Cum under my full weight and drained again with nylons HD

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    Mistress Julia has her slave in front of a mirror his cock in the board on latex. In addition she wears her GML stilettos. Her legs and beautiful feet covered in fishnet stockings. With a few strokes (watch her legs in the mirror) she has the slave fully erect. She continues to excite him almost to orgasm. Then out of the blue she steps on him with all her weight. The slave can only but cum and he spills it all over the latex. Later, when MJ is dressed she really came hard and I think out should tease you again. The slave is but in the box again and Mj simply takes off her Jeans and puts on her stiletto mules. She practically slides him to orgasm. Teasing him until he almost faints. THEN she takes one shoe off and masturbates the cock under her nyloned foot. So now he is lead to orgasm and he cums again hard. Drop for drop.

    Hope you like it.

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    Mistress Julia has Wonderful shoes & terric heels. Very nice...
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