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    James Carmichael, had a senior position in a company which traded on wall street. He was a real Gordon Geko type who believed in greed and fast bucks. He was married to wife Gina a doting wife, He very much liked her to be the little wife at home entertaining his associates with fantastic food whilst he played the king of the castle.
    He liked to see women at home, he always believed even in these enlightened times that women, apart from secretaries were not for the stock market and although he kept it to himself he only promoted, go getting males, to his top team.
    James was very successful so the board at fortman securities let him get away with his way of doing things without ever condoning anything.
    James had a little vice he liked to pick up high class call girls and paid top dollar to use them, he paid extra to verbally degrade them and humiliate them as he took them from behind. He was very careful to keep his identity secret as Fortman securities was a old established family firm and it would end his career if his little stress relief activities ever came to light.
    James had it all , a successful career, a doting wife, no children to worry about and his little pleasures.
    Little did he know his easy safe little life was a bout to be turned upside down.
    Meredith was a petite blond, people who just met her said she looked just like the actress Reese Witherspoon , pet tit, slim leggy, and beautiful. But anyone who really knew her would add determined, assertive and not to be messed with.
    Two years earlier James did a three week program to select interns for the company. He had to begrudgingly admit Meredith had done well and he had to sub tally sabotage her end presentation to finish any chance of employing her. He enjoyed watching it all go wrong for her, and putting her down, humiliating her in front of her fellow possible interns. He really enjoyed taking the cocky little bitch down a peg or two. He thought to himself, just because you have great leg’s and a beautiful face wont get you the job and he laughed to himself as she was dismissed from the program.
    Meredith knew he had scuppered her presentation and vowed vengeance, she wanted to make him pay and pay and pay some more. She was astute and resourceful she had men falling over themselves to help her in any way she wanted. She liked to tease them to lead them on and watch them drool.
    Paul was ex special forces, a surveillance expert and she asked him to surveil James. Paul wasn’t too happy to do this so Meredith invited him over to her apartment for a drink. She knew she would break him, she wore a classy black dress with a killer split up the side , shiny black stockings and her 5in heels she knew he loved heels and stockings and she had seen him staring at her feet on several occasions and knew just how to manipulate him.
    Over a glass of chilled prosecco wine she explained what she wanted him to do. He told her he was very reluctant to do anything like that and started to explain why. She moved very subtly in her chair allowing the split on her dress to open up giving him a tantalising view of her incredible beautiful stocking clad leg. She could see he couldn’t help but look and his conversation started to waver. She wanted to press home her advantage and slipped her one shoe off slightly dangling it from her nylon covered toes.
    She almost laughed out loud as the idiot was now totally transfixed on her nylon clad sole. She deliberately flexed her foot slowly to add to his torment. By now he was almost babling and couldnt really make any scence. Meredith loved to tease, she had a real sadistic side to her and was thoroughly enjoying his discomfort. She did subtle things to add to his teasing like running her hand up and down the stockinged leg , then letting her shoe fall to the ground and slowly teasingly flexing her toes.
    Pressing home her advantage she held her foot up and casually asked,
    Do you think I have nice feet Paul?
    He was drooling as she placed her stocking foot onto his thigh.
    Yes Meredith Yes , you have beautiful feet. I love your stockings and shoes he drooled

    ell , Meredith Pouted,
    If I knew I could trust you, If I knew you wanted to do what I want I could let you massage my legs, my dainty little feet.
    Paul, was caught , like a rabbit in headlights
    You can trust me, Please I want to massage them for you.
    Meredith pressed home her advantage moving her foot up a little higher on his thigh saying,
    If you want to do that , you have to obey my orders, your ex military and I want to command you to boss you can you cope with that Paul.
    Yes Meredith Please Meredith.
    Meredith was smiling as she reeled him in, but at this her smile faded and she hissed,
    Thats, yes Ma,am to you
    Yes Ma,am whatever you say ma,am retorted Paul
    The evil smile returned to her beautiful mouth as she said good,
    You will do my surveillance job, and I will expect a report every day, I am going to be a very demanding boss but there will be rewards and she gently flexed her nylon covered toes to transfix him. Now are you going to obey my orders?
    Yes Ma,am
    Good she pouted now my feet need a good massage,
    At this Paul reached out and as he bareley pit his hand on her foot she bellowed,
    The asked,
    How is it that you are still siting on a chair, Am I not your superior, are you not subservient to me,
    Then she ordered ,
    On your knees now,
    Paul immediately slid to his knees before her ans she said,
    Thats better but so you dont forget again come closer,
    Paul shuffled forward and splatt, out of the blue she slapped his face. Then thrust her foot into his hand saying you may start.
    Paul was loving massaging her fantastic foot and she purred,
    If you dont obey my orders as I want you to, there will be punishment just like that slap you just got, is that a problem if it is stop massaging now.
    Paul couldn’t stop he was in heaven he was desperate to kiss the beautiful foot he was rubbing,
    Good she exclaimed and as if she could read his mind she said you may kiss my foot now.
    Paul was in heaven kissing and licking her nylon covered foot.
    Paul got to worship her legs and got dismissed some time latter.
    Paul started his surveillance The next day and within a week he had evidence of James little stress releif activity.
    Paul reported to Meredith at the end of the week. She was broadly happy with his written report as she read through it but when she finished she asked,
    Where are the photographs or video?
    Paul had to admit he had not got that yet.
    Meredith frowned and said,
    You have disappointed me, and you will suffer for it. Srip.
    Paul obeyed and she made him sit on the floor she then used a worn stocking to tie his arms. She then pushed him over onto his back with her pointy stilletoe toes and raised his legs up the back of a dining room chair. Where she tied them with a cord .
    Meredith then took her time selecting a cane from her collection and whipped it through the air to unnerve him.
    10 I think
    said Meredith and splat the cane landed on the sole of his feet. He couldnt believe the pain and even though he had been special forces he fought the urge to cry out.
    Meredith raised the cane and splat again it landed on his unprotected feet.
    Meredith was loving this truly revelling in inflicting pain on him and after the third one Paul groaned bringing a little giggle from Meredith.
    Paul looked up at her. She was wearing a little red dress nude coloured stockings and red really high heels, her long blonde hair cascading down past her shoulders . How could such a beautiful woman be so cruel. She was really enjoying dishing it out to him.
    By 5 he was past suppressing any groans and by 10 he was broken.
    Good said Meredith.
    Are you sorry for disappointing me.
    Yes Ma,am really sorry ma,am
    Replied Paul.
    Ok so I can expect a better service from now on can I ?
    Yes ma,am
    Uumm, I am not sure your really sorry yet, another 6 should do it I think and she deliberately swished the cane.
    Please no I am sorry ma,am , wailed Paul,
    Are you begging me laughed Meredith, If you are beg me properly tell me your begging me.
    Paul begged and Meredith approached his head slipping a red she off
    Kiss my feet and beg, she ordered.
    Paul kissed the neutral coloured nylon hovering just above his face grovelling to her.
    Meredith was loving this she liked to see a man grovelling to her, especially during punishment, it made her feel powerful and it amused her greatly.
    She let him degrade himself for a good 5 minutes before she announced.
    I am pleased with your begging , but think the lesson still needs to be learnt.
    At this she slipped a stocking off and pushed it into his mouth to silence him.
    6 it is then she laughed and splat she landed her first blow openly laughing now.
    Paul was rewarded by being allowed to give her a long neck, shoulder back and leg massage .
    He couldn’t really understand why he wanted to serve this beauty who had just been so mean to him but as he needed her perfect thigh muscles he knew he had no choice.
    Several days later the images and film of James Carmicheal arrived she chose the best picture and scanned it into her computer. She then sent it to Carmichaels private email. With the text.
    What would your wife and Fortman securities think of this. I will be in touch.
    The email was untraceable her IT expert Javed, had routed it through lots of computers around the world . He really was a genius and all she had to do to pay him was walk around his chest in her spike heels deliberately paying lots of attention to his nipples, torturing them with here pointy heels.

    , Hell it was great fun for her, she got to really punish him and she got free expert IT it was a win win situation.
    At that she got a read receipt from her email.
    Ha ha I bet he is suffering now she thought. She lounged back in her office chair, stocking feet up on her desk enjoying the moment, the thought of the mental torment and stress her little email must be causing.
    It was tempting to start her demands but. No she would make him sweat, let him suffer. She felt evil.
    She grabbed hold of her phone and hit speed dial.
    The voice said hello.
    I have got some new very spiky heeled shoes on, and feel like making someone suffer, how would you like me to punish your chest for you.?
    I will be over within the hour mistress
    Replied javed

    James Carmichael was sat at his desk when the email pinged onto his computer, it was his private email so he didn’t open it immediately. 10 minutes later he casually opened the mail and he instantly felt like he had been kicked in the balls.
    How could this happen,?
    How did they get this, he felt sick and the text. Oh my god this cant be happening.
    He didn’t know what to do, should he respond, or should he ignore it.
    After an hour or so of worrying he started to get mad. He would call in some favours find out who had sent this and put the frighteners on them. There was nothing like some threats of violence to sort opportunists out. He would ignore them he didn’t want them to know he was rattled
    Meredith knew the email would send him into panic, She liked the thought of him worrying, losing sleep over her little email. She left him stew for 5 days then sent the next graphic picture.
    The text read, I feel so sorry for Katie, (James Wife )
    I really should tell her all about you, What can you do to persuade me not to ?
    Meredith was again at her desk and curled and uncurled her toes in her designer stile toes really enjoying the game. As soon as the read receipt came up she laughed to herself imagining his anguish.
    James had that same sicking feeling as he read the email and the same anger crossed his mind and he sent a reply.
    I don’t know who you think you are but when I find out you will be sorry. Dont think you can threaten me.
    Meredith laughed at his reply and decided to make him wait for a response.
    James picked up the phone and rang the private investigators he had instructed and asked,
    You got the address of the creep sending me threats yet.
    The head investigator spoke back.
    I am really sorry Mr Carmichael the email has been routed around several computers in Poland Russia and the far east, we cant pin it down yet.
    What do you mean, What do I pay you far, I want this resolved now Thundered James.
    James put the phone down and held his head in his hands, He tried to take business calls but his mind kept wandering, what could he do.? How was he going to resolve this?
    James Carmichael was a creature of habit he left work at 1800 hours most days on the dot.
    Meredith knew this from Paul’s report so at 1715 hours she rang his phone.
    James picked up the call not noticing the withheld number,
    Carmichael , he barked.
    Meredith put on her best silky voice and said smirking,
    Hope you liked the pictures I sent you, I wouldn’t want them getting around if I were you.
    James started to sweat but tried to bluff,
    Who is this and what do you want?
    Meredith was loving this she replied,
    Oh you can call me Madam, Meredith. And I wanted 10,000 dollars but because of your threatening email the price has gone up to 20,000.
    Paul was outraged,
    Now listen here you little bitch , I aint giving you a cent , so Fuck off.
    Paul knew Katie his wife was at there place in the Hampton s , Only really close family knew the contact numbers their so he knew he had a week to trace this little bitch , and he was going to fix her.
    Meredith remained calm and said,
    Oh dear You dont seem to be taking me seriously. I didn’t want it to come to this, but I am going to have to punish you for your disrespect.
    The line went dead .
    What did she mean punish him, Oh my god what will she do.
    At this Meredith looked at Paul’s report under contact numbers and phoned the number listed under the Hampton.
    The phone rang 4 times and a female voice said,
    Meredith replied.
    You dont know me but my name is Meredith. Your husband is doing some business with me and I cant get hold of him. Can you tell him I phoned. Its urgent.
    Katie replied
    Yes no problem I will get him on his private cell phone right away.
    Thank you I will speak to you again soon..Goodbye.
    Replayed Meredith .
    Meredith was loving this, toying with his life, and this was just the start He was going to suffer and grovel to her, she loved it.
    James was driving home to the Hampton s house when his car cell phone rang,
    Hi its me said Katie,
    I have just had a phone call from a woman called , Now what did she say, Oh yes, Meredith.
    Oh god his heart was racing he felt sick,
    What did she say, he asked dreading the reply.
    Oh just she was trying to contact you, Do we know her ? I cant picture her because she said something a bit odd. She said, she would speak to me again soon.
    Paul could hardly drive his pulse was racing ,
    Oh she is just trying to sell some thing. He bluffed.
    Meredith left it about half an hour then phoned James private cell number.
    When he answered she just said,
    Hi James it was so nice to speak to your wife, I am looking forward to our little chats in the future.
    Pauls blood ran cold, How did she know all the numbers.? She held all the cards He had to stall for time,
    Ok Ok you have made your point, I will get the money.
    Meredith replied curtly,
    T hats Madam Meredith to you. Start again, and address me properly, dont make me have to punish you again.
    Paul was reeling he had no choice,
    Ok, Madam Meredith, I will pay. But please dont call my wife again, Please.
    Meredith was laughing and said,
    T hats better, start apologising to me,
    Paul had no choice and said how sorry he was,
    Meredith was loving it, Mmmm not feeling better about your rudeness yet, try begging me.
    What, replied Paul.
    Are you serious,
    Start begging or what’s Katie number again, Toyed Meredith, oh yes.
    and she reeled off the first 3 digits,
    I am truly sorry Madam Meredith , Please I am begging for you forgiveness , I will pay you all the money . I am begging You. Replied Paul In desperation.
    Not bad replied, Meredith some improvement needed n, but a little practice will help. You will pay me next Monday but from now until 0300 hours tomorrow, You will phone me on the hour. I will text you the number. I may or may not answer. You will either beg me directly for forgiveness. Or leave a begging message on my voice mail. I want you to beg for at least 5 minutes and you must include how if I was in front of you , you would grovel and kiss my superior feet. You will also tell me how superior I am. Do I make myself clear.
    Paul, was broken, the bitch , but he had no choice,
    Please I will be with my wife, I cant do every hour, be reasonable
    Meredith was loving it, she replied haughtily,
    Not my problem, You will do it or I get to enjoy punishing you again, and believe me I will love dropping you right in it with your wife.
    Paul, was broken again,
    Ok Please don’t Punish me I will do it,
    Meredith was laughing so much she found it hard to say.
    I will do it what , in her best stern voice.
    I will do it Madam.
    Meredith laughed openly at him and said.
    I am not unreasonable you have 5 minutes either side of the hour to phone grovel, if your any earlier or later, I will punish you, and make it very grovelling, I like it.
    Yes madam ,
    Replied Paul.
    And she hung up with her laughter ringing in his ears
    Paul felt like his whole world was tumbling down, He could hardly breath. What was he going to do.?
    Meredith was loving it and couldn’t wait for the grovelling to start. He would be doing this in person, real soon. And kissing her feet

    Meredith let the phone go to vioce mail the first two times and laughed out loud at the grovelling messages left for her. On the third hour she picked up.
    Yes , go ahead grovel to me,
    Paul grovelled, begged and pleaded much to Merediths amusement. And she made him say he would kiss her feet etc.
    The she announced,
    The grovelling was better but you were 6 minutes late so I will have to punish you.
    Paul was nearly in tears as he pleaded. Please, Please we were having dinner and I had to make an excuse,
    Meredith laughed and said,
    Not my problem
    Paul whined,
    and I was only 4 minutes late not 6 please.
    Meredith was loving it and thundered
    Do you dare to question me, your going to pay for that.
    Please I didnt mean to please I was just saying,
    You are going to have to grovel to me every half hour now whilst I think of a suitable punishment. And she hung up laughing.
    Paul was in tears, tears of pain and frustration as he vowed vengeance on her.
    2 hours later a message pinged up on his cell phone.
    The 20.000 has been delayed to Tuesday so you can go shopping on monday.
    You will go to the Jimmy Choo shoe shop on 645 Fifth Avenue, and you will tell the sales assistant your superior wants a pair of Anouk heels in black so she can walk all over you. You will buy them in a size 7 and say those exact words do I make myself clear.
    Paul was furious he had never bought a woman shoes and the idea of doing that, and saying what he was meant to say was horrible but he had to stall for time and said
    ok I will madam Meredith.
    Meredith ordered
    And you will phone me just before you enter the shop at 1100 hours is that clear .
    Paul begged
    But I will be in a very important meeting then. I cant .
    Oh I think you will. The meeting has been cancelled for you, or shall I ask Katie?
    Paul pleaded and agreed.
    Good dont forget to keep grovelling to me every ½ hour and the phone went dead.
    Paul grovelled as ordered an all too soon Monday morning came around. Paul made an excuse to get out of the meeting which didnt go down well with the board.
    He arrived at the shop at 1055 and phoned Meredith,
    Meredith said,
    Good lets have some fun I hope you remember what to say, now go in and tell the sales assistant that because your stupid and dont want to get this wrong , ask her to let you take a photo of the shoes and send it to my for your mistresses approval. Then get them once I approve it., size 7
    Paul was seething but went into the shop. He was annoyed because there were several ladies in the store trying on shoes.
    A very pretty little sales girl came up to him and asked,
    Can I help you.
    Paul just couldnt say it so he said his lady wanted a pair of Anouk heels in black size 7
    The sales girl went and got them and showed them to him Paul was mortified with embarrassment and asked,
    I think thats right can I send a picture to her with my cell phone to confirm
    The sales girl let him and the picture bobbed up on Merediths phone.
    She didnt answer straight away as she wanted him to sweat.
    Paul was hating it and couldn’t wait to leave.
    5 minutes that seemed like a life time elapsed before he got confirmation.
    And a message saying phone me when you have them.
    725 dollars he was furious.
    Paul left the shop and phoned Meredith. He said I have them for you madam.
    What size did you get,
    Meredith replied,
    7 like you said,
    Meredith replied I a silky sweet voice,
    Oh I must have made a mistake, go back in and see the same assistant and tel her you are an idiot and ask to exchange them for a 6.
    Paul was crushed, that bitch had done this on purpose .Couldn’t reply at first.
    Meredith, Demanded did you hear me.
    Yes madam groaned Paul.
    Oh and hand the phone to the sales assistant I want to make sure you see the same one.
    Paul was panicking now, but had no choice, The pretty red head that served him found it very amusing that he got it wrong but exchanged them.
    Paul handed the sales girl the phone and to his horror the sales girl said ,
    No he didnt say any of that at all , no sorry he really didnt
    Followed by,
    Yes I will tell him thanks good buy.
    The sales assistant said giggling,
    Madam is not pleased with you and wants you to phone her when you leave the shop.
    Oh no Paul felt sick to his stomach and dreaded it as he left the shop
    Her first words were
    Your are going to be sevearly punished for that.
    Paul begged and pleaded with her , much to Meredith s amusement.
    Ok I will still punish you but you can make it less severe. If you try again
    Go to SAKS on 5 avenue and buy me pair of Manolo Blahnik chaos sandals in cobalt and this time say,
    Your mistress ordered you to get them for her so she can walk all over you as you are her slave.
    Then ask to take the picture of them
    Oh my god Paul thought , his mind reeling how can I do this.
    Saks was busy and he approached the shoe section and a statuesque blonde asked if she could help.
    His throat went tight his head span but he had to say it. So he mumbled it all .
    The blonde was clearly amused and went and got the sandals as requested
    and he asked to photograph them
    822. dollars later.
    His phone rang it was Meredith
    Hand the phone to the assistant she ordered
    The assistant conformed to Meredith he had said what he was supposed to and giggled when Meredith said,
    Good, he is getting obedient.
    Say to him loudly as he leaves.
    Hope your mistress is happy with them, and stand on his foot, he will love it.
    The sales assistant confirmed she would. And enjoyed stepping onto his foot with her spike heel.
    Paul was bright red and beyond furious as he left the store.

    James left the store and 5 minutes later Meredith phones him.
    Hope you had as much fun shopping as I did , start thanking me.
    James was forced to thank her for his suffering, he was going to fix her good and proper when he found her.
    Right Boy, Meredith continued go to Grand central station, and phone me when you get there.
    James had no choice and made his way.
    As he stood by the entrance he phoned Meredith , she said wait 10 minutes then enter the station and phone me.
    In the mean time Meredith had phoned Paul , he answered and said,
    Paul can I help you.
    Thats can I help you mistress Meredith, to you boy, hissed Meredith.
    Paul immediately answered,
    Im sorry Can I help you mistress Meredith,
    Meredith , giggled at his subservience. And said,
    That little mistake is going to cost you 10 hard face slap’s with my gloved hands. now do as I say and dont make things worse for yourself.
    Your on standby outside grand central station in 10 minutes I have a job for you., and dont be late if you dont want sore balls as well. Phone me when you get there
    Paul replied Yes and hurried to obey.
    Paul only just got there in time, fortunately he was only working just around the block , he called in
    Your instructions are simple James Carmichael will enter the station in about five minutes go straight up to him say for mistress Meredith and take off him two bags with shoe boxes in. He will be confused as he thinks he is meeting you on a platform. As soon as you have them disappear, make sure he doesn’t follow you.
    Meredith then got the call from James.
    Mistress I am outside the station now,
    Good replied Meredith. Go inside. Go to high level platform 10 and one of my other servants will meet you. He will take the shoes from you. Any tricks and I will punish you harshly.
    Then you are dismissed for the day.
    James made his way into the station and Paul immediately recognised him from the surveillance he did He approached James said
    For Mistress Meredith and took the bags much to James bewilderment.
    He had been out smarted again.
    Paul took off with the shoes and ran half a block before phoning Meredith.
    Do you have them boy,
    she asked, good bring them to my apartment tonight at 7 and dont be late
    Meredith got home about 6 after a hard days shopping, she had a bite to eat and waited for Paul.
    Meredith was wearing a short black skirt a pretty blouse and neutral coloured nylon hold up stockings, She was wearing a beautiful pair of soft black knee length high heel leather boots .
    Paul dutifully rang her doorbell and waited,
    No reply. So he rang again
    when the door opened he was transfixed by her beauty.
    How dare you ring twice, how dare you be impatient with me. For that you will wait 20 minutes stood to attention at my door. And she slammed it shut.
    Paul was forced to wait outside until the door opened 20 minutes later.
    He followed her into the apartment and handed her the two bags.
    Meredith wanted to look at the shoes so she sat down and hissed at Paul.
    On your knees you can kiss my boots.
    Paul was helpless and fell to his knees and crushed his lips eagerly to her boots
    Meredith opened the boxes and loved her shoes she couldn’t wait to try them on.
    Take my boots of , she commanded Paul.
    He obeyed and she made him put each pair of shoes on her feet.
    She loved them and walked around in them as Paul drooled over her.
    After a short time she ordered Paul to help her put her boots back on.
    You have done well Paul , I will have to reward you later but first there is a little matter of how you greeted me on the phone.
    Go to the kitchen and on the side by the cooker you will see my black leather gloves , fetch them for me. And she clicked her fingers in impatience.
    Paul ran and fetched them.
    They were from Aspinals of London, fine silk lined leather gloves in the finest napper leather.
    Paul gave them to her and watched her put them on both small dainty hands.
    Meredith flexed her fingers and said. 10 then
    Slap her right hand lashed out and slapped his left cheek hard. She smiled, oh she loved slapping him enjoying the sound, the look on his face and she giggled slightly as she continued. Up to 10.
    Just when Paul thought she had finished she said,
    Ok now the left. Her left hand snaked out and slapped the right cheek hard again and again bringing her pleasure.
    After 10 Meredith ordered, Thank me and kiss my hands boy.
    Paul obeyed and reverently kissed her gloved hands. Thanking her much to her amusement.
    Paul, you like to suffer for me dont you She asked
    He couldnt resist her,
    Yes Mistress he replied.
    I am going for a bath and then you can massage me. And as you like to suffer for me, your going to spend all night in my closet. Tied up.
    I have worn these stockings and boots all day, the stockings must be pretty evil by now and I am going to tie them over your nose to suffer the aroma all night long ha ha.
    Paul was like a rabbit in head lights he couldn’t resist.
    Meredith had a nice long bath, a long massage from Paul before changing for bed. She tied Paul’s arms behind his back and made him kneel before her.
    Its going to be pretty cramped in there all night, she chuckled. So to help take you mind off it here’s some pain.
    At this she kicked his balls with her bare foot and pushed him into a small closet. She then took one of her stockings and pulled it over his head, She then inserted the other one underneath with the foot part right over his nose.
    There was a strong leathery smell mixed with feminine perspiration coming from the stocking. He couldn’t move or resist as Meredith ordered.
    Right not sound from you. If you wake me up you will suffer so so much more.
    Meredith was loving this, how could he stand her stocking over his nose, and all night in a smell closet jus because of her, Oh she loved it.
    It then went dark as her heard Meredith pick up the phone.
    James, your mistress here, bring the 20,000 dollars to my office on, and gave him an address to a new Unoccupied office block. I am on the top floor be there at 1000 hours tomorrow or you will pay.
    Any tricks and I will take great delight in ruining you. And hung up.
    James had got her this time, that bitch was going to pay this time.
    He couldn’t wait to set the boys on her.
    Meredith was laughing , she had a plan. She knew he would try to double cross her and boy would he pay.
    Paul was already uncomfortable in the closet. He was cramped and that bitch, that beautiful bitch was going to keep him in here all night. He was being forced to smell her sweaty stocking and couldn’t do anything about it. She was such a bitch.
    Paul moved around slightly trying to get comfortable and Meredith shouted.
    If you don’t stop rustling about you will pay. You have already earned yourself 4 kicks in the balls, I would be careful if I were you.
    Paul groaned to himself .
    All night and as he struggled he breathed harder taking in more of her foot scent.
    Meredith stretched out on her big bed, tomorrow she would play with James mind, she would torture him. She also thought of Paul suffering in her closet. She loved power. She flexed her toes tomorrow James would be kissing her feet.

    Meredith s alarm clock woke her up early at 0645 hours. Paul heard her moving around. He hoped she would release him soon. Meredith thought about Paul all cram-pt in her closet, but decided to have her shower first. It amused her to make him wait.
    Paul couldnt believe it. That little bitch. Didnt she know haw much he was suffering.
    Of course Meredith knew, and she enjoyed it all the more.
    Meredith showered and dressed, she put on a little black number, expensive black high shine stockings and a pair of very high heel black patent leather stilettos.
    She strolled over to the closet and opened the door. She couldn’t help but giggle as she saw him sat all uncomfortable on the floor of her closet. She loved the fact her stockings were still over his nose, forcing him to take in their aroma.
    Paul was clearly awake but she lashed out her right foot , driving the very pointy toe of her stilletoe into his thigh,
    Are you awake boy ,
    She casually enquired.
    He confirmed he was but she casually drove her stilletoe heel into his side just to make sure.
    She let him out and freed his arms and removed her stockings. and ran through the days events and what she expected of him as he knelt before her.
    She looked so sexy, so powerful and he kissed her shoes in obedience. Meredith liked that.
    She dismissed Paul at 8am so he could work on her safety.
    Paul had a good look at the site and he phoned her before 9am and went over the plans with her.
    She was broadly pleased and checked a few details then said,
    If you dont keep me safe you will never serve me again. Do I make myself clear.
    Paul told her he would and wanted to serve her, begged to serve her. She loved it.
    Just after this call she phoned James.
    James had been dreading this call all morning, he hadn’t slept for the last 2 days and answered groggily,
    Yes madam Meredith.
    Good she laughed bring the money to me at exactly 1000 am I am on the top floor of the building the door says CEO on it knock and wait, Oh and any funny stuff or tricks and I will take great delight in ruining you, do I make myself clear.
    Yes madam
    Replied James.
    He immediately got off the phone and phoned ox his heavy and told him , its on. Dont go in until I leave and rough her up some. I want that little bitch scared out of her mind you got that.
    No problem boss, me and the boys like to teach stuck up bitches a lesson.
    Meredith made her way to the building. If this came off she was going to love it. She entered the large office and saw an ear piece and covert mike for a radio on her bloter and a hot cup of coffee. On her desk. She smiled to herself Paul was turning out to be quite the good slave.
    Madam to slave she purred activating the mike,
    Yes madam came the reply instantly.
    Im in position, You better be ready.
    Yes Madam.
    Merediths silky sexy voice then said,
    If you do a good job, and I liked the coffee by the way, I may let you lick the sweat from my the feet of my stockings later.
    Paul groaned,
    Please , yes please madam.
    Meredith sat at her desk flexing her nylon toes in her heels, in pleasure at what was going to happen.
    The radio crackled at 0953 hours. Hes just puled into the car park.
    Hes on his own. and on his way up.
    Meredith checked her perfect make up and smiled. This was gonna be fun.
    James pressed the buzzer on the door and a very feminine voice said just a minute.
    Oh how he hated that voice, though James . But after today it would be all over.
    Meredith kept him waiting a few minutes before ordering
    You may come in now.
    James entered the office quickly. He couldn’t wait to see who this bitch was.
    Meredith had her back to him and as he approached she turned her swivel chair and laughed, surprise.
    James was stunned her remembered her now. All this because the twisted bitch didnt get an intern-ship.
    Get on your knees now snapped Meredith. You know what I am capable of so kneel to me. James bit his tongue he would have to play along for now but he would get her for this soon so soon.
    James knelt and Meredith got to her feet and approached him .
    He had a black attaché case with him which she took, and placed it on her desk.
    She then approached him.
    James couldn’t help but notice her beauty, the shimmer of her inky black stockings on her fantastic legs. Her fantastic figure. He had made a mistake he should have made her is personal assistant bitch. He imagined her bent over his desk. As he forcefully took her from behind.
    As if Meredith knew what he was thinking, her right hand snaked out and slapped his face hard. He pulled away
    Meredith hissed,
    How dare you resist me. I am the boss now and if I want to slap you I will.
    Kiss my shoes and apologise.
    James was hating this. How dare she. But he must do it she would pay later.
    He forced himself to place his lips on the expensive leather of her shoes.
    Meredith was loving it,
    I have waited a long time to make you do this she laughed and you havent finished yet.
    Meredith deliberately took a few steps back and sat on her desk.
    Your going to grovel and kiss my feet for forgiveness for what you did to me.
    She clicked her fingers and James went to stand up to walk over to her.
    No she shouted,
    How dare you stand in my presence. I want to see you crawl over here on your knees.
    The shame the humiliation was killing him but he had to play her game for just a little longer.
    He crawled over and she clicked her fingers and ordered.
    Take my shoes off and start kissing my feet.
    He removed her shoes and put his lips to the top of her left foot.
    She kicked his face and hissed ,
    Kiss them like you mean it. Reverently and differentially. And grovel for my forgiveness.
    James kissed and kissed the top of her foot begging and begging for her forgiveness.
    Meredith hissed . Now the sole and kiss harder. be more grovelling.
    Meredith laughed out loud as he frantically begged and kissed the sole of her nylon clad foot like mad.
    I have waited a long time to see you do this, Where you belong, kissing a superior woman’s feet. You don’t look so high and mighty now do you and she laughed hahaha

    Meredith was loving this watching his pathetic grovelling. As he worked hard kissing away at her stocking sole trying to please her. She casually opened the attaché case and saw the pile of bills inside. So funny she thought.
    My feet need a bit of freshening up, stick your tongue out boy she ordered.
    James wanted to punch her but forced himself to play along sticking his tongue out.
    Meredith took great delight in in slowly wiping the sole of one foot from heel to toe on the outstretched tongue.
    This is where you belong in my presence she taunted , known it must be enraging him, and delighting in the fact he was both hating it, and could do nothing about it.
    That’s why you were given a tongue boy, to refresh the feet of us superior women and she laughed at him.
    How he forced himself to do it he didn’t know it was only the knowledge that she would be begging for his forgiveness very soon that got him through it.
    Once she had wiped both her feet on his tongue to her satisfaction she dismissed him.
    James ran from the building and raced off in his car , he parked up just out of sight and phoned Ox.
    I’m clear in you go and don’t go easy on her.
    OK were going replied Ox.
    As the 4 black SUV cars pulled into the car park Paul who was stood on a corner of the building radioed,
    Goons in the park, take the service elevator now.
    Came her silky reply.
    Two of the cars screeched to a halt outside the main entrance , one car went around back and a car was approaching his corner fast.
    Paul ran over to his van which was parked with the rear almost touching the building.
    The van had maintainable sign written on the side.
    Two goons pulled up a short way from him and got out one covered a fire door about 60 yards from him whilst the other came over and said,
    What you doing mack?
    Paul explained he was cleaning and repairing the exterior lights
    The goon said,
    We got a security issue here, you need to go.
    Paul replied,
    Just got one bulb to change it will take a couple of minutes and then im out of here.
    Get on with it then the goon replied and walked of to join his colleague.
    As this was happening Meredith opened a window the other side of Paul’s van.
    Paul who could not be seen by the goons due to the angle of his van was waiting and caught her as she jumped out he put her straight into the back of the van shut the doors and then drove off waving to the two goons as he left.
    A minute later the Ox and 4 others burst into Meredith s office only to find she was not there.
    He radioed his men.
    Not in the office, any sign at the doors.
    They all replied no
    Ox ordered stay at your posts , search of the building commenced.
    Paul stopped about a mile away and let Meredith into the front of his van.
    Very good she purred,
    You did very well. The she paused.
    Except you forgot to put a chair in the back of the van. And when you caught me you snagged my stockings.
    Your going to suffer for that and smiled at him,
    Drop me at my real office she ordered I may call you later.
    James was sweating as he approached his office he had not heard from Ox.
    He phoned him on his cell phone but it went to answer machine a few times he was starting to panic.
    James kept frantically phoning until Ox eventually had to answer.
    Ox. go
    Said Ox.
    Have you got her shouted James.
    Not quite yet, replied Ox but she is still in the building hiding somewhere we will have her soon.
    James was coming down with a cold sweat and shouted,
    You had better, I want to know the minute you have her. Is that clear, no Fuck ups.
    Ox replied,
    My men have the building secured, she is here and we will find her soon.
    James rang off. The minutes ticked by like hours and a sense of dread was building in his mind. He was sweating and his mind was racing Oh my god what if she has got away, oh my god what would he do.
    He phoned Ox.
    No reply.
    He was getting frantic now.
    Oxs men where nearing the end of the search. He radioed the goons outside. Negative in here, did anyone see anything.
    The goons outside began to realise they had been had. Ox voice meant he was not happy. There was no way they could admit their mess up.
    No sign here boss goon 1 replied.
    James was going frantic, and shortly after he got the message,
    No sign, we cant find her.
    James was hysterical as he shouted at Ox.
    Meredith, casually made a few calls to friends as the time ticked away. James must know it is going wrong now, and she giggled to herself.
    Time to make things worse for him.
    She casually phoned Kate, James wife and she recognised her as the voice on the other end said,
    Kate its Meredith here. James was supposed to meet me at my hotel room for drinks and he hasn’t
    turned up, do you know where he is.
    Kate was horrified and replied,
    I thought he was in a meeting this morning, why would he be meeting you at a hotel?
    Meredith chuckled and replied,
    You had better ask him that,
    But if you phone reception at the court yard hotel. I have a reservation, and they will confirm our meeting. and ended the call.
    Meredith immediately phoned James cell.
    James looked at the number. With dread it was that bitch, Oh no.
    He dare not ignore it and answered
    You are going to pay and suffer for that little stunt,

    Please please im sorry James started to say as Meredith ended the call.
    James was going insane he tried to phone her back,
    Voice mail.
    Please Meredith Please I will pay more, name it, Please speak to me.
    Meredith put her legs up on her desk. She had kicked off her shoes, she flexed her nylon covered toes as she settled down to mentally torture him, this was going to be so much fun.
    She was imagining his panic, his mental torment, so so delicious to inflict.
    James kept re dialling her number over and over again pleading with her to pick up.
    A few minutes later his phone went. It must be Meredith,
    Oh god no it was Kate
    He didn’t want to answer , what did she know, How was this happening to me.
    He picked up.
    Kate was terse and angry.
    Why are you meeting a woman in her hotel room.
    I’m not honey, its just some jealous bitch who I turned down. Just making stories up.
    Kate replied.
    Well I phoned the desk manager at the court yard and he confirmed everything,
    Please Kate I can explain everything
    I am going to my sisters, if you want me.
    Replied Kate and ended the call.
    Meredith had set it up with the desk manager, Simon, who was an old friend. He was a real pain junky and Meredith had told him she would whip him in return if he helped her.
    Simon, could not resist her and asked,
    How bad will it be,
    Very bad replied Meredith.
    I have got a new riding whip, I want to give it a real try out. I will tie you up, Gag you with my sweaty Gym socks and really whip you.
    Simon was so turned on at the thought and could barely whisper,
    will you take your time, will you laugh at me.
    Meredith further pushed his buttons.
    Oh, I am going to take my time , and really stripe you, It is going to be a long night for you,
    Will there be mercy, he whispered,
    No merciless, she silkily replied,
    Oh yes please ,I will obey he said,
    Good she replied and hung up.
    James was in tears , tears of frustration and rage. That little bitch had outsmarted him again, he was going to have to beg her to let him, pay and grovel, he thought.
    He tried to phone Meredith, Voice mail
    He was begging down the phone now. God why wouldn’t that bitch pick up.
    Meredith listened to his frantic grovelling messages with growing amusement she wouldn’t pick up yet, she wanted him to suffer, and suffer. She was like a cat with a mouse. Playing with him, Ha Ha
    Meredith got home about 6pm and had a shower and called Paul,
    I need a massage get over here.
    Paul was there in 15 minutes and she lay on her bed as he rubbed scented oil into her fantastic body . He finished off on her feet, kneading the beautiful soles for her.
    You will be dismissed soon, I will spend an evening bossing you about and making you worship my feet soon. I am busy torturing James tonight. But if you beg me, I will let you take the shoes I wore today home. I want them licked clean, inside and out and polished, do you want them?
    Please replied Paul and kissed her feet.
    Meredith phoned James about 730,
    He was in pieces.
    You are going to pay, for that mistake, I am going to punish you harshly. Or I can feed your wife more information, She cant be far off leaving you already.
    James replied,
    Please no im sorry please what do you want.
    MmmmM let me see,
    Shall we say 5o,ooo dollars,
    But to start with I have a little task for you.
    I want you to make a little film for me. Now lets see.
    I want you to buy yourself some stockings and 4 inch heels, a bra and a thong. Put them on and hold up a sign in your writing saying
    Slave to mistress Meredith.
    Then get on your knees and beg to be my blackmail slave. Did you get that.
    James was broken and replied,
    OK OK I will do it.
    Meredith was lying on her big bed in comfort revelling in his torment.
    She wanted to turn the screw a bit more on his suffering and said,
    I’m not unreasonable,
    You have till mid day tomorrow to e mail it to me. I will send my e-mail address.
    If you fail, I will make you suffer.
    Please Mistress I have meetings tomorrow, He was in tears crying to her,
    I didn’t get in until late today. Give me a few days.
    Meredith was loving his pleading and his tears, were such fun for her
    She replied
    Not my problem, she giggled, Mid day , or do you want me to have another conversation with your wife.
    Paul was broken, OK OK Please don’t speak to her,
    Meredith was laughing as she said,
    Looking forward to your film. And hung up
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  2. doom11

    doom11 Member

    yep cool story
  3. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    Great story, though I noticed a name switch from James to Paul at the end (I am pretty sure you meant to say James was broken).
  4. morris474

    morris474 Member

    Thank you doom11 and OneAuthor for your positive comments , and you are right OneAuthor The name change was a mistake. Thank you for spotting it
  5. Michael kaye

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    Amazing.. thank you
  6. morris474

    morris474 Member

    Thank you for your positive comment, Michael Kaye
  7. Michael kaye

    Michael kaye New Member

    Are there any more like this?
  8. morris474

    morris474 Member

    I have been concentrating on my section 12 story but intend to do another blackmail story in the next few months if that helps

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