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Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by jackbackjackback, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. jackbackjackback

    jackbackjackback New Member

    Really would like to talk to someone about there, facesitting experiences!! This site seems pritty dead...does anyone no any sites..that has a lively forum??

    I've had my second sessions ever with homemade videos. Would love to share..
  2. Zonyt

    Zonyt Member

    Me too man, I once shared my experiences here and got harshly told off by another member! simple because I made 1 tiny error which in hinesight is total hypocricy when compared with 200+ other stories from members which have the same error multiple times!
    Anyway I have lots to share since then, facesitting, trampling, double facesitting and I even went to see Amazon Amanda which was amazing.
    But I will not post it here anymore, that train is gone.
    Can't find my old post or any other old post on this site anyway, only via google.
  3. son

    son New Member

    I also love facesitting stories, I would love to know if there is a site besides that filled with stories.
  4. James

    James Active Member

    There are 2 sites out there with lots of facesitting stories/experiences, but this site is so old school/uptight in it's rules, I can't post them here.
  5. Zonyt

    Zonyt Member

    Which sites might that be?? I'm pretty interested
  6. uwsp_joe_84

    uwsp_joe_84 Member

    What was the setting for that? By “see” did you just meant you had a session with her, or you went and watched one of her vs someone else? Either one would be great, although I much prefer to participate in being sat on as opposed to watching. I have also seen Amanda (only once) and have sessioned with some of the larger women out there (I.e. Blythe, Charlize (who wasn’t around the scene for very long), Amazon Ashley and several other very large UTR women that I met from dating sites.
  7. jackbackjackback

    jackbackjackback New Member

    I actually prefer amateur girls!! I meet up with girls who have no idea what facesitting is?

    Lol, but yea be good to talk to at least 20 people on some forum chat!!

    Everyone sharing there experiences, first time doing it?

    Mine started as a teenager..there's got to be a forum out there??? Or maybe we can gather, as many people as possible on here willing to join a chat!! We can make one somewhere...and everyone join


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  8. jackbackjackback

    jackbackjackback New Member

    I can gurantee as well I have some of the best homemade facesitting videos on the net

    I have over 100 homemade.videos that no one has ever seen...

    Including some of myself. With some.intense facesitting.
    And if you like male facesitting...
    I can guranteed I do the best ones lol
    Better than the brazil or mfx stuff..
  9. uwsp_joe_84

    uwsp_joe_84 Member

    My first session experience was with Blythe. My first experience being dominated by a female was from my cousin, who was a couple years older but considerably bigger than me (definitely a BBW, and these days a SSBBW). She never sat on my face, but there were several times where she pinned me down and sat on me SGP style (she was easily twice my size at that point, weight-wise). I think this is what ultimately triggered the fetishes I have.

    These days I am married to a loving wife who understands my fetishes and is willing to indulge, although she is not yet willing to let me session with other people.

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  10. jackbackjackback

    jackbackjackback New Member

    Started with my cousin too. Slim girl. She had noooo idea what facesitting or sgp was!! But she had a thing for I used that too my advantage..

    And use too meet her, 3am in the morning at her house!! Where she would sit on my chest and face in jeans....I'm married also. But I meet up with random girls. I have no choice this fetish is like a drug!!!

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  11. Zonyt

    Zonyt Member

    I had a session with Amanda, she did some trampling facesitting and to my suprise I didn't know I like, chestsitting. Couldn't breathe with any of them.
    With the trampling she even put a foot on my face, I had some chest aches the next weeks even, but ofcourse I didn't tell her that. I'm just a 150 pound guy btw.
    The way my fetishes started I already told somewhere on this forum, but the search function still isn't doing shit, or it's not searching anyway.
    Next weekend, I'm seeing 3 girls who will pile up on me, they all weigh 160 ish, So if you don't hear from me again after sunday. U know what's up :p
    And I'm very single so bonus points for me.
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  12. jackbackjackback

    jackbackjackback New Member

    On your chest?? Wow I had a girl who was probably 8 stone! And bouncing on my chest. That was bad enough loool just can't gather your breath..when the bouncing is going on!!
  13. Zonyt

    Zonyt Member

    Yeah. I was used to a girl who was 190 lbs but amanda was 375. Aka 26 stone. I couldn't breathe and felt my head get red very quick. Even thought I had a blackout somewhere but Amanda said I didn't. Sure felt different tho lol. She's great, very positive and enthousiastic. Would be in pain again for her.

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