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Being sat on

Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by bachbot, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Zonyt

    Zonyt Member

    The issue I have is not the rules by default.
    It's the fact someone who isn't necessarily gaining anything from quoting or enforcing them.
    Is doing that on a voluntary basis.
    Do u also do the job of your local police?
    And what I personally find more offensive is that he may have struggled a long time with his interests, it might have took him some guts to post here and he gets alot of jibberjabber about rules.
    It got me to stop posting here because it's not what I came here for.
    I honestly don't know what you're doing in the facesitting area when u don't even care about it.
    I'm not hatin on you I'm disliking your actions.
    Now come at me again with cheap stick head in dykehole shots.
    I hope you are more mature than that.
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  3. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    You do realise a dyke is a slang word for a lesbian :pbbbbblt:
  4. Zonyt

    Zonyt Member

    Then it makes even less sense, I'm from Holland we have dykes here so that made a little sense at least. :pbbbbblt:
  5. bfrug

    bfrug Active Member

    Often, people don't read the rules (for whatever reason) - all I'm doing is "pointing them in the right direction" so that they don't get banned &/or bring the forum into disrepute. I don't need to do the job of my local police because my next door neighbour is a policeman.

    The rules are there to keep the forum the right side of the law & for it to be presented as a responsible adult forum.

    F/S is not my main interest - my interest/care is keeping the forum a "responsible adult forum".

    That was intended as a tongue in cheek remark which was not seen as such. In any case, I thought we had moved on from that...
  6. bfrug

    bfrug Active Member

    I do indeed - been trampled by a couple making out too.

    FYI ;

    Dyke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Dyke or dike may refer to: A natural or artificial slope or wall to regulate water levels, called levee in American English. ditch, a water filled drainage trench. A regional term for a dry stone wall. Dike (geology), a subvertical sheet-like intrusion of magma or sediment.
    ‎Dyke (slang) - ‎Dike - ‎Ditch - ‎Dykes (surname)
    Dyke (slang) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The term dyke or dike is a slang noun meaning lesbian; it is also a slang adjective describing things associated with lesbianism.
  7. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    I've been to Amsterdam a few times, mostly for the coffee shops. The space cake muffins are great and when you walk around you can tell from the happy smiley faces who else has partaken.

    I once had the pleasure of experiencing two attractive black ladies on the edge of the Red Light District. One held me down and hand smothered me while the other one raped me. Very fond memories.
  8. bfrug

    bfrug Active Member

    Would they be the ones that make you feel like the pavement is on springs ?:)
  9. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    That's the ones. And even ugly women look attractive. The only other problem is one of the after-effects is the 'munchies' and the need to eat. But the cafes don't do food (why?).
  10. Justjay

    Justjay New Member

    I've had a few experiences as an adult. The most memorable is when a BBW schoolgirl pinned me at a party, in order to humiliate me in front of her friends. It was intense.
  11. bfrug

    bfrug Active Member

    Hope said "schoolgirl" was over 18 ?
  12. Justjay

    Justjay New Member

    Yes, the "Schoolgirl Pin" is a specific type of wrestling hold, not a reference to age.
  13. James

    James Active Member

    OMG, this thread is completely hacked by the Mistress Destiny Police Force
  14. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    Okay, sir, anything you say will be taken down and used in evidence.

  15. bfrug

    bfrug Active Member

    Thanks for clearing that up.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2017
  16. tekkar

    tekkar Member

    I started writing my experiences as an adult in my story Author, Author. I live it everyday here at the shore. Summers with Ms. Lindsey & her guests & winters serving just her & a few of her close friends. She reads everything I write as I lay under her in her oral chair. (My tales are long for this reason) Face Sitting, smothered between her warm fragrant cheeks, tasting & drinking from her is a daily honor.
  17. bfrug

    bfrug Active Member

    Really, one cautious enquiry following the "schoolgirl" reference which was soon cleared up the OP.
  18. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    Better safe than sorry.
  19. toilet4u

    toilet4u Member

    Sounds like your head is up your ass!!!

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