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Cannot find what I seek?

Discussion in 'Facesitting Discussions' started by beechcraft, May 13, 2018.

  1. beechcraft

    beechcraft New Member

    Hi all.
    Fairly new on here, but not new to fetish scene or facesitting. I'm in the UK but since getting divorced I am struggling to find a woman heavily into facesitting.
    By this I mean one that will strap me down and slowly wear me out until eventually I do pass out. Then revive me by pissing all over my face.
    My ex used to be expert at this but I do miss it. Tried all the usual, AW Fet etc.
    Now BBW doing this would be heaven!!!!!! any offers or knowledge greatly accepted

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  3. Cordelia

    Cordelia Member

    Hello Andy,

    Certainly not an offer here (one slave is enough for me, ha!) but some advice:

    There's always the professional Domme route, as you know. However, it sounds like you are seeking more of a LTR. One thing I'd recommend is to leave your sexual interests out of your 'criteria' when dating and just find a partner whom you like and is open-minded. The sex part comes later, just like any normal relationship. Don't let your having a fetish for facesitting make you think you can't operate on the same principles as anyone else when dating!

    Open-minded is key here. An open-minded Woman can find empowerment and passion in Female Domination if she is introduced to it slowly and progressively. When dating/courting, always be up front about your having an interest in FemDom when the subject of sex is pertinent, but don't get too detailed unless more information is solicited. Just as a vanilla man shouldn't drop all his sex fantasies the moment sex comes up in conversation on a date, you don't want to start enumerating your fantasies right away. Just establish that you have these interests first.

    This ensures that your prospective partner feels informed and won't be blindsided when you start exploring sex and fetishes together. Just tell her "When it comes to sex, I'm really interested in Female Domination and have a few fetishes. I'd be happy to talk more about them if you'd like."

    Leave it at that. A good, long-term relationship wherein you can act out your wildest dreams is a tall (but by no means impossible) order...which means it will take a lot of communication and patience. FemDom is ultimately about trust and communication, after all. Always remember that the activities need to be mutual - even if your newfound girlfriend, fiancee, or playmate isn't into FemDom on her own accord (most Women are introduced to it at some point), she can and will feel empowered and more confident if you express to her why you enjoy her being in control in a sexual context. Be patient and understanding as she tries these new activities and a Goddess will be born.

    Anyway, my point is that you don't necessarily have to go to a fetish dating site to find someones (although places like FetLife are certainly useful and can help you 'skip' the 'introduction phase'). Any Woman who feels confident, respected, and loved can find passion in Female Domination (assuming she's open-minded...then again who wants to date a closed-minded person anyway?) and the relationship will be particularly special and intimate if you develop it from the ground up, sharing your fetish out of love for that Woman.

    Good luck.

    Source: am a Woman. I was always into FemDom as a personal thing, but I have many Female friends who weren't, were introduced to it, and now love it.
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  4. beechcraft

    beechcraft New Member

    Hi Cordelia

    Thanks for the reply and words of wisdom. Main response is I am already on fetlife. Professional route? tried AW in the UK but again unsuccessful, they all say yes until they have your money! lol
    On some other sites but so far nothing.
    I consider myself switch and alot of people i have spoken to are not keen on that. Most women here in the UK prefer Dominant.
    Once again thank you for responding and i will return to the drawing board lol
  5. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    What part of the UK are you (or how far will you travel) ?
  6. fpm29

    fpm29 Member

    Hi Cordelia. Thank you for posting such a well thought out and useful response. I wasn't the person who asked the question but your answer sounds like great advice for anyone trying to find a long term relationship that includes facesitting or many other fetishes.

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