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cellphones and a huge fire

Discussion in 'Hot Topic Zone ... & the Flame Pit' started by bluelake, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    It seems that the most important thing n the world is a cellphone. No matter where you are, there is somebody either talking or tapping a phone. In the street, on trains, buses, waiting rooms etc. I was walking along a beach and two young children about 3 years old were by the sea, while their mothers tapped their phones.
    I presume evrybody has heard about that huge tower block fire in west London. I was watching an interview with a man who escaped that fire. He said he has lost everything and left only with the clothes he stands up in. He then said, I still have my phone.
    I had to rerun that to make sure I heard correctly, and I did. So if you live in a tower block and the whole building has gone up like a matchstick, your neighbours are burned to toast and you are next, what do you do? Scream for help, try to help someboody, look for an escape route? Nooooo you do the most important thing in the world....you grab your fucking mobile phone!!!
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  3. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    That's a bit harsh.

    Certainly we (or most of us) live in a world where we have to be "connected" via some form of mobile device.

    Think about it - at least if you have your phone you can contact your family to let them know you are OK, also you can contact people you know that may be effected by the same circumstances.

    Later, you can use it to contact the organisations such as insurance companies to start getting you life back in order, especially when you may be living a bit of a nomadic lifestyle for a while.

    My heart goes out to the people effected. Also, my heartfelt thanks to our "second to none" emergency services & not forgetting all the "ordinary" people who simply got stuck in, regardless of race, creed or colour to help.

    On a darker side, I sincerely hope that the cause of how that fire spread so quickly is found & the people responsible routed out & locked away for a very long time.
  4. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    You and I are travelling in the same car. We pull over for refreshments, and me having a real off day....I mean I am feeling generous, tell you to wait in the car while I go buy us some burgers and drinks.
    Upon my return, the car has burst into flames and you are trapped inside, starting to fry nicely. I put the drinks down, being carefull not to spill any, cos they cost me 50 pence each. I pick up a heavy object and smash the windscreen. I lean in and grab my mobile phone. Hoorayyyy cos I can call friends telling them I am ok, and also call the insurance company cos I am insured against fire.
    What happened to you? Ermmm not sure really, as long as I got my mobile phone
  5. donatto

    donatto Member

    The insurance investigators will verify the CCTV footage of you smashing your windscreen and they will deny reimbursing you as they will think it was some kinda foul play as you left a toasted bfrug in the car. Furthermore they will call the cops :soldier: and get your arse arrested for involuntary homicide.

    Did your mobile phone have the same heat resistant properties as the passports of the 9/11 hijackers ? :evillaugh
  6. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    What about the burger and drink I bought bfrug? Can I claim for them since he didn't have them?
  7. trail

    trail Well-Known Member

    Yes cellphones (or mobilephones as we call them) have taken over.

    The problem is they are too small.. that means for much else than ordinary phone calls. I use SMS a little bit, but not more then I have to.
    I don't need internet on the phone, I dont care about that. Still I have a microsoft windows phone :rofl:

    Things changes too fast. I'm old and tired of all things going on. I want to stay in my own spaceship and sleep for a long time, dream of all the great times before :eek:
  8. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    I'd probably have got the marshmallows out and offered some toasted ones to brug.

    Joking aside, the two idiots who ran Kensington Council have now done the decent thing and resigned. The entire organisation of helping the victims was a fiasco. One guy even had his rent deducted from his bank after the fire. The two main faults with this council and its housing safety policy: the cladding wasn't fire retardant and there was no sprinkler system. If these factors were dealt with no one would have died.
  9. FeetandBooze

    FeetandBooze Member

    What an odd thing to get so fired up about.
  10. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Yes, the way those cretins hid away was disgraceful. Having said that there is probably no council in the country that would have a contingency plan for a disaster of that magnitude.

    Now, it's all very well fro grandad Corbyn banging on about the conservative govenment but he needs to remember who it was that took the "signing off" of fire measures away from the Fire Brigade & allowed the landlords to do it - it was "fatty two-jags Prescott" who was deputy labour prime minister at the time.

    & another thing, that slimy little creep Sadiq Kahn & his tier of local authrority did'nt exactly do a lot - about as much use as a rubber nail.
  11. bfrug

    bfrug Moderator

    Talking of useless old farts ;

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  12. suffocated2

    suffocated2 Member

    I totally agree man.

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