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Controversial Lyrics

Discussion in 'Hot Topic Zone ... & the Flame Pit' started by Mistress_B, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Mistress_B

    Mistress_B $ You'll Be Bled Dry $


    A few days ago, I had stumbled across this song and I decided I was going to post it here in the Flame Pit.

    Religion is often a miscontruded element in life; however it is something many hold close to their hearts. It's ingrained in many which take it with them where ever their lives lead them; yet has a profound resistance or disbelief in those who find more questions then answers.

    Whether the questions are concerning "Why?" or "How?", there are no clear cut answers to try to convience others that there is a "God"...

    As I have said in different posts; I am not a religious person, but I find the discussions surrounding religion and related topics interesting. So... I put forth this youtube video to get your take on it!

    Click here to check it out: http://youtu.be/hk41Gbjljfo
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2013
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  3. bluelake

    bluelake New Member


    Interesting, agreeable lyrics but terrible tune.

    One of the most stupid answers I ever hear is from the religious preachers. I say, prove to me there is a god. They reply, you prove there isn't.

    I always put food out for wildlife in the back. A neighbour objects (hard luck) saying if god put an animal here, he will feed it. If that is the case then he slipping up with all the worlds' starvation.

    The reigning monarch is head of the Church of England. Then why doesn't she sell a few palaces and jewelry and stuff to feed the poor, instead of lavishing in luxury?

    The Pope, blesses a starving kid in the slums of Naples, telling him to go back to his hovel. Meanwhile the Pope climbs into his popemobile, then a helicopter and returns to his palace in the Vatican.

    Religions quote the Bible to their own benefits, or whatever fits at the time. Same with the Muslims and their Koran.

    If people want religion then it's their decision. As long as they don't try shoving it down my throat.

    No, I do not believe in Christmas and neither do I celebrate it.

    btw Mistress B, I built a time machine and will take you to a 1964 Beatles' concert. We will return last week. So pack your coke and popcorn :)
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  4. Mistress_B

    Mistress_B $ You'll Be Bled Dry $

    Keep in mind, I'm NOT religious, but I'm sort of playing devil's advocate (pardon the pun)...lol

    Some would say the same about non-believers. No matter what kind of evidence one puts in front of the other, people would have the same response on either side.

    I struggle with individuals who are closed minded, unwilling to open up their thoughts and see things from another perspective.

    Why do you think people behave in such a way, that make a person question things with in themselves? This isn't just a religious question, but it's a general question surrounding life...

    Which bible (s) are you talking about?
    There are so many religions, it's no wonder an individual who seeks to find faith gets confused, as they don't know which direction to go. It's pretty overwhelming when you have to make a list of all the religions, and treat them all as job applications...

    What makes one religion any better then the other? Aren't we all suppose to be accepted in His eyes?

    Bring it on Bluelake! I need a vacation and a good seat! ;)

    This youtube vid is also worth a listen. I stumbled across this one a week ago. It's titled "If I Was God".http://youtu.be/plscBmqgMcY
  5. menial

    menial Member

    Personally I am an agnostic. I hope you are an Eddie Izzard fan --- I may just borrow from him.

    I think it's down to 2 things. Need to know what happens after we die and what traditions we are taught as children. I don't think as humans we like the unknown. Wouldn't life be better if we KNEW what happened after death. And I have to wonder how many of us were "brought up" to be religious. Neither of my parents were religious.

    You also have to consider the mind 3 or so thousand years ago. Little or no science. Isn't the symbolism, for example, a little simplistic. When you die you go up into that, still and always beautiful sky.

    The story of Babble (as I remember it) Didn't man build this tower to get closer to God in the sky. God was displeased. He tore the tower down, and I think jumbled the languages. The author (of the bible) did not know that the sky was not actually a place of solid mass.

    Again, as I remember it and understand, the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) --- Did they not plan all this. That Jesus would be betrayed, sacrificed and rise again. Where is the sacrifice. He knew, WITHOUT DOUBT, he was going to a better place after he died. And what life was he giving up. He had no family.

    It is also interesting to note that if Darwinism comes up in a teaching format people get all upset. YET, if a man in court is shown to have had a hellish childhood and THAT was why he did what he did, no one (religious groups) jumps up and screams --- the devil made him do it.

    Also, to borrow from Eddie Izzard, why are the first words in the bible not IT'S ROUND. Or at least in symbols we all can understand THROUGH THE AGES. After all he is God. He can do or anticipate anything.

    Of course, there are tons more points and questions. I'll save them for another time.

  6. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    The Queen is head of the Church of England as is the Pope of the Catholics. They both live in palaces and lead a life of luxury. Bit hypocritical when they could use their riches to feed the poor and donate to starving causes.

    I know a Muslim girl who says she practices Islam because it has been rammed through her brain since birth, and for fear of upsetting her family. Another girl, a born again Christian, showed me a picture of our planet and galaxy. She said it's a photo taken from a spaceship and God made it all. I argued that the spaceship would have had to take off about 4,000 years ago to reach that point. She said her church pastor said it's a photo.....and that was that. In other words.......brainwashed, the pair of them.

    Why is it that when Christians celebrate something religious they have a mass slaughter? Christmas it's birds and trees that die in their millions. American Thanksgiving, birds again. Muslims don't do so bad either with their sacrifices.
    All this is done in the name of a so called Prince of Peace in both religions.

    Menial......you put some good points across. Why in the Bible does God or his angels always appear in a flash of fire or thunder. They always seemed to have a firey chariot handy too. Why would such a gentle God want to scare the crap out of people?

    If Darwinism is true, how come the apes are still not evolving into humans? Hmmmm then again when I look at some people.............

    btw Mistress B. You say you want a good seat. From what I have seen in your photos, you already have a good seat :)
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2013
  7. Mistress_B

    Mistress_B $ You'll Be Bled Dry $

    There's an angle!

    So, if we didn't evolve from apes, and you're not in the belief of a deity.... Then where did we originate from? How was our species created?

    Thank you for the comment bluelake... When we get to that concert, you'll actually see it in person ;)
  8. Mistress_B

    Mistress_B $ You'll Be Bled Dry $

    I haven't..

    I wasn't familiar with this fella until you mentioned him. This is when I looked him up on youtube, and he's an interesting comedian ;)

    Is the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost three different parts... Or are all three describing one person?
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2013
  9. stepoverme58

    stepoverme58 always in the way

    We all (monkeys, Great Apes, Humans) evolved from a common ancestor who lived in Africa 8-10 million years ago. About 5 million yrs ago the Family Great Apes developed as a seperate branch from the Monkeys.

    Climactic change forced one sub branch of Great Apes to adapt to upright walking, freeing the hands for more complex chores. Having to rely steadily more on Meat added the necessary proteins needed to sustain our energy-consuming developing brains. Our cousins, the Chimps, Gorillas, Bonobos, Orangutans....they had no need to evolve complex behaviors and are very happy hanging around noshing on plants, fruits, and the occasional monkey.

    This doesn't mean they haven't evolved in the last mllion years, just that there was no need to evolve very much.

    And don't EVER turn your back on a chimp!!!!

    There were also a number of "dead end" human species....Neanderthals, Homo Erectus, Homo Habilis, The French, no, just joking about the last one.

    It's called Evolution. The adaptions that work best are the ones that continue.

    I think God has more important things on His/Her mind.

    That's your 2 minutes on the Origin Of Humanity.

    Next week we'll take on Particle Physics and The Uncertainty Principle. Maybe we need 3 minutes for that one.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2013
  10. bluelake

    bluelake New Member

    yes well, ermmmmm ermmmm, I always wondered why my granddad was partial to bananas

    MB I know what you are basically asking me. If I don't believe in God then who or what is the creator. What was here before the universe? Where did all the matter come from to create the Big Bang? If we keep going through space for zillions of years, do we encounter another universe?

    The answer is quite simple. I haven't a clue :)

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