Best house renting experience, high heels shoe closet included

Aug 11, 2009
Dear Gents,

I frequently rent a private house or apartment via the site XXXX for few days or whole week. With a large family its much cheaper than a hotel and so far we got good experiences. Last week, I even got the best experience all times.

We rented a huge house from a lady probably end of her 40ties. I never met her, just spoke her on the phone, but her house was full of her pictures. As she wrote us (to request to be careful), it was her house where she regularly lives but probably has another temporarily address when she rented out the house. You could see that her house was really used, full with all kind of stuff, and even her bedroom was fully used. Her drawer was full of her lingerie but all clean thus not interesting for me and this is not my fetish. However 1 meter from my bed was her build in closet door, full of her used shoes, probably approx. 50 pairs with at least 75% real high heels. She must be addicted to high heels to have so much, but she may not have a fetish, since then you probably will not leave all your lingerie and shoes accessible to others (at least I would not do that).

The heels were all worn. Unfortunately, they all didn’t look very well worn, no smelly shoes of shoes with toe imprints. One pair of low boots also didn’t look very well worn, but the heel tip of 1 boot was fully missing with the metal exposed, and the other heel tip was half missing so she really used them and probably walks like a fairy. She had size 10 USA or 40 Euro. 1 pair of sandal heels, also just worn but not excessive, had some smaller heel tips. These two shoes were my favourites and to simulate some pain, I frequently pressed these heels hard into my nipples. This also frequently reminded me to my regular mistress who stands full weight with heels on my nipples longer time during my sessions.

Anyhow this closet was like my candy store. When my family was downstairs, I frequently sneaked into the closet. Where to start playing around. I have licked most shoe soles and heel tips. I mean the bottom part that contacts the street. This part is most yummy. Some soles tasted just like leather, some soles had a specific taste (one pair even little sweet) dependent on the type of sole material, or where she had walked last time with these. Many heels has been pressed into my nipples. One pair of shoes had very dirty shoe soles and I didn’t lick them clean, just to avoid too many germs, but in general, I made the soles/heel tips fully clean with my tongue. And this a whole week long.

Many nights I hid 2 pair of shoes under my bed. My wife doesn’t look there of course. My wife gets up much earlier than me, and when she was downstairs in the morning, it was my playing time with these 2 pair of heels in bed, including few nights with the favourite heels described above. Another favourite in bed was a black heel, closed toe, where the inner sole was little worn out and damages due to her weight under the ball of the foot. This shoe had also little smell, a mixture of black leather and her foot smell. I made no harm to all these heels. I didn’t made them dirty and no damage and no ejaculation in the heels as I read more often about on the internet. Just much smelling and licking and pressing into my body.

You can image it was one of my best weeks of my life. And the family and kids also had a good holiday.

Who had similar experience?

Regards, Dutchguy.
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