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Discussion in 'Mistress Destiny Femdom Community' started by fowler, May 28, 2015.

  1. fowler

    fowler New Member

    Guys, need your advise. This is what happened to me today :
    1)Today was my first buy at C4S on one store, 8 vids for about 200$
    2) Transaction was done, ended with the usual download links
    3) Error message stating that videos were already downloaded, could not download anyone of them
    4) I contacted them at sales&etc. got a very strange request to send a copy of my ID with photo (WTF??) copy of my CC card recto/verso and some kind of authorisation request. Until then no dowload allowed
    5) Said them I'm unable/not consenting to send over my ID card over the internet (Identity theft anyone ?)
    6) Tried to discuss the matter using their chat application, could not sustain a sensible discussion with anyone of the various agent, plus some of them just close the chat with no answer (???)

    Note : I called Visa and was told that the transaction was authorized by them, only pending & put on hold at seller bank/website. My card was debited, but could not download any clips.

    Has this happened to anyone of you ?
  2. fowler

    fowler New Member

    What I don't understand :
    1) My card was debited, payment was made, so what is the use of any further printed "Credit Card Authorization form" ??
    2) Vendors can choose Visa option so that SMS code confirmation is beeing send to CC card holder, that he must enter after receiving it, so that transaction can be made
    3) This option was not choosen by C4S, but instead they choose this lousy printed papers to send over the internet stuff ??
    2) above is the most secure way of mayking sure the transaction is from CC holder and thus eliminate any fraud, so why C4S did not choose it ?
    4) C4S could at least warn about this BEFORE transaction is made, because now I'm 200$ out and no vids because I WILL NOT SEND MY ID CARD WITH PICTURE OVER THE INTERNET (that's what I had to write them at least 4 times before they could get it)
    5) I asked them to cancel the order, they say if they do so all the vids will be definitely unavaliable (WTF again ???) This is where it become very lousy no ???

    Guys do you trust C4S or what ?

  3. undrneath1

    undrneath1 Moderator

    I've never had any real problems. When I did have an issue, I just used the chat online feature. They usually require the clip order number and the email address used. and then send you the download links to that email address.
    No, I've never run into your need a photo id situation. That is very strange and unusual. You might want to contact John (the owner of this site) He has some ties to Neal, the owner of Clips4sale. Maybe a word from him to Neal could solve the situation.
  4. ausguy25

    ausguy25 Ninjariffic

    It sounds like the store owner may have been worried your order was a fraudulent one and asked C4S to investigate it. Generally if you have no order history and you do a large order as your first one ever, it is a huge red flag to many producers as we tend to get burnt badly with chargebacks and no one likes a big $200 chargeback. So even though you meant well, the pirates have really messed things up for everyone. They are probably just trying to make sure you are who you say you are before putting through the order. Problem is, if you're unwilling now to prove it, they will think you're a pirate and will most likely ban your account and put your CC number on their blacklist as they will need to chargeback or refund your order now.
  5. undrneath1

    undrneath1 Moderator

    Ausguy.....one question though. Clips are able to be bought and downloaded immediately. How would a producer even be aware such a big order was being placed at that moment in order to stop it immediately?
  6. ausguy25

    ausguy25 Ninjariffic

    Producers get an email the instant an order is placed with the amount and a list of all the clips. It's pretty easy to jump straight on the phone and ask whats going on. I'm not sure, but C4S may even have an automatic red flag policy in place now too for first time big orders as they happen often. In my experience a big order is generally a safe one. The ones that usually end up as a chargeback are in the $35-$55 range as I think the pirates have worked out that's the sweet spot to not raise suspicions.
  7. conte_antonia

    conte_antonia Member

    Hey fowler, have you ever tried to download by using another browser ? Sometimes I also run into that "already downloaded" issues and I switch to another browser and it always works for me.
  8. fowler

    fowler New Member

    When I got this error message (downloaded already) I contacted their sales support, and the answer I got was I had to fill and sign the printed credit card authorization form, along with copy of ID card etc... So it was not just a technical fault with browser but more of a red flag system from them. I perfectly understand the fraud thing etc. this is why sellers have option to choose "confirmation by SMS" with Visa, which C4S did not choose. This is IMO the best prevention to fraud. Anyway my order was the first with this site and a small one (less than 200$) What I don't understand is I offered various ways of sorting this out with C4S and the only answer I got was "this is our policy blah blah...) I finally asked to be refunded as I refuse to send my ID over the internet. If they don't change their policy and don't accomodate reasonable request from good customer they will just loose my spending. And I planned quite a lot.
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  9. fowler

    fowler New Member

    @Ausguy it's funny you mention 200$ as a a big order but when I was buying at the now defunct FetishCOD site my orders were well above 1000$ each and they were many. But I see your point. It's not that I don't want to "identify" myself or anything like that just that I am not too confortable sending out ID cards over the internet. I can send their papers to their postal address if they really need this but anyway it sucks big time. Why they do not choose SMS option with CC ? Do you think pirate have also a copy of your phone, get the SMS code confirmation and enter it in the transaction ? Cmon guys get your stuff organized and don't mess with sending over ID card over the internet.
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  10. MissXI

    MissXI New Member

    I guess make a small purchase as your first one, next time. Like a video or two.
    And then make the bigger one.

    If it's all from the same studio, you could always email and ask to order directly.
    I've done this with a couple hardcore fans - They'll buy My entire ballbusting library so I send it in one dropbox folder or something, and give a slight discount.

    Alternately, there's kinkbomb and iwantclips too.

  11. lilu_hotty

    lilu_hotty Miss LiLu

    its a lot of charge backs.... so 1st and big order is considered to be dangerous! also keep in mind c4s pays charge back fees and c4s bank account could be closed if there are too many charge backs.... Also its to protect producer, as if there is a big sale , but next month its a charge back, c4s take the money back from producers account... its happens few times a month with me..... so c4s asks to provide identification, just to be sure its really u.... its normal i think....
    if u want more privacy at c4s u can pay using : Direct E Banking Order Form (europe only), or you can get a clipcash.com card!
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2016

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