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Can high heel trample cause a hernia

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by Sutho, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Sutho

    Sutho Active Member


    Just a quick question for everyone here.

    A bit of not so good news as well.

    The chap who starred in this clip now has a hernia close to where she stood on him and dug her heels in. The hernia appeared not long after the shoot and coincidentally he was lifting some extremely heavy firewood when the hernia made its presence. He initially thought the heavy lifting caused the hernia. He is used to boot trample but had never done high heel trample in the past.

    Although he is happy and takes his bruises as a badge of honour, we are both trying to figure out if it is possible for the high heel trample to have caused his hernia.

    Does anyone used to high heel trample have any input on the subject?
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  3. otten1714

    otten1714 New Member

    It can I just recently had trampling done. I've two hernia repairs, since i've been into trampling. If you think about it, if a girl can break a rib then surely she can give a guy a hernia. It depends on the muscle lining in the abdomen area. She may have not been a direct cause of it, but she could have been part of the reason for his hernia.
  4. ffleep

    ffleep New Member

    Yes without any doubt.
  5. Yup. I had two black amazons trampling me at the same time, both 200-250 lbs. each. I felt the rip when her bare heel went into me.

  6. ouchhustler

    ouchhustler New Member

    (I am a surgeon) The description that he was lifting heavy objects when the hernia was first noted tells me that it's much more likely that he had a pre-existing defect in his abdominal wall and the event that resulted in the hernia becoming evident was the heavy lifting. That's not an uncommon occurence. It's possible that the trampling pushed out a hernia through a pre-existing abdominal wall defect, but I think that's much less likely since it didn't occur during the trampling itself.

    The formula that results in development of a hernia is presence of an abdominal wall defect (usually congenital but occasionally acquired) and something happens that raises the intra-abdominal pressure, pushing some intra-abdominal content through the hernia defect. For trampling with heels to cause a hernia, the heels would have had to cause such disruption in the abdominal wall (literally tearing a hole in it) followed by the pressure of the trampling literally pushing abdominal contents through that hole that it's likely he would have had major bruising evident in the area from bleeding from the abdominal wall, as well as pain so severe that he would have been forced to go to the hospital. It doesn't sound like that's what happened.

    He does need to get it surgically repaired and heal up for a while (read 3-4 months) before resuming play.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2014
  7. LuvsHerHeels

    LuvsHerHeels Active Member

    Sutho...Ashlee is one pretty lady.
  8. Marcus

    Marcus New Member

    Thanks ouchhustler. I concur.

    I've been heavily trampled with heels for at least 10 years (!) and NEVER had anything remotely happen to my stomach lining. One incidental broken tooth from a slip, bruises and cuts and many many wonderful memories.
  9. Sutho

    Sutho Active Member

    Thanks for all the replies and they are much appreciated. I have passed them all on to him. He genuinely thought it was the heavy lifting but had some lingering doubt in his mind that the trample damaged him. He gets his operation next year and will not be doing high heel trample again. He will be doing boot trample. He was upset when I told him no trample for 3 months.
  10. steel242002

    steel242002 Member

    :realfunny:ya had a 260 pound BBW jumping up and down on me a few years age with those beaded stillito mules and I knew it as it happend when she gave me a hernia. when they did the operation they found that one ,and another from a girl that loved to dig her heels into the sides of my groin.
  11. ausguy25

    ausguy25 Ninjariffic

    Hopefully you're having your male talent sign an injury waiver before shooting these types of shoots sutho. If not you can be held liable for any damages caused during a shoot. Always best to err on the safe side regardless of how much of a friend they are.
  12. slavejes81

    slavejes81 New Member

    So this thread looks retired but I had to add to it. Just last week I had a severe high heel trampling session (from legs, up to my head) where the Domme jumped, kicked and stomped me brutally (as I requested) with her cute, pink pumps. There was a span of about 15 minutes where she did not give me any relief and continued trampling me all over with only pausing to take her aim and stomp me with the heeltips full force on my stomach.

    I think she broke me, broke the weakness in my inguinal lining. It hurts bad now and the bulge is forming. Went to see the doc today and he immediately confirmed it is a hernia, and refered me to get an ultrasound and to speak with the surgeon.

    I have been receiving very harsh high heel trampling for over 25 years, I guess it was a matter of time with the abuse to catch up to my anatomy.

    My only regret now is that I may have to stop, possibly forever. What a shame!
  13. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    I had a hernia op' last year & although I've been told by the medics' that I can "carry on as before" I've made the sad decision to retire from any further harshness in that area. There are plenty of other areas of the body to be trampled & there are no "brownie points" to be gained by risking ones health.

    Take care of yourself & best wishes for the future.
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  14. Sutho

    Sutho Active Member

    Thanks for the replies here, the guy in question who performed in my store was certain her high heels gave him the hernia and he did sign the release but he took it as a badge of honour and a trophy. it did not stop him trampling for long because he prefers his chest to be stood on with both feet facing upwards with toes close to his neck. We still talk about it occasionally and laugh about it now, even then he was laughing about it. He reports that he does not want to try groin trample again but has handled a female athletic woman standing on his "beer gut" since and that did not bother him.

    Though I do agree stick to what is safe and do not endanger your life. am not into heel trample myself but understand the interest in it.
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