah, blah. Thats a great line., but meaningless. The actual facts are well known and well documented, for anyone who would care to learn about them. They aren’t “theories”. They are established FACTS that are easily demonstrable. Liars? There is not a single iota of proof of any lies.

    “You know that many reporters and even many eye victims where kicked out of their business or even killed after confessing the truth ?”

    Bullshit. Name ONE. And how did anyone “confess” the truth? How would eyewitness be aware of some conspiracy? How would they know any differently than what the rest of us know? Name a single reporter who lost his job because he presented actual facts. If a reported had actual PROOF, his story would be worth a FORTUNE. If one company fired him, another would hire him is a nano-second so they could get that proof. Media would be fighting tooth and nail to get that story. It would be a HUGE story. You are laughably naive. Media is a BUSINESS, and it wants to make MONEY. Do you actually believe a reported with real proof could not find someone anywhere on earth who would pay big money for his story? And if he was a famous reported, he could just hold his own press conference and let the world know what he found.

    And who was kicked out of their business? And by WHOM? How? The government cannot just kick people out of their businesses. There are PLENTY of people who made all kinds of conspiracy theories. They didnt lose their jobs or businesses. Thats paranoid bullshit. Show me a single such incident of anyone who was penalized for "confessing the truth".

    “I still think it was a nuclear aftermath”

    Then you are a dumbass who has no idea what nuclear weapons do. There is NO SUCH THING as a nuclear weapon so small that it only brings down one building. And the buildings did not EXPLODE. They COLLAPSED. There was NO explosion. There was NO mushroom cloud. So wtf are you talking about? Sionce when do nukes simply make a building collapse? I watched the entire thing. Where was the nuclear explosion, hmm?

    And it is IMPOSSIBLE to create such a tiny, controlled nuclear explosion to begin with. A “mini nuke” would have destroyed all of lower Manhattan. It would not have simply caused 2 buildings to collapse in slow motion. And what the hell does all that dust have to do with NUKES? The dust is from hundreds of thousands of tons of concrete when the towers collapsed. Its just DUST. And again, NUKES are RADIOACTIVE. There was NO radiation. If there was, EVERYONE who was anywhere near the towers would have radiation poisoning, ands the whole area would STILL be radioactive and uninhabitable. And as I said, my BROTHER was covered with that dust. He was fine. If it was fallout from a nuke, he would have died long ago.

    As for Israel and the Mossad, that about seals it. You are another asshole trying to blame things on Israel and the Jews. It made no sense whatsoever for Israel to do that. And there is not a shred of proof.
    So speaking as a Jew with family in Israel, I should tell you to go fuck yourself. But clearly, you aren’t capable of rational thought so i wont bother.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2015
  10. stepoverme58

    stepoverme58 always in the way

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I knew it would come down to this. Yes, obviously it was the Jews.
    BTW: It's spelled LIAR, O-Great-Purveyor-Of-Truth-Who-Leads-Us-All-To-Enlightenment-And-Saves-The-World-From-The-Jew.

    And STEEL, without the "E". :trump:
  11. Deep Throat Diva

    Deep Throat Diva New Member

    The gift that keeps on giving
  12. stepoverme58

    stepoverme58 always in the way

    Well....where IS the Kitchen??? Oh, I get it; you eat crap, so you think you have the right to dish it out. Freedom of Expression, & all that.

    Never mind; in 2017, when we (The Illuminati, the Mossad, the Freemasons, the Rothschilds, & the Lizard People) institute the New World Order with help of the U.N. & Barrack Obama, everything will be better.
    In the meantime, we grant you unlimited access to Aluminum Foil to protect your head.

    Planet Earth signing off.....

    P.S. Grammar & Spelling are 2 different subjects.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2015
  13. donatto

    donatto Member

    President Trump 2016 ?
  14. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    God forbid..................
  15. donatto

    donatto Member

    stark reality.... its gonna happen nevertheless...
  16. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    If it were not for the power he will have it would be quite funny.

    However, he needs to stop trying to imitate Boris Johnson - only one person in the world can "do Boris" & get away with it.
  17. he is the last hurrah for mind numbing conservative ignorance for a generation to come.


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