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Cruel Anette's fetish store

Discussion in 'World of Visual BDSM' started by tmartinka, Jan 12, 2018 at 7:52 AM.

  1. tmartinka

    tmartinka Member

    Playing a dirty game FHD MP4
    Tease & denial

    Mistress Anette wants nothing more than to arouse her slave, like it was a game. First she kneels down beside him and touches his erect cock with her warm, wet tongue. She plays with the tip of his dick and when he is hard enough, she pulls down her panties and straddles him. But she doesn ride his cock, she only massages her own pussy with it, until he feels so hard, that it hurts. The moment it happens, Anette stands up, turn around and walks out of the room giggling and waving.

    Spanking and orgasm FHD MP4
    Dyanna was a nasty girl, she lied about something to Anette and that's why she gets a little punishment. She is blindfolded on the metal bed on her belly, tied to the posts. Anette is sitting next to her, spanking her naked butt with her hands. Left cheek, right cheek, while Dyanna is crying out a little with every stroke. Then she forces her to enjoy the pink dildo in her pussy as she continues the light spanking while she does not have an orgasm.

    Blindfolded sex slave FHD MP4
    Mistress Anette tied her sex slave to a chair, naked and blindfolded, ready to do whatever the mistress pleases. Today she wants to watch him cum for her, so she starts arousing him by slowly massaging his cock up and down with her palm, then licking tenderly the tip of it with so much saliva that she made a huge saliva bridge between them. Then she continues the pleasuring, until he squirts a huge fountain of sperm for her.
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  3. mbw

    mbw Member

    Your Cruel Anette is very hot and very beautiful! Love it.

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