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    ( thought it might be nice to repost here...great to have separate story section-- thanks john)



    I have been enjoying great facesitting sessions with Claire for over a year now. Often we role play scenarios based on Stantoon themes like 'A very Private Domination'etc. She really enjoys the scene and indeed puts facesitting down as one of her interests on the Sandy's superstars website. Over the year I've printed out numerous Stantoons, stories posted on this board and a number of Amazon fantasies downloaded from the Valkyie website.. (often she reads these while sitting on my face). Anyway a few weeks ago we were discussing various role plays and the idea of me being dominated & facesat by several girls came up. Claire was really keen on this idea and offered to arrange a two girl fantasy session for me. We discussed possible girls and Chloe seemed an obvious choice. Chloe is a georgeous slim blonde in her early 20s...I had had a short facesitting session with her when Claire was away so I knew she was OK with the scene. Claire then suggested I book a joint session with her and Chloe and leave the rest to her....

    Anyway I turned up first thing on a Thursday at Sandy's Prestwich.. and Sue (receptionist) gave me a knowing look and ushered me to the 'Jungle Room'. This is quite a large room with lots of Jungle foliage around & has an exotic feel to it. Anyway I undressed and waited for a few minutes-- suddenly the door burst open and Claire & Chloe rushed in and began grappling with me. Claire was dressed in a black mini dress and Chloe in a brief yellow bikini. Both girls wore white 'kinky' boots. Within a few seconds I found myself facedown with both girls straddling me. Then Claire said "I'll tie his wrists and you tie his ankles". I felt my arms firmly pulled behind my back and my wrists expertly bound, while Chloe did a similar job on my ankles. The girls then pulled my legs back and tied my ankles and wrists together behind my back. I was left facedown while the two girls sat on my back and started a discussion about my fate. I felt that lovely helpless feeling where I was completely in the power of two beautiful girls.

    Claire began by congratulating Chloe on her first 'man capture'. The theme was that Claire was an experienced Amazon warrior who had captured many male slaves before, and she was teaching Chloe 'the ropes'. Chloe said she was surprised how easy it had been to overpower me and that she had hoped for someone young and fit, but Claire assured her that middle aged men usually made excellent and devoted slaves after a bit of training. She explained to Chloe that it was necessary to emphasise the position of slaves by sitting on their faces whenever the opportunity arose, and that although they resisted at first, eventually they became tamed and eventually their whole aim in life was to be a girls faceseat.

    Claire said "Right, now to business" and as both girls eased off me I was rolled over onto my back. Claire maintained that it was important Chloe sat on my face first as I was to be her personal slave. So Claire straddled my chest while Chloe stood just in front of my head, began to descend slowly to a facesitting position.. Chloe gave an excellent impression of not really knowing how to facesit and Claire guided her bottom onto my face. Meanwhile I played the part of a reluctant faceseat by turning my head to one side, begging her not to do it etc. Anyway Claire held my face upright and told me to stop such nonsense and to face up to my future mistress! Anyway before long I had a Chloe's perfectly shaped bottom planted firmly on my face in an excellent forward facesit. She joked with Claire as she forced my nose deep into her bottom. She continued with a series of bounces and said it was great fun. After this Claire moved off my chest and suggested Chloe try the reverse facesit position. Chloe turned round and straddled my chest facing my feet. Claire held my hair and ears to keep my face in position and Chloe moved back into an excellent reverse facesit. Again I pretended to resist although Chloe was not pretending to be apprehensive now and said that she was beginning to enjoy the feeling of power. At this Claire suggested Chloe did a nude facesit as this really emphasised the slaves inferiority. So Chloe eased up a little,slid her panties down, and resumed her seat on my face. Again I pretended to try to get away, but eventually resigned myself to be facesat by her bare bottom. It was, of course, pure heaven! After several minutes of this Claire told me to kiss my mistresses bottom.. at first I kissed her cheeks,but eventually she forced me to kiss her anus.

    Both girls seemed quite satisfied by the way things at gone, but Claire told Chloe that she also had to defeat me single handed in front of the other Amazons before I would be permanently bonded to her. So Claire suggested wrestling me now to show Chloe some tips on the best way to overcome a man and to hold him in humiliating positions. She also joked to Chloe that she was dying to sit on my face anyway! Anyway they untied me and I found myself facing Claire... she demonstrated several throws on me which ended with her pinning me to the ground and sitting on me in various positions. She then told Chloe to watch carefully, gripped my hands and forced my fingers back until I fell to my knees before her. She then pulled my arms up behind my back, forced my head forward and expertly gripped it between her thighs. I then felt my wrists being tightly bound again as she used her weight to force my head towards the floor. I heard her telling Chloe that the rules allowed her secure her opponent with her bikini top. The next thing I knew I was turned onto my back, my legs forced over my head and Claire sat on top of them so that her bottom was a few inches above my face. This is not a very comfortable position for the seat, but it feels exhilaratingly humiliating. Claire was wrestling without knickers and so again I found myself kissing female butt!!

    The girls followed this with a session of foot worship..they placeed their boots on my neck and forced me to kiss them. Chloe removed her boots and demanded I kiss, lick and suck her feet... she really likes this and although its not really my scene it felt good to be doing something to please such a goddess. While this was going on I heard Claire discussing the single combat I would have with Chloe. She implied that now I'd been facesat and humbled this should make my defeat easier-- she remarked that some men after this treatment refused to fight and just begged their opponent to sit on their faces.. but Chloe gave me a sharp kick and said you had better resist-- or else! I was rolled over onto my back and Chloe dropped onto my chest and began securing a cord tightly to my penis. I tried to struggle but as my hands were still tied behind my back I could do little.

    Chloe pulled on the cord and forced me to my feet and dragged me along behind her. We went around the room several times and I got a few kicks off Claire who followed behind me. Eventually the girls decided we had reached the Amazon village where I was pushed facedown on the bed while Claire sat on me and untied my arms.

    Claire pulled me to my feet by my hair and pushed me to one corner of the bed, while Chloe stood in the opposite corner. God she looked beautiful in here brief yellow bikini -- I felt genuinely weak at the knees at the thought of this goddess having her way with me. Claire sat on a chair on the other side of the room and told us the rules-- if I won I could go free- if Chloe won I would be her slave. Claire did a great act pretending to talk to lots of other girls and kept on cheering for Chloe.

    Well I did resist a bit although I got thrown down on the bed several times and found Chloe straddling me, although I sort of managed to buck her off. Eventually the fateful move started.. Chloe grabbed the fingers of both of my hands and forced me to my knees.. I felt my arms being twisted up my back and my head bowed in front of her. I felt her thighs grip my head and my whole body was forced forward as she gradually moved into a kneeling position - still keeping my head firmly gripped by her thighs and my arms held up my back. I was aware of my wrists being securely fastened together and I knew my freedom was over... I had been publically defeated by this girl. She released her grip on my head, pushed me on my back on the bed, strode over me- grabbed my ankles and pushed them back over my head. She then sat on my thighs and forced them down until she was sitting on my face...she eased up a bit, removed her yellow bikini and sat on my face nude.
    I was commanded to kiss ass.. which I did. Claire joined us and declared Chloe the winner and demanded I kiss Chloe's ass to show I was her slave.

    After the 'match' Chloe & Claire gave me a brilliant session of double and single facesitting, foot worship and forced me on all fours to act as their seat. Chloe held my head facedown between her thighs again, while Claire raped my arse with her finger in a condom. Finally Claire sat on my face while Chloe sat on my stomach and wanked me.

    This was certainly one of the best facesitting experiences I have had for a long time... absolutely brilliant!!!
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    Absolutely delicious story. Thank you
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    Glad you liked it Michael.... that was a long time ago!

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