Best dating sites for submissive/Domme relationships?

Discussion in 'BDSM Discussions' started by SapphireSub310, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. SapphireSub310

    SapphireSub310 New Member


    Does anyone know what the best dating sites with the most active members for the sub/dominant BDMS lifestyle is? I’ve already tried

  2. MayaSinstress

    MayaSinstress Chicago Bondage Expert

    There is an app called "Whiplr" that is becoming more popular. It shows people in your area and brief bios. I'd suggest giving that a try.

    Miss Maya Sinstress
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  3. SapphireSub310

    SapphireSub310 New Member

    Thank you Mistress!!
  4. Collarspace is an option, not sure how popular it is anymore though
  5. Sissy Sandy

    Sissy Sandy New Member

    Fetlife is probably your best bet
  6. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    Fetlife is more like a forum than a dating site but there are a lot more Dom Women there though. There's a lot more of everything there really. Very popular site for us 'kinky' folks.
  7. Fetishexhibit

    Fetishexhibit Member

    I was gonna suggest Fetlife as well but that is a good point of it being more of a forum. However they do have groups created for people looking to date and meet up!
    It is probably the best way to go for everything all around!
  8. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    Remember I think collarspace sprouted from that site. Anyway, I was watching the ID channel on TV. For those that don't know 'Investigation Discovery.' Ever wonder how many murders happen in this country? Well....enough to fill up a TV station. 24/7. I was watching a show and the site name popped up on one of their shows with a murder involved. That sucks. I liked that site also. It's more difficult when you don't live in a larger size City. Also, whatever site you may like, be careful of the scams.

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