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Cow-Tipping (SSBBW Smother)

Discussion in 'Facesitting & Smother Stories' started by miami_fa, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. miami_fa

    miami_fa Member

    SSBBW smother story, you've been warned... :)
    Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

    By: Miami_FA

    We ran as fast as we could, trying not to look back. We reached a wall and I quickly leaped up and over. I looked back and didn’t see Ted. I climb back to the top of the wall and saw I was too late. One meaty hand on the back of his neck, the other holding his arm. She spun him around until he was airborne and slammed him face first onto the grass before climbing onto his back with the skill of a cage fighter.

    Me and Ted were drunk and decided to go cow tipping on one of the local farms. We’d gotten in trouble before, so we went to old Ms. Crabtree’s farm. She was widowed and in her 50’s and huge. Standing at 6’1, she was well over 400 pounds. She spent most of her time in house robes because she couldn’t fit into anything else. Dresses weren’t long enough since her massive belly and immense tits pushed the fabric forward. A giant shelf of an ass caused the back end to ride up way too high. Pants would stretch thin and her massive thighs would wear the fabric down in a day if not sooner. Dark brown hair and permanent tan from being in the sun for so long. She used to do farm work, even at her size, but after her husband died a few years back she started outsourcing the work. Every couple of weeks a team of farm hands would arrive and do maintenance. She had enough put away from her husband’s life insurance that she was able to do nothing.

    Fast forward to tonight, and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts with the cows, Ms. Crabtree appeared at the front door shouting at us. We took off running and laughing. About 50 yards later we slowed to a walk and laughed as we casually headed towards the edge of her property. We were almost there when we heard the electric hum of a motor followed by the crunching sounds of gravel under a golf cart.

    “Shit!” I yelled and we took off running again. Now me, I’m about 5’9, 175lbs on a good day. At 24 I wasn’t in horrible shape, but I was drunk and clumsy. Ted on the other hand is 5’4 and maybe 140lbs fully dressed. Socially awkward, geeky neighbor I grew up with. Ted was clumsy naturally, and even more so drunk. We ran into some bushes so the cart wouldn’t be able to follow us. I underestimated how quick Ms. Crabtree was on her feet because she closed the distance quicker than expected. I was expecting to see her still in her cart when I reached the wall, so imagine my surprise when I saw her manhandling Ted.

    From the top of the wall, I hid behind some branches and watched her twisting and turning and making sure he was pinned. She had him in a clearing and I was maybe 20ft away a top this wall. I couldn’t make out what she was saying, but I could tell she was speaking forcefully. She pushed his head against the grass and stood up straight on top of him. She stepped on the back of his head and quickly dashed to the golf cart. I jumped back into the yard and crept closer to Ted. He was breathing, but not moving. Just then the golf cart rolled into the clearing and I retreated back into the bush before she noticed. The headlights now illuminating the clearing, I couldn’t move and not be seen. Hiding in the shadows I see Ms. Crabtree walk towards Ted with two leather straps in her hands.

    She bound his ankles first, while he was still groggy and face down. When Ted started to come to, she turned him onto his back. Ted began to struggle once he saw Ms. Crabtree move towards him. He tried to stand but with his ankles secured, he just kind of wriggled like a worm. When he tried to use his arms, she stepped right on his face with a foot bigger than his entire head. I almost gasped when she began to put her weight and you could see his head sinking into the grass. His hands instinctively shot up and grabbed her ankle, and that’s when she grabbed his wrists and bound the with the other leather strap.

    Once Ted was bound, with her foot still on his face, she took off her underwear. She stepped off of his face, over his body and crouched down and looped the underwear behind his head before letting herself fall heavily onto his chest. From my angle I could see the comical size difference, Ms. Crabtree sitting on the floor with her knees bent. Through the gap under her knees I can see Ted’s small head twisting and turning like a snake as the air is crushed out of his chest preventing him from talking. She reaches behind her and positions his feet so that his knees are up and serve as her back rest.

    As she reclines back, her belly lifts and her pussy rocks up and forward as Ted’s head stops moving as he starts in stunned silence. Underneath her apron of a belly was a massive bush of pubic hair. But it still wasn’t large enough to cover the long folds of her pussy which was easily longer than his face. Her pussy was so wet from sweat, urine, and excitement that it was matted against her skin in some parts, and almost dripping on others. Ted was fixated on a single bead of moisture shining in her pubic nest when the smell finally hit him and brought him back to reality. An intense smell of sweat, piss, and shit wafted from her crotch to his nose. He gagged and started coughing and just as he prepare to turn away, she gripped the underwear behind his head and straightened his face. With a sadistic grin, she leaned back and feel onto his knees which now served as her back rest. She held the underwear firmly and it pulled and craned Ted’s face up and forward, straight into her gaping pussy.

    “Oh my-“ was all he could get out as his face splashed into her slimy pussy. She held him firmly in place for a good 10 seconds as his moans were getting more panicked before letting him fall out of her pussy.

    My mouth fell open at the site of Ted’s face making a wet slurping sound as it fell out of her pussy. I could see the thick cum already coating his chin and cheeks. He coughed and sputtered and more of her cum came from his nose as he lay there gasping. Already Ms. Crabtree was searching for the underwear lops on the sides of his head.

    “Please not ag-mmmmmmph” was all he could get out as Ted’s face was slammed again into her pussy. I couldn’t tell from my vantage point, but Ted’s face, from his chin to the top of his nose was inside of her massive pussy. His eyes wide with terror as even his screams were swallowed by her pussy. Through a forest of pubic hair he can make out her belly shuddering as she shook with each breath. His screams sent vibrations deep through her body, which aroused her in ways she hadn’t felt since her husband was alive. The sudden flow of her juices squirted up onto Ted’s face. Ted reacted by shuddering involuntarily as his face twitched. That was all Ms. Crabtree needed as years of pent up sexual frustration erupted onto Ted’s face. First Ted’s mouth filled with her cum, it was open from him trying to scream. His attempts to pull back were stopped by her vise like grip on her underwear as she trembled furiously and rode the waves of her orgasm. With his mouth filled, her cum invaded his nose before continuing to come out onto his face. She finally released the underwear and Ted’s head fell back with a dull thud against the ground. Strings of her cum stretched from his face to her pussy. He sputtered again and cum came out of his nose and mouth as he lay there, completely glazed.

    Ms. Crabtree was so spent that she fell asleep against his legs. Since she was no longer supporting herself on her own legs, gravity was pulling her ass down towards Ted’s face. Unfortunately for Ted, his eyes were stuck closed since they were covered in her cum. He didn’t notice her body was slipping forward until it was too late. Her body reached an area that was slick with her juices and she suddenly slipped forward onto Ted. Muffled moans were all I could hear, then suddenly a loud snorting sound followed by quick labored breaths. I couldn’t tell what was happening, but a quick look at Ms. Crabtree showed she was passed out and snoring. A look at the golf cart behind her showed a mostly empty bottle of bourbon. I didn’t know it then, but the snorting sound and breathing was Ted inhaling a bunch of her cum and swallowing so he could breathe. I tossed a twig at her to see if it would wake her and it had no effect.

    I slowly got up and walked to survey the area. Teds feet were dug into the ground, which explains why he was able to keep his knees locked and hold her up. Her arms hung off to her sides, along with her massive breasts. As I walked around her side I could hear Ted’s panicked breathing. I looked over her belly and was greeted with Ted’s battered face covered in her cum. His eyes sealed shut, his face looked like a cinnabon. His chin was wedged deep into her ass crack, which held it in place. His nose was under her pussy and even through the thick bush I could make out how wet she was. I walked around her legs and gasped at the sight. Her pussy was oozing her thick cum and it was slowly making its way to Ted’s face. Ted must’ve heard me gasp because he began making panicked pleas even though he couldn’t see who it was. Unfortunately for him the vibrations caused Ms. Crabtree to start getting wet again. I watched in horror as the first of her cum made contact with his face. Ted’s screams grew louder, which ironically made her wetter and within a few seconds, her cum had spread all over his nose, cheeks, and forehead. Ted was still struggling as bubbles started to form in the pool of cum on his face.

    I was now panicking too, she was literally drowning him in her cum. I tried to move her but to no avail. I tried waking her but she was knocked out. I kept pushing and prodding as I could hear Ted coughing and chocking in the background. I pushed on her mid-section and there was a faint hissing sound. Ted’s coughs gave way to strained groans and gurgles. I distinctly hear splashing water and run around her legs to find Ted still trapped, but now the sleeping Ms. Crabtree has started pissing in her sleep. Most of the cum had been washed away and her stream didn’t show any signs of slowing yet. Filtered through her pubic jungle, it fell straight down and dripped down her pussy to an unlucky Ted below. Her folds funneling the piss straight down into her ass crack, where Ted’s mouth lay trapped and sealed by her ass cheeks. After a few moments of panicked bubbles from his nose, Ted let out a guttural yell which allowed all the piss that had pooled to flow into his mouth, stifling the yell. Ted tried to plead with his eyes for help but there was nothing I could do. I watched helplessly as the stream kept going, and the pool of her piss began to rise again since his mouth was full. It was reaching his nose and this will be the third time I’ll have to watch Ted almost drown under Ms. Crabtree.

    Out of nowhere the pool started to shrink. Ted did the unthinkable, he swallowed her piss and bought himself some more time. By the time she finally stopped peeing, Ted had already swallowed 4 times. Each time he did it the level of piss would shrink rapidly, his eyes would roll to the back of his head and his breathing would increase. Since the pee was stuck in his mouth, he had to slowly swallow it as I kept trying to find ways to get her off of him. Finally he finish.

    *cough cough* “Dude, help me… please” Ted begged in a raspy voice.

    “I’m trying man I’m trying, she’s out and too big to move” I replied.

    “Well fucking move her with the cart! I don’t care!” Ted tried to shout.

    I renewed my attempts at moving her and pushing her to see if she would wake up. I pushed her side and she farted, loudly, into Ted’s face. I ran back to Ted and he was coughing and gagging.

    “Come on man, what the fuck are you-“ Ted couldn’t finish his sentence. A silent but deadly fart snuck out of her ass, and it even had me gagging. Poor Ted caught that full force. I reassured him he would be ok. I got up and looked forward to see Ms. Crabtree is now awake and looking right at me.
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  3. toilet4u

    toilet4u Member

    Lets have MORE!
  4. Sauur

    Sauur Active Member

    Love this!
  5. SafetyPin

    SafetyPin Member

    Yes, great stuff, Miami_FA.
    So realist, so believable, and so well described.
    I'm very much looking forward to its continuation.
  6. LondonBob

    LondonBob Member

    Excellent stuff. Nicely written.
  7. miami_fa

    miami_fa Member

    I got up to run. I made it maybe 3 steps when a rope lassoed me around my ankles. I looked down in time to see my feet pulled from under me. It happened so quick I didn’t have time react and my head hit a tree and knocked me out.

    While I was unconscious, it seems Ms. Crabtree was keeping busy. Ted was already bound and spent, the lack of oxygen making his limbs too heavy to move on his own. Not that it mattered, his leather straps were still in place. He hovered in and out of consciousness as Ms. Crabtree moved his body around.

    I came too and found myself in a seated position with rope tying me to a stump. My arms were pinned to my sides and my head rang in pain. I tried to talk and found a foul taste in my mouth. Then the smell, all at once I realized that she gagged me with her panties. The soggy panties she’s just used to torment Ted.

    Speaking of Ted, I looked over and saw the poor kid. He was also tied to a stump, hair matted against his face. Even from this distance I could make out the dried cum on his face as his head hung limply. Suddenly Ms. Crabtree appeared from behind a bush, looked at me and walked over to Ted. She’d made sure to tie him so that his face was level with her pussy. She walked around behind Ted, and sat on the stump, her massive belly pushing Ted’s head forward. He groaned instinctively, but didn’t have the energy to fight. I watched as she leaned back and scooted her pussy forward until she was right against the back of his neck. Then she reach under his chin and pulled his face up. She lifted her belly apron as she leaned forward, then let it drop with a wet smack onto Ted’s face. His body twitched, his head completely vanished under her.

    Soon enough Ted’s legs were kicking as air bubbles were erupting against the underside of her belly. She laughed as his tormented screams vibrated her belly. Her laughter caused her pussy to slide up and down the back of Ted’s neck, further compounding the humiliation. I was grunting at her through my gag to no avail. Finally she leaned back and exposed Ted’s mouth and nose. He was panting trying to catch his breath. She gave him about 5 seconds before she started rocking her body forward again.

    I watched as her belly slowly rolled forward onto his face. Like a glacier of fat it slid over her thighs and across his face. His screams were barely whispers, begging her to let him go. Her belly sealed him again and she laughed maniacally as she watched my face. This went one for what felt like an eternity, but was really about half an hour. By that time, Ted wasn’t even struggling or screaming, just twitching when smothered, gasping when released.

    She eventually grew bored of the belly smothers, and she stood up and stepped forward, hovering over Ted’s face. She used her hand to position his face and sat slowly onto his face with a wet squish. She lifted her belly to make sure I got a clear view of her pussy lips hungrily sliding on his face. She slowly slid back and forth, smearing herself onto him. Her pussy looked like it was eating his face. Finally Ted started kicking his legs, the lack of air brought him out of his trance. She slid back and exposed his chin and mouth. I watched as Ted gasped for air while Ms. Crabtree dug through her folds and found her thick clit. She positioned it over Ted’s open mouth, reveling in the panicked breaths and moans. Finally she rocked forward, jamming her clit into his mouth before sealing it with her body.

    I couldn’t see his face, but I could tell by how much her tits and belly were jiggling she wasn’t holding much back. Poor Ted was caught off guard by her clit, he kept trying to push it out of his mouth with his tongue, but her weight was holding it in place. He didn’t notice that his tongue on her clit was only arousing her more. He tried turning his head to the side, but her thigh fat had molded around his head and prevented him. So he just laid there as her pussy sucked on his face and her clit fucked his mouth. She leaned forward to let him breathe and his nose slipped out of her pussy and his first breath was no air, just cum. It was like having a bad cold, only you’re congested with cum. Ted shuddered as it dripped to the back of his throat, already used to the taste he swallowed and inhaled again. This time he was able to get some air, and a copious amount of her cum as well.

    When she leaned forward, I could hear Ted moaning and snorting behind her. She changed her bouncing to grinding. Her moans were accompanied by a wet slurp every couple of seconds as the seal between Ted’s face and her pussy broke. Then the wet squish seconds later as she rotated back and sealed his face again. I thought Ted had passed out, but she sat up straight to reach for something in her bag, the sudden lack of air resulted in kicking legs and renewed muffled screams. Poor Ted has been awake throughout this whole experience.

    She pulled some small plastic oval and leaned back so that Ted’s mouth and chin were exposed again. Ted was gasping for air and she maneuvered her hand to her crotch. There was a sudden buzzing sound, and I realized she’s using a vibrator. Ted realized too because he tried to plea for mercy.

    “Please… please stop. I can’t tak-“ He was cut short as she leaned forward and covered his mouth. Her moans were getting louder and her movements more aggressive. She leaned back again, exposing Ted’s gasping mouth. Her hand now making wet slapping noises against her crotch as she starts to cum. Ted didn’t even have time to beg this time. His mouth started filling with her cum as she starts to squirt while sitting on his face. Her weight and fat thighs sealed his face, so it all pools and starts running to his open mouth. His screams turn into gargles as his mouth is filled, she leans forward again and seals his mouth.

    She sat for a good minute and regained her composure. She stood up and Ted immediately emerged, coughing and sputtering as her ejaculate was flowing out of his mouth. His eyes sealed shut, strings of her cum all over his face. Strings of her cum stretching from her pussy to Ted’s face. Ted’s head rolled back and forth, blinded and confused before he laid it to the side and gave up. His face was lit up by the golf cart’s headlights and I could see the thick layer of cum that coated his entire face. He was still breathing, whatever that’s worth at this point.

    Ms. Crabtree came back into view with a bottle in her hand. She straightened Ted’s head and squeezed a clear liquid onto his head. No, it was a gel or something. She rubbed it into his hair like if she was styling it before tossing the bottle a few feet from me. I was straining to read the label from my position, I couldn’t make out everything on the label. But I did see the words “water-based”.

    I snapped out of my trance when I heard Ms. Crabtree groan loudly. I looked to see her holding Ted’s face as she sat on top. She was grunting and squatting and I realized the rest of that label would’ve said “lubricant”. My muffled screams and struggles intensified when I realized what she was doing. I watched as her folds hungrily accepted part of his forehead. She would lift and slowly come back down, easing herself onto him. Ted was barely conscious, he couldn’t tell what she was doing, but preferred the top of his head being sat on instead of his face.

    It happened in an instant. Once she “crowned” and got the widest part of his forehead in, the rest of his head just slipped right in. I think even she was surprised, after straining he suddenly gave way and she landed with a thud against the stump. The sudden exertion also caused an immediate orgasm and she squirted again with Ted’s head inside of her. She let out a deep moan, almost a growl, as Sank lower and Ted’s head completely disappeared into her pussy.

    She held her belly up, and looked right at me as she stood up slowly. It was an insane sight to behold. Ted’s legs weakly twitching as his neck connected to her pussy instead of a human head. She kept lifting slowly until his chin popped out. She shuddered and squirted again, only the bottom half of his mouth was out, so she once again flooded his mouth. She stopped, and slowly started sinking again, I looked and she was still staring at me. As she sank down again, her eyes rolled back once Ted was fully inserted again. Her hands went to work her clit as she began her ascension again. She would rise up until Ted’s mouth was exposed enough for him to breathe. Then descend again, literally fucking his entire head. Every time she would get him fully inserted, she would shudder and cum. The ropes wrapped around Ted took on a darker color as they absorbed all her fluids.

    Her fingering her clit helped her relax her pussy and get wetter. All actions that facilitated her fucking Ted’s head. Her motions were still slow, although they were picking up speed. She stopped staring at me, just the occasional glance as she worked herself into a rhythm. Ted’s existence was one of holding his breath until his mouth popped out. His world was pitch black inside of her, and the pressure was intense but bearable. The heat was oppressive, as I’m sure the smell would be had his nose not been completely filled with her cum. Every time his mouth would pop out, he would gasp greedily at the cool air. Every time it was popped back in it would be filled with cum.

    After a few minutes, Ms. Crabtree reached behind her and pulled out the vibrator. She stopped moving and just sat as she untangled the device. Meanwhile ted was fully buried in her pussy, I could hear the muffled screams coming from her crotch. She lifted enough to give him some air. But being the sadist she is, she waited for him to catch his breath before she began to piss. Unfortunately for Ted, this position with his head inside of her, position his mouth right over her urethra. His mouth was forced open so he had no choice but to accept the sudden torrent of piss flowing into his mouth.

    At first he left his mouth open, the gravity letting the piss fall out as he tried gasping for air. She leaned back though, and gravity went from helping to hurting as it was now pooling in the back of his throat. Unable to spit and needing to breathe, Ted instinctively swallowed her piss. I looked away as I saw his Adam’s apple bobbing with each gulp.

    “Aaaaaaaaarrrrggggg-“ Ted let out a scream when he emptied his mouth, but it turned into a gargle as she continued to empty her bladder. Again Ted swallowed her piss and gasped for air as she finally finished. She sat up again after having finally untangled her little vibrator. I watched in horror as she stood, reached back and after some effort, shoved the vibrator up her ass. She turned it on and brought her hand back to her clit. It wasn’t long before the first streams of her squirt could be seen dripping down Ted’s face. Once she was wet enough, she began her rhythmic thrusting onto his head.

    Ms. Crabtree spent what felt like an hour giving herself orgasm after orgasm. Poor Ted wanted to pass out. Even as he drifted out of consciousness, she would allow him air at the last minute and reanimate his lifeless body. This gave him just enough energy to be awake for his torment. After a while, she turned her body 180 degrees, with her back towards me. She did this with Ted still inside of her pussy. I could only imagine Ted’s misery as the walls of her pussy hug and hold every feature of your face. She was almost doggy style on the stump, poor Ted’s head pulled back and still inserted in her pussy. But now her fat ass is draped across his neck and chest. Ted looks like he has a giant dimpled ass instead of a head. She continue fucking his face in this position which allowed her to lay down on the stump. After her fourth orgasm, she laid on her stomach on the stump, spent, as she turned off the vibrator.

    Ted’s head, still arched back but his chin was poking out allowing him to breathe. After about 5mins, Ms. Crabtree was snoring. Ted was able to hear this since he was still inside of her body.

    “M-M-Mark” He called out hoarsely. “Mark are you there?”

    I couldn’t answer, my mouth was still gagged, and Ted couldn’t hear my muffled grunts and screams.

    “Mark please, where are you?” Ted begged. He opened his mouth to try and scream for help, but his voice was so raspy it came out as a loud whisper. He tried anyways, for a few minutes the silence was broken with a weak and pained “Help!” from Ted. He just lay there with his mouth open, panting when I noticed Ms. Crabtree’s vibrator was slowly coming out of her ass.

    I watched as the formerly pink plastic egg was exiting her asshole. And directly underneath was Ted, mouth open and panting for air, oblivious to the horror above him. I kicked my legs and screamed, but he couldn’t hear me. I watched as the vibrator fell out, pushed by one of Ms. Crabtree’s farts. The vibrator landed in Ted’s open mouth. He instantly began coughing and sputtering and twitching, but he was secured and going nowhere. Ms. Crabtree was asleep and he couldn’t close his mouth enough to spit out the vibrator.

    He tried to scream again, but it came out as a defeated gargle as he finally gave up. Ms. Crabtree farted again while he was under her. Lucky for him his nose was still trapped inside of her pussy.
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  8. uwsp_joe_84

    uwsp_joe_84 Member

    This an amazing story. Incredible concept and excellent writing.
  9. miami_fa

    miami_fa Member

    Thank you all for the kind words. This one was stuck in my head for a bit, and i was able to see the imagery in so much detail. I don't normally get to come back to a story days later and keep it going. I'll re-read this in a bit, and hopefully with some rum in me i can work on some more.
  10. Sauur

    Sauur Active Member

    LOVE it! You have a gift!
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  11. miami_fa

    miami_fa Member

    Thank you Sauur, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate the feedback.
  12. Necalli

    Necalli New Member

    Cant wait for more of this!
    (secretly hoping for some breast smothering) ;)
  13. mittes

    mittes Mittes

    I hope there will be a story where even the head will slide into the ass. You are absolutely The best!

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