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  1. Fetishexhibit

    Fetishexhibit Member

    Hello I just wanted to know if anyone would like to share there opinions on chastity?
    Male or Female. I will say I have a couple that I have tried out and it took forever to find one that actually fit.
    I have been locked up in some of the videos that I film.
    I have also read stories of men being locked up for a very long time. Sounds very interesting, but I am sure I could NOT handle that! LoL
  2. the3leaf

    the3leaf New Member

    I always thought it sounded like it could be fun. My last girlfriend and I were going to get one to try out, but then we broke up, haha. Oh well. Still think it would be fun to try though. Never even thought about different sizes for some reason though. Could see that being extremely difficult.
  3. Fetishexhibit

    Fetishexhibit Member

    yes the sizes can be a difficult problem. I went to a fetish store and they told me to measure myself first then possibly get one custom made. I found one that fits but you have to be very careful when putting it on. I am sure it could be very fun when using with with the correct person.
  4. WhiteWolf

    WhiteWolf New Member

    Its especially hot when the female wears the key around her neck!
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  5. Sauur

    Sauur Well-Known Member

    Or ankle. :)
  6. Fetishexhibit

    Fetishexhibit Member

    just like this?
    this is a friend of mine/fetish model and I took this picture for a chastity tease video we did!

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  7. Sauur

    Sauur Well-Known Member

    Exactly!! Perfect!
  8. joeluvsfeet

    joeluvsfeet Member

    I have tried a few cages with my wife. The first was a CB6000 it was too big, so I got the CB6000s tube. Still a little big but not too big. The issues with it and long term wear is the plastic. It doesn’t breath and really gets nasty inside. Next I ordered a steel one on Amazon. This one is only 1.5 inches, but the ball ring was too big. This one actually fell off when I was at work. I was able to catch it and get to the bathroom before it fell in the floor. I really do think custom will be the way to go.

    Either way I loved being locked.
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  9. Fetishexhibit

    Fetishexhibit Member

    I have been able to do it but not for a very long time, maybe a few hours. The long term wear as you said can be a serious issue.
  10. Cordelia

    Cordelia Active Member

    Chastity - I understand it, but it's never been my thing. And I tend to get pretty mean...

    I actually utilize masturbation as a psychological training tool with my Steed. Think Pavlovian association training. He's spent so many years associating orgasms with my scent, my body, the sound of my voice, et cetera that the only thing he can get erect to me. I love it. I also find he is exponentially better behaved when he's been relieved on a regular basis.

    Aside from groveling to me on a daily basis, he is an alpha-type by nature, and I believe he needs some sort of release to be controlled. We have a rewards system in place: if he's been well-behaved, I'll allow him to 'get off' to my sweaty feet or my ass or some other delicious treat. Yum. Ha!

    Plus it amuses me. Having him orgasm with fervor to the scent of my feet, fresh out of sweaty gym shoes is hysterical. That's the most important takeaway here <3
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  11. Fetishexhibit

    Fetishexhibit Member

    This is great to read! It almost sounds too good lol, I think he is a lucky man to be with a woman with a kinky mind like that!
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  12. Cordelia

    Cordelia Active Member

    Yes, he is...and he'll spend the rest of his life thanking me for it :D
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  13. Fetishexhibit

    Fetishexhibit Member

    That is how it should be, 2 people who understand the kinky side of it and enjoy it. I wish you 2 both nothing but the best!
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