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Clip Ideas & Suggestions

Discussion in 'BBW's - Big Beautiful Women...' started by Platinum Puzzy, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Need new ideas for clips.

    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
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  3. boo_boo_boo

    boo_boo_boo Member

    Some nice ass cleaning would be great
  4. Skidplate1

    Skidplate1 Member

    Underwater facesitting
  5. keuplat

    keuplat Member

    May I seggest you a full weight dildo trample video, to tease the guys in the other section, Trample & Foot Fetish - Pics/Clips?
    That would be exiting if you pretend it is a real one, that woul suffer under your full weigh. 0:)
  6. theused47

    theused47 New Member

    A measurement comparison video with you and the tallest woman you know and mini muffins
  7. qrb912

    qrb912 Assrest

    Tie a man down. You will need a partner. You sit on his chest full weight while your partner forces him to have an orgasm. After he has an orgasm, sit on his face and have your partner sit on his stomach and massage your breast while he licks you to an orgasm. After you have an orgasm switch with her, but face his feet and masturbate him to another orgasm while he licks your partner. Make him have an orgasm and continue to masturbate him until he has pleased your partner. (That is going to be intense for that guy, but it will be something he never forget and a great video) I have had this fantasy for years and never seen the clip or found 2 BBWs willing. :<

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