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Black Amazon Landlord

Discussion in 'Facesitting & Smother Stories' started by uwsp_joe_84, Feb 11, 2018 at 1:38 PM.

  1. uwsp_joe_84

    uwsp_joe_84 Member

    Part 1:

    Joe rolled over in bed and groggily reached to the night stand to turn off his screeching alarm. He looked at his phone - 4 new text messages, all from the same sender, his increasingly impatient landlady Yolanda. Joe had been late paying rent last month and was behind a week this month.

    Making matters worse for Joe was the fact that Yolanda lived directly across the hall from him, which served as a near-constant inescapable reminder of his financial woes.

    But it wasn't just Yolanda's living proximity the only thing that made Joe feel pressured by her presence. She was also, physically, a very large and intimidating woman. Despite being in her mid 50's (if he had to guess) and sporting a matronly head of long, silvery-gray dreads, she was one of the tallest women he had ever seen (6'5", he guesstimated) and carried a frame that suggested a lot of muscle underneath an ample layer of womanly curves and cushion, giving her a sort of "athletic BBW" look. No one would mistake her for a bodybuilder, but have mercy on the fool who would try to snatch her purse.

    Joe was both mesmerized and terrified of Yolanda. Despite being a grandmother, she was easily twice his size, and had no qualms flaunting her powerful frame in public. Several times a week she would return from the gym, and even though it was standard workout gear (i.e. Spandex pants or shorts and a tank top or sports bra), when dressed on her humongous onyx-toned body (she was born in what was then-Zaire) and juxtaposed against her senior face, it was such a sight to behold, almost risqué. She was a sweet, elderly woman from the neck up - though she had stern, weathered facial features, it was clear from her eyes that she was (and still is) an African beauty. From her shoulders down she was an enforcer.

    Yolanda's intimidation factor wasn't exactly alleviated compared to Joe's slight body. Sure he was in good shape and exercised regularly, but he was just 5'8" and weighed 140 lbs soaking wet. For him it was unsettling whenever he saw Yolanda, considering the multiple layers of power she wielded over him, notably the financial and physical aspect of control. She had always been fair and patient with him, yet the fact that he was indebted to a woman twice his size living 10 feet from his door practically made her a tyrant in his mind. Every time he came and left he worried about crossing paths with her, and when he did, he hoped it would be empty-handed so she didn't question his purchases considering he owed her money.

    Outside of how awkward she made him feel, Yolanda had been a perfectly accommodating landlord. However based on the most recent texts he could tell she was starting to lose her patience with him.

    The problem for Joe was that he simply did not make enough at his current job and this would not change anytime soon.

    "There are options if you have an open mind."

    This was the text Joe received from Yolanda when he finally decided to come clean that he would be not be able to make the full monthly payment for the foreseeable future. Joe was perplexed but pleased to know that she would at least work with him to avoid eviction notices and the like.

    Joe sent a text back: "I am pretty much willing to entertain anything."

    Yolanda responded: "Ok good. I have a proposal for you. Needs to be kept a secret so before I give you any details you would have to sign a non-disclosure agreement."

    The mystery deepened. What could this possibly entail, Joe wondered? I guess it wouldn't hurt to hear whatever it is she was offering, but why would it require a non disclosure agreement? Was this an illegal trade of some sort? Possibly drug related? His mind was now racing. Yolanda was such an enigmatic figure but the majority of that stemmed from her physical prowess, juxtaposed against her mature age. Apparently there was also something, largely undiscovered, underneath the surface that made her even more unique and filled with intrigue.

    "I am willing to listen and to sign that agreement" Joe texted back.

    They made an arrangement to meet the following evening across the hall at her place.

    When he arrived Yolanda was ready with the papers. Joe looked over the agreement, which was short and to the point. Basically he would agree to forfeit $10,000 if there was any evidence that he disclosed or discussed the theoretical arrangement to anyone. Considering his embarrassing financial state of affairs that led to this proposal, he had no reason to discuss this with anyone. After reading and re-reading he etched his signature and date to the agreement.

    "Good. So Joe, I am involved in...I guess you could call it a side project. I produce and appear in videos that I then sell to customers."

    "What kind of videos?" Joe asked.

    Yolanda smiled. "They're the type of videos that feature a little small man like you matched up against a big strong woman like me," Yolanda said, flexing one of her massive, rounded biceps for added affect.

    Joe felt a lump in his throat. Did this mean...no, it couldn't...she was old enough to be his grandma. It didn't matter how big she was - Joe was a man, he played sports, he was in prime physical shape...

    "You say 'matched up', what do you mean by that? Like we hook up?" Joe sheepishly asked, starting to get queasy about where this was headed.

    "No honey, I mean matched up, like against each other, in a wrestling encounter. Nothing crazy, like the crap you see on TV. No, this is...a bit more adult in nature. Not necessarily sexual, but emotions do run high," she said with a wink.

    Again, wrestling a 50-something year old lady seemed absurd, and at the same time considering Yolanda's gigantic frame, frightening.

    "I...I guess I'm still a little fuzzy Ms. Yolanda. You want me to, like, wrestle you? I guess I don't understand."

    "Would you like to see an example?" Yolanda asked, fishing out a USB stick from a drawer in the kitchen.

    Yolanda was already halfway across the kitchen before he could answer so Joe didn't really have a choice in the matter.

    Yolanda plugged in the USB and with a few clicks had a video queued up on the video player.

    The opening scene was a string of text: "Amazon Zaire - 6'6" 340 lbs. vs. Derek - 5'10" 180 lbs".

    The opening shot was a zoomed in shot of Yolanda looking menacingly into the camera. As it panned out it showed her flexing in a pair of neon orange underwear and a black sports bra, both articles struggling to restrain the massive backside and breasts that each was tasked with handling. As she turned around for a back pose the underwear was revealed to be a thong. Joe stirred in his seat, visibly uncomfortable at the sight of his landlady, so old yet so big and powerful, in such minimal clothing.

    The camera then panned over to Derek (presumably), who looked like he was trying (and failing) to not look intimidated by the towering female mass warming up beside him. He was dressed in similarly skimpy clothing - a pair of fluorescent lime green briefs. He was average looking, younger - early 20s most likely, lean but muscular build. Actually he looked to be in impressive shape, but he was completely dwarfed by Yolanda's gargantuan dimensions. She was a head taller than him, not to mention her salt-and-pepper dreads were pulled up and behind her head with a do-rag making her seem even taller. It was hard to tell if it was at someone's house or someone's gym, but either way there were an ample amount of tumbling mats that they would be wrestling on.

    The bell rang and the two combatants circled each other, Yolanda stalking around the young man like a game of cat and mouse. She threw her arms out to clinch him and Derek put up his arms to secure the clinch, but her arms were so much longer than his that he could only reach to her biceps, allowing her to grab both hands around his neck, walk him back into the wall, and lift the poor sap off the ground in a choke press. His legs dangled more than a foot off the ground as the grey-haired Amazon squeezed her massive hands around his neck, keeping him pinned to the wall like a vise.

    Joe was speechless. Here was a grown man in the prime of his life being choked out by a grandmother, albeit one who was twice his size. The juxtapositions were many layered and hard to comprehend in real time.

    The camera panned closer and veered off to an angle since Yolanda's hulking body was blocking the action. The young male combatant clutched Yolanda's wrists in an effort to pry away her grip but it was useless. She had all the leverage, and likely, a significant strength advantage, based on the size discrepancy. Eventually, after about 20 seconds he began frantically tapping her forearms to signal his defeat. She mercifully released her death grip and watched him crumple to the floor. The score came up on the screen: "Amazon Zaire: 1, Derek: 0."

    The clip skipped ahead and once again the two foes were face to face. They again clinched and this time the smaller male was able to get his arms inside hers, but she used her overwhelming size and strength to easily march him backwards back into the wall. She smashed one of her hulking quads into his groin, sending him crumpling to the ground. She lifted the poor jobber off the mat and locked him up in a bearhug, swinging him violently from side to side for a few seconds before tossing him to the mat. Yolanda dropped down beside him and wrapped her huge thighs around his head and neck, both of which disappeared completely beneath her meaty legs, which were nearly the same circumference as his torso. Yolanda flexed her biceps and she locked on the scissor hold, while poor Derek's little torso squirmed and legs flailed as a helpless captive.

    "Is he even trying?" Joe asked, trying not to look at Yolanda because he knew she was looking at him, taking in his bewilderment and increasing dread.

    "Yes, but look at him. That's the point of these videos. I'm so big and strong that even a completely "capable" [she held up her fingers as air quotes for effect] man has no chance against me."

    "So what, you basically find little guys to bully around and people pay you for videos of it?"

    "Well in a lot of cases they find me. People pay good money to feel completely overpowered and helpless and ain't too many women this big walking around and even less willing to both a) indulge them and b) enjoy it. It's a thrill for me, especially at my age, to still be able to wield this type of power."

    "So what would I need to do? In order for me to make it right as far as my past due balance?"

    "It's $100 if you agree to be on camera in a mask, $200 without the mask. Right now you are currently $1,060 behind and that doesn't include late fees, so you would basically need to appear in five videos with me. Each one is about a half hour. Basically you tell me your limits and I assess your pain threshold. We agree on safe words. You sign another waiver, and we are good to go."

    Joe flashed his eyes over to the screen where an exhausted Derek was once again completely beaten and vulnerable, as Yolanda was laying on top of him, pinning his arms above his heads and smothering him with her behemoth breasts.

    "What do you mean by safe words?"

    "What you say or do to let me know you done, sweetie. As you can tell I put little boys like you in some very compromising positions, where they can't necessarily tap out and/or let me know they've had enough. If you can't talk, tap; if you can't tap, you say the safe word."

    Joe re-focused his attention on the screen where Derek was now being sat on by Yolanda, his face completely engulfed by her enormous dark skinned hind cheeks, separated only by the tiny strip of fabric that made up her impossibly small thong. The vanquished foe was bucking his hips and squirming with futility, trying to budge the African giantess even an inch for a gasp of precious air. Another tap. The score flashed on the screen again. 6-0.

    This was quite the conundrum. Joe had already submitted to the reality that he would have no chance at even being competitive against the large Landlady. She was wiping the floor with a guy that looked slightly bigger and stronger than himself, so regardless of her age, her size advantage would be even more pronounced. Would he even be able to withstand 5 beatings from this super sized grandma? At this point he didn't even consider it a possibility to (literally) save face by wearing a mask - wrestling this brute 10 times...Joe didn't even want to think about all of the pain and humiliation.

    He glanced at on-screen Derek being mounted by now-perspiring Yolanda, schoolgirl style, knees on either side of his head. She repeatedly plopped her bottom down on his upper chest, sending the air whooshing out of his lungs. She then straightened her legs out in front of her, book-ending either side of his head, and began slapping his face from side to side, his groggy head moving around lacksidasically before once again succumbing.


    Joe tried to buy some more time. "So do you make good money doing this?"

    "Let's just say I have a nice real estate portfolio, and my collections process is its own investment that also helps fund it."

    This was genius and potentially diabolical. If she wanted or needed to, Yolanda could select rental candidates that she knew couldn't afford her properties. She would then let them continue living there as long as they agreed to appear on film getting crushed by a woman twice their size and twice their age (Joe couldn't decide which of these was worse).

    He couldn't understand what the appeal was to any of this, aside from Yolanda's financial interest. Were there actually guys out there that were into this sort of thing? Joe was only considering this because if he didn't, his credit score would be devastated and he could wind out on the street. Essentially he was selling his body for what amounted to sexual punishment and humiliation, and he did not get to see any of the profits.

    And about that humiliation - he was going to be on camera getting assaulted by a grandmother, against his will. For her size and age, Yolanda was not most men's idea of beauty and for Joe it was no different. Would he be able to stomach being a sexual squish toy for a woman he had zero attraction to? Imagine if any of his friends or family saw this. His social life would be left in shambles. He would always be The Guy That Got Beat Up By A Grandma.

    "Where do these videos appear? How many people have access?"

    "I sell them on the dark web. Sometimes I broadcast them live if there is a demand. Basically anyone with BitCoin and an internet connection can access them. But obviously this is a niche market."

    Obviously, Joe thought to himself, as he looked over and saw poor Derek's lifeless body being paraded around the ring in a rack of torture. The bell rang several times to indicate that the destruction was finally over. The final score flashed across the screen: "Amazon Zaire: 13 - Derek: 0"

    Yolanda tossed Derek onto the mat and rolled him onto his back with her foot, face up. She placed one foot on his groin and struck a double biceps pose: "If any of you weaklings are brave enough to wrestle, contact me at" and then it lists her cryptic dark web email address.

    Joe had already been doing the pro's and con's analysis in his head, and despite all of the potential risks, he still came to the conclusion that it was unavoidable - he had been painted into a corner and had to make things whole with Yolanda, or else face the prospect of eviction, moving back in with his parents, etc.

    "Alright Ms. Yolanda - I will do this."

    Yolanda smiled and slid the non-disclosure agreement across the table to him with a pen.

    "That's a good boy," she responded in an infantilizing tone. "How does tomorrow night sound?"

    Joe pondered. Shit - tomorrow night was date night with his girlfriend Katie. "I'm actually supposed to take my girlfriend out."

    Yolanda raised an eye brow and put her hands on her hips. Joe thought of the implication.

    "On second thought I guess I can take her out another night."

    Tomorrow night it was. He now had to figure out an alibi to account for the time that will now be spent getting (wo)manhandled by the Landlady, Amazon Zaire.
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  3. uwsp_joe_84

    uwsp_joe_84 Member

    Part 2:

    Joe had swallowed his pride and agreed to appear on film being physically overpowered and humiliated by his Landlady, who despite being considerably older than even his mom, was significantly bigger than him.

    Now his next move was to re-schedule date night with his girlfriend Katie that was planned for tomorrow night, and for that he needed an alibi. It had to involve him being away from his apartment. Although he was not going to be in his apartment, they were going to be filming mere feet from his front door and Katie had a penchant for showing up unannounced from time to time. The last thing Joe needed was Katie knocking on Yolanda's door asking here he was. He settled on “basketball game with friends.”

    Joe could barely sleep that night. All he could think about was the shear terror in poor Derek's eyes, knowing he was about to get decimated by a woman that was twice his age, yet twice his size. He was as humiliated as he was helpless against her, to say nothing of the physical pain he must have felt getting squashed and squeezed in every conceivable position.

    Then there was the sexual vulnerability aspect - it turns out Derek had no choice in wearing those skimpy bikini briefs which left little to the imagination as far as endowment - Yolanda required him to based on a request from the customer who ordered that custom video.

    Unfortunately this same sponsor was looking for a similar video and so Joe would be forced to wear a yellow speedo with white trim. What if he got an erection while doing this? His extremely average-sized package would be there for all the world (or the dark web anyway) to see, getting hard while an old lady the size of a fridge dominates him. The ways in which he could be humiliated seemed never ending.

    The next day Joe climbed out of bed with a palpable sense of dread, knowing he had to wait until 8:00 PM for his on-screen demise. He wasn't even thinking about how he could "win" at this point. Pure physics dictated that Yolanda was going to pulverize him, and watching Derek getting rag-dolled around the ring confirmed that. All Joe could think to do was act in self preservation, as much as she would allow. Just make sure to try to land in a position where he could tap or yell. Unfortunately The Landlady was big enough to put him in a position where neither one was an option. Her breasts were as big as Joe's head and her ass even bigger than that - Derek's head looked like a tennis ball on camera when she was sitting on his face.

    The minutes moved like hours as he rehearsed his imminent destruction, as well as accompanying alibi to Katie. He was going to a basketball game with a couple friends. He wouldn't be home til late. They could just meet up tomorrow and hang out. No need to swing by tonight.

    At 7:58 Joe gave one last longing look at himself in the bathroom mirror, let out a sigh, and headed across the hall to Yolanda's.

    *knock knock knock*

    After a brief pause he heard and felt the thud of shoes from inside the apartment, heels or boots it sounded like. The door lock turned and opened slightly - Yolanda peaked her head out to make sure it was Joe and then opened the door all the way. He entered the apartment and Yolanda appeared from behind the door. Joe saw her and froze out of fear and disbelief.

    Yolanda's 6'6" frame was further lifted by a pair of 4" heeled boots that came up to her calf. She was literally almost as tall as the ceiling. His disbelief only continued as he continued his gaze upward. Black cotton thong. Flimsy white tank top - if you could even call it that, since the bottom of her breasts were exposed and it was so tight across her bosom that her aureola's and nipples were visible through the fabric. She had dreads pulled up and behind her head, wrapped in place with a do-rag. She was wearing blood red lipstick. She looked like a gigantic Viola Davis.

    Yolanda was standing akimbo, letting her prey take it all in.

    "You like what you see?" Yolanda asked in a low, husky voice.

    "I've never...I...I don't know how I'm supposed to do this," Joe quivered.

    "Relax baby. Just do your best. I have been doing this for 30 years and have never lost - you're not supposed to win," she said, with a smile and a wink.

    She had literally been doing this for longer than Joe had been alive. If that was supposed to put him at ease it had the opposite effect.

    Yolanda led him to the room where they would be wrestling. As he followed her Joe couldn't believe just how big her ass was. It wasn't necessarily the biggest he had ever seen, although it was close, but to see one that big, that close to eye level (with her height) was a mind trip. Yolanda had to duck under the door frame to enter, which was just a large spare room that looked like it served as her workout room, as it had dumbbells, gym bands and a weight bench off to the side. In the middle was a mat, probably the same one shown in the video against Derek.

    The lighting was fairly dim as Joe surveyed the rest of the surroundings, which were utilitarian at best. Suddenly he felt a snap around his waistband.

    "Time to lose these, little man."

    Joe dutifully removed his shirt and shorts, now naked except for his lemon yellow speedo with white trim.

    It was time.

    "We are going to start with a height comparison, just stand next to the wall."

    Joe did as he was told and Yolanda walked towards to him, continuing to inch forward until her mammoth tits were almost touching his face. She put her elbows on her hips as the camera panned up from their feet. Yolanda looked down with scorn and indifference while Joe just stared straight ahead at the white fabric that separated his face from her breasts, not knowing what else to do. He noticed a black patch of curly hair underneath her armpits. She reached down with her finger and lifted his head up by the chin, forcing eye contact. Joe felt his knees get weak having to stare into this woman's eyes. He had never felt so naked and intimidated in his life. Yolanda looked at him with a mixture of disgust and contempt. How could a woman be so big, so powerful, Joe wondered? He also noticed her scent. It was musky but not particular odorous - definitely feminine and natural. For some reason it had a stirring effect on Joe.

    After about a minute, the longest of his life (for now at least), they moved to the center where the introductions began.

    "In the white top, standing 6'6" and weighing at 346 pounds...The Landlord, Amazon Mistress Zaire!"

    Yolanda raised her fists with confidence, and giving Joe confirmation tufts of hair underneath her arm pits. Great, he thought. As if he could be any more turned off by this experience.

    "And in the yellow briefs, standing 5'8"..." the camerawoman paused

    "140 pounds," Joe responded.

    The camerawoman chuckled, "140 pounds, soaking wet, little...hell, Little Man works. The rules are simple - 30 minutes of wrestling. Score points using pins and submissions. No striking, toe twisting, eye gouging, etc. Understood?”

    Those rules seem to be more of a guide to be selectively enforced, since Joe clearly saw poor Derek get struck and slapped in the groin multiple times. But Yolanda was the commandress in chief, who was going to tell her no?

    Yolanda sneered a grin down at him and cooed: “I’m about to change your life baby.”

    The camerawoman rang the bell. Yolanda just stood there, smiling.

    She threw down a challenge. “Go on. Try to move me.”

    Joe didn’t know how to react.

    “Come on little man. I’m giving you first reps. Give me your best shot.”

    Still perplexed, Joe threw caution to the wind and charged full speed ahead at the massive matron. He tried driving a shoulder into her hulking frame, which stopped him dead in his tracks. He wrapped arms around her waist and continued to drive his legs but she didn’t budge an inch.

    Yolanda mocked his futile efforts with a hearty laugh and, since his head was already positioned underneath her arm, simply clamped down on his head to throw on a crushing headlock. She locked it in with her other arm and that was that. Joe struggled feebly but the pressure was too great almost immediately and within seconds he was tapping.


    Off to a great start. She released Joe and let him gather himself for a second or two then went on the offensive. From his vantage point all he could see was her massive breasts, stomach and hips, due to the stark height discrepancy. She leaned forward and pressed her forearm into his upper chest, driving him back against the wall. She pressed her 46G tits into his face and held him motionless by pinning his arms over his head - the rest of her massive weight did the rest by pinning him to the wall. His face was buried between her big black mammaries, a mix of skin and fabric enveloping his head because of the “tank top” being hopeless to contain the Amazon tits. Poor little Joe had zero leverage but at the same time he could still breathe and wasn’t in any pain.

    Suddenly she stretched her top up and over Joe’s head, trapping his face between her bare breasts before hugging them together. So much for not being able to breathe. She playfully swiveled him from side to side, Joe’s feet struggling to keep pace. He tried leaving his feet and clasping his legs around her torso, but his feet didn’t come close to wrapping around her circumference and dropped feebly back on the ground. Realizing there was no way to get out of this meat sandwich, he tapped out.

    2-0, barely a minute in.

    His face was already beat red from the first initial smooshes. This was going to be the longest half hour of his life.

    Once again Yolanda marched forward towards Joe, who tried to shuffle he way he thought an actual wrestler would, but clutched him dead in his tracks and leaned down on him, pushing him to the ground. Yolanda joined him on the ground, basically enveloping him in her mass. They struggled on the ground, or more accurately Joe squirmed helplessly while Yolanda calmly snaked her giant thighs around his torso. He instinctively reached down to try to stop her legs and once he did that she wrapped her forearm under his chin and her other hand over his face. She had him in a bodyscissor/choke/hand-over-mouth smother combo. Joe’s eyes bugged out of his head when Yolanda sent the first pulse from her thighs quaking through his torso. He tried prying at her arms, then her big meaty hand which covered both his mouth and nose. She alternated the pressure through her thighs, going from static to a series of pulses that served to tenderize his helpless rib cage. Her thighs were essentially as round as his body - it was incredible. He was essentially being squeezed completely from the waist up. That pressure, combined with an inability to draw in air quickly subdued Joe, as he began frantically tapping on the verge of passing out.

    “Amazon Zaire: 3 - Little Man: 0”

    He was already gassed, having been pushed to the brink of consciousness. Yolanda shoved him away and got on all fours, encouraging Joe to do the same.

    “Consider this a favor. ‘The bigger they are the harder they fall’ - that doesn’t really help when they fall on you,” she joked.

    Once on all fours they locked arms and struggled for position, but as expected the struggle was one-sided and futile as Yolanda used her uber-superior size, strength and experience to leverage Joe onto his back. She landed on top of him in a half guard, perpendicular position keeping him safely pinned underneath her. After letting him squirm a bit, foolishly tapping into his already-spent energy reserves, she mounted the next stage of her offensive and rolled to her side.

    As she did this Joe thought he was being given a get-out-of-jail-free card to roll away into freedom but this was just Yolanda positioning for the next move - her dreaded head scissors. The word “dreaded” took on a different meaning for Joe, as he began to notice sprouts of hair on either side of her “in-name-only” black underwear. Yes, Yolanda proudly kept a rich mound of salt-and-pepper pubic hair underneath her thong, which popped out on both sides in the front of her thong. Come to find out as she lifted her leg up and over his head to clamp on a head scissors, that dank hairy patch expected from front to back into her nether regions. Joe didn’t even have a chance to react before the elderly African Amazon grabbed the back of his head and slammed his face straight into her dark, moist and prickly abyss, dropping her other thigh shut on his head, as if slamming the world’s heaviest cell door shut on Joe’s mug.

    Joe’s mind was already in a surreal state, almost like he was watching this from outside his own body, but he couldn’t understand why in that immediate thighs-closed, jail-shut moment, he felt a strangely erotic sensation upon having his face forcibly pressed into Yolanda’s crevasse. The smell was unlike any other he had experienced, and he could feel his groin stirring. This was immediately followed by the sudden rush of blood to the head that came with Yolanda’s meaty thighs applying pressure to Joe’s head as if it was a diamond. Joe’s head and hands were now bound, his body once again essentially swallowed whole by the woman who was more than twice his size, more than twice his age, and who also owned a substantial stake in his future financial freedom.

    Now, considering all this, it seemed like an odd time for Joe to make himself at ease with his current condition. Yet at the same time, what else could he do? His entire being...physical, mental...net worth even, was being swallowed by this elderly beast of a woman. At this very moment his life was in Yolanda’s hands, or for the sake of accuracy, legs, ass and pussy.

    She kept a firm grasp with her arms clutches around his torso as her gargantuan thighs squeezed and pulsed on Joe’s invisible head. The size of her quadriceps, hamstring muscles and glutes made it such that Joe could not see or hear anything. Joe tapped the side of her tree trunk leg indicating another quick submission. Amazon Zaire: 4 - Joe: 0

    Amazon Zaire released Joe’s face and head from the death grip of her dank, gargantuan gams. Joe rolled over onto the mats, only to see her lean forward. She grabbed hold of his wrists and crossed them, rendering his hands and arms useless, then slowly lowered her colossus Nubian cheeks down onto his head. With her ass just inches from face, Yolanda said in a sing son voice, “Take a deep breaaaath!”

    “Please d-“ Joe pleaded, before it was snuffed out by her big black mounds.

    He felt the mixture of skin, thong fabric and hair press onto his face, forming a tight seal around his nose and mouth. Submissions didn’t matter at this point, now it was just a sexual dunk contest to demonstrate the many ways in which Yolanda could humiliate and emasculate her helpless tenant. His buried and his wrists pinned, Joe could neither yell his safe word or tap out; his fate was completely at the mercy and/or benevolence of his Landlady’s hands, hips and libido. He couldn’t move an inch of his upper body, while his lower body bucked and squirmed in a pathetic effort to breathe. After about 30 seconds he really started to panic.

    She sensed his squirming begin to subside, and leaned forward to allow her subject a gasp of precious air before plopping back down on his face. Once again Joe noticed Yolanda’s aroma, which was now infiltrating his nose, mouth and lungs. Now he was being forced to inhale it for a prolonged period of time, and suddenly Joe could feel his little briefs getting fuller as his cock went from flaccid to erect, against his will.

    “Thaaaat’s it. It’s about time you came around. It’s the least you could do for the main woman in your life, little man.”

    After another 30 seconds of facesitting she leaned forward.

    “I give! I give!” Joe frantically gasped. “Please no more! Can we just be done?”

    “Hahahaha! No way Jose, you signed up for a half hour of this. You’re on the hook for another...” Yolanda looked at the timer, “25 minutes...you know I might just set a record for submissions with you, which is pretty pathetic considering how many girls have put up a better fight than this.”

    Holy shit...she did this against women too?! Good God what must that look like, Joe thought to himself. He got a horrifying visual of Katie being sexually dominated by the Amazonian Landlady against her will. No time to think about that at the moment - he had to focus on survival.

    Yolanda got up on her knees. “Alright, up we go,” she instructed, then suddenly slapped her hand down onto his balls and dick, giving it a violent shake, leaving Joe writhing on the ground in the fetal position. She reached down and pulled him to his feet by his hair. 25 minutes and counting.
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  4. miami_fa

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    awesome story. well written and plenty of potential. don't be discouraged by people not responding.
  5. Skidplate1

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    I love it
    Especially when he can't tap out

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