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Bud's Facesitting Bonanza

Discussion in 'Facesitting - Pics/Clips' started by sinbad, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    Here you go my man! Post away.....
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  3. undrneath1

    undrneath1 Moderator

    What is this thread?
  4. budwiser

    budwiser Well-Known Member


    Many thanks sinbad for your help its not the 1st time you came to my aid. Underneath1 this is a facesitting thread, sinbad helped me start a new one since i lack the know how to start my own. I use to post pics on sinbad's thread but he stopped posting pics here and i kept doing it under his thread so here i go enjoy. Sorry don't know the site for pic's 6 thru 9.

  5. englishman

    englishman Member

    pic's 3+5 how i wish it was me:pbbbbblt:
  6. LV2GDWN

    LV2GDWN Facesitting enthusiast

    uuhh Really? lol

    Not trying to be funny or state the obvious but... Pix 6-9 is Emma & Ray from Sit & Smother.
    And BTW, it says in the right hand corner of the pix "Sit & Smother HD".

  7. budwiser

    budwiser Well-Known Member

    LOL lv2gdwn your so right my big mistake i'll blame it on being excited about having my own thread lol.
  8. budwiser

    budwiser Well-Known Member

  9. LV2GDWN

    LV2GDWN Facesitting enthusiast


    Pix 5,6,&7 from Smother.De are awesome. That's my favorite FS position. Thanx 4 posting.

  10. budwiser

    budwiser Well-Known Member

  11. andyc2

    andyc2 Member

    Great stuff, thanks for persevering with getting the thread started !!
  12. budwiser

    budwiser Well-Known Member

  13. budwiser

    budwiser Well-Known Member

  14. budwiser

    budwiser Well-Known Member

  15. RACJ

    RACJ Member

    Love the girl in pics #6 and 10. Glad to see you got your own thread here Bud. THANKS,RACJ
  16. Marco

    Marco Active Member

    time to enjoy your pics :)

  17. budwiser

    budwiser Well-Known Member

  18. noser

    noser New Member

    Budster that third pic is one of the all time best. Thanks man.
  19. RACJ

    RACJ Member

    I agree with that. All the pics with that girl from HardGlam are FINE. THANKS,RACJ
  20. al-uk

    al-uk Active Member

    Nice selection....
  21. budwiser

    budwiser Well-Known Member

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