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Co-worker’s slave

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Stories' started by footslave33, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Sauur

    Sauur Active Member

    I love the continued adventures of Lumpy! I hope Laura turns out to have a mean streak.
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  3. sniffit2

    sniffit2 Member

    Hope the family's extra cold to lumpy! :)
  4. Ftslv2012

    Ftslv2012 Member

    Love the fact of Lumpy now a servant in Ms Toni's Family..........I hope there is more of this?
  5. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    I am enjoying the continued adventures of Miss Toni and Lumpy.
  6. footslave33

    footslave33 Member

    We all seemed to settle into a nice routine pretty quickly. I absolutely loved being around my family, a year away was rough. One thing I have realized is that I literally went from being the servant to having one.

    Before my little freak came along, I would come home from work and literally not be able to sit down with dinner, laundry, dishes, etc etc etc. I love my husband dearly, but he’s like another kid, I was constantly picking up after him and he always needed something. I guess I just dealt with it because I had been for so many years.

    But with lumpy around I’m pretty much free to do whatever I want. She makes sure neither bob or I so much as have to lift a finger. She sweeps and mops daily, all the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, bathrooms, everything is always spotless.

    We were able to sleep in a bit and I wanted a nice breakfast before church, so I had lumpy get up extra early. So nice to have a family breakfast before church and lumpy didn’t disappoint. She served a great breakfast and of course stood back eagerly refilling our drinks and getting us all whatever we needed.

    “This is so nice Toni, a nice breakfast and no cleanup, lumpy, some more coffee over here, I’m almost out”. “I’m so sorry Miss Laura”. “That’s ok lumpy, maybe just be a little more observant next time”. “Of course Miss Laura, it won’t happen again”. We all had a good laugh.

    Ok lumpy we will be home in a few hours, I expect the kitchen to be back in order. “Yes Miss Toni, of course, I hope you enjoy your Sunday services”.

    Church was really nice, uplifting. This was the first time I had attended church with my family in quite a while. The preacher gave a great sermon about being a good person, caring, considerate of our fellow man and having an open mind of those around you, being less judge mental.

    His sermon really spoke to me. I am going to try and be more giving of my time, my new found money, help the less fortunate. I actually talked to our pastor and introduced myself and let him know I would like to help.

    When we all got home, the boys went out to tinker in the garage and we put the baby down for a nap. Lumpy, get some ice tea in her for us, laura and I need to relax a bit. “Yes Ma’am, right away”. “Here you are, may I get either of you anything else”. I’m good lumpy, are your chores done. “Yes Ma’am”. Unless Laura needs anything, go ahead and stand back and wait for an order.

    “I could use a nice foot rub after wearing these heels in church all morning. My feet kind of stink though. And after the sermon this morning I feel kind of bad Toni. I know lumpy says she likes all of this, but I was raised to respect my elders and she is after all my mom’s age”. Oh don’t feel bad laura. I battled the same thing. You’re feet are supposed to smell a little bit right. My feet smell really bad sometimes when I’ve worn my flats for a bit. Let me let you in on a little secret. Lumpy kind of has a thing for feet, anytime you let her rub your feet, it’s really a reward for her.

    Like I said in the beginning Laura, lumpy is different than you and I. I decided to be open-minded and understanding of what makes lumpy happy. You see lumpy truly believes she is not equal to you or I and that won’t change no matter what we do. She enjoys being used and taken advantage of daily.

    Lumpy, come over, kneel and take my flats off. Lumpy tell Laura how you feel about my little tootsies. “Miss Laura, Miss Toni’s Feet are beautiful, I have a very strong foot fetish and kneeling at Miss Toni’s barefeet is the highlight of my day and I feel so priveledged anytime miss Toni allows me the opportunity to be near her feet”. Ah, that’s sweet lumpy, go ahead and give each foot a kiss, it’s better than any paycheck I would offer you isn’t it”.

    “Yes Miss Toni, being of service to you and your family and being able to kiss your beautiful feet is all I could ever ask for”. I gently rubbed my sweaty barefoot on lumpy’s cheek and told her she was doing a good job.

    “Ok I think I’m getting it lumpy. I guess I never thought of rubbing my dirty feet to be a reward for anybody. Since you like being treated like a servant and want me to be mean to you, I can definitely try. So since you screwed up today and weren’t paying me any attention when I needed more coffee, your not going to touch my feet today. What you can do is this lumpy. Go get the ice tea, hold it and stand at attention watching Toni and I relax and chat. Try not to be so lazy and actually watch my glass this time and have the decency to offer me a refill this time. If your good maybe I’ll let you put your little servant lips on my dirty feet too!”

    “You know Toni, if she really likes it and it’s ok with you, I’m going to treat her how she wants”. Yes, please Laura, have fun with lumpy, she’s here for our amusement and to make our lives easier. Remember, as my unpaid servant, she is to be of service to us at all times. Laura, if you want lumpy can come over tomorrow and clean all day. “Sure Toni, that sounds good, it’ll give her a chance to make up for not watching my coffee this morning. What do you think lumpy do you think it’s fair to clean my whole house all day tomorrow for being so lazy today”. “Yes Miss Laura, it is more than fair, thank you so much for your kindness”. “Your welcome lumpy, in the future, I do expect you to show me the respect I apparently deserve from a lowly servant. If you do a good job I might even keep my feet in my nasty old slippers for a bit and let you kiss them, I guess that would be a real treat, huh”.

    “Toni, from what I see lumpy is really lucky she met someone as nice as you. I could only imagine what could happen to her if she wanted to serve somebody who was mean and nasty”. “Excuse me, Miss Laura, may I please pour you some more tea”. “There you go lumpy that wasn’t so hard right”.

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  7. Ftslv2012

    Ftslv2012 Member

    Laura seems ready to take off soon.

    Like that lumpy is being introduced to the family for who she really is.....Something to use. I think Toni's decision to take lumpy as full time servant is one of her best decisions.

    One sacrificed for Her Family's Wealth and the Other for Her Family's comfort
  8. slavejake0925

    slavejake0925 New Member

    i hope the whole family would be mean to lumpy
  9. OneAuthor

    OneAuthor Active Member

    I love the dynamic of Miss Toni going to church, wanting to take the sermon about being a caring person to heart, then coming home and telling Laura to be mean to Lumpy.
  10. JohnnyHavoc55

    JohnnyHavoc55 New Member

    I loved the original story and definitely absolutely love the continuation. I love the very relaxed slavery of Lumpy by Toni and her family. Especially how her daughter in law feels so natural with it. Thanks for writing & continuing this.
  11. Sauur

    Sauur Active Member

    Keep it up, love this!
  12. toejam

    toejam Member

    This new plot is starting to become a great story of its own.

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