Death by High Heels - compilation

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    You probably requested this one

    Part I & II

    The metal steps were damp and slippery from the thickening fog. Above
    Lewis, the night club throbbed to the sounds of music. Inside, 100
    women were dancing the night away - the last evening of freedom for
    some unsuspecting lady about to be married on the weekend, Lewis
    thought to himself. It would be easy pickings if he could climb the
    metal stairway and prise open the small fan light window into the
    cloakrooms. Coats and maybe assorted handbags or credit cards could be
    the reward but it would be a dangerous climb along the fire escape
    He must remain silent and out of sight. The fog was closing in around
    him. He could barely see a hand in front of his face. Lewis climbed
    unsteadily, up along two levels of railings trying to make sure of his
    footing. He reached up, groping in the blackness above him and as he
    did so, he slipped and fell backwards. In a second, Lewis plummeted to
    earth, arms flayling in the still misty air. He caught the electric
    power cable on his fall, pulling it away from the wall before crashing
    on his back at the base of the stairs. The fall was a bad one. Knocked
    unconscious, Lewis lay sprawled just on the soft lawn area. He was
    lucky to have missed the metal steps and the concrete path below.

    Inside the Club, the emergency exit signs immediately came on as the
    party was plunged into darkness and chaos. The door eventually swung
    open into the gray, foggy evening and the female revelers began their
    treacherous decent down the fire escape. "Be careful", shouted the
    first woman, "It's really slippery and you can't see a thing". Within
    20 seconds or so, the first woman had reached the bottom step. She
    knew this because the handrail didn't go any further. Stepping onto
    the concrete path she then took another step onto what she thought was
    the lawn. It was Lewis's prostrate body. Her size 8 shoe found his
    thigh and she walked right over him, the narrow heel sinking into his
    pants and flesh. She didn't suspect anything.

    The second woman stepped onto the concrete and then onto Lewis. She
    wore high red court shoes. His chest sunk slightly as she trod on it
    before moving further away from the stairs. One by one, the women used
    Lewis underfoot. They didn't realise he was there. In all 106 women
    trampled the man into the lawn. Lewis's body by now had been pressed
    into the turf.

    The women congregated around the steps waiting for instructions as to
    when they could go back inside. Lewis's body became a carpet as first
    one, then another women trampled him whilst they stood around
    chatting. As four women stood around discussing husbands two of them
    had Lewis beneath them. One pair of high heeled shoes dug merciliessly
    into his stomach whilst a woman wearing slides stood on his throat.
    She moved her right foot, shifting weight from one to the other which
    pressed his face beneath. Lewis's unconscious features distorted under
    her weight. The now muddy soles flattening his nose, and the heel
    pushing into his mouth. Would Lewis survive?..........

    Part II
    The fog had decended like an eerie, gray blanket. Lewis's unconscious
    body lay battered and crushed beneath the feet of the partygoers. He
    was beginning to cut up now as shoe after shoe trampled him in the
    darkness. The women were unaware of him embedded in the lawn. A group
    of four had just moved away from him when a woman shouted, "We're safe
    to go back up the fire escape steps now. Please form an orderly queue
    and be careful - the steps are very slippery".

    Lewis began to stir. He opened his eyes and blinked unbelievingly as a
    woman just walked over his chest whilst chatting to another woman. He
    was in great pain from the fall but he did not cry out. Lewis lay
    silently, desperate to remain undetected. He felt a large, plump lady
    tread on his stomach, then another great force pressed his chest
    downwards again. Three, maybe four pairs of feet walked over him, the
    heels of the shoes tearing at his already ripped shirt and into his
    tender flesh.

    Suddenly, a massive pain shot through him as a woman trod on his face.
    The sole of her court shoe landed right across his mouth, grinding the
    dirt from it onto his lips. The force crushed his lip, splitting it
    open as it stepped off him. Too weak to call out, another woman then
    found his face as well, her leather sandal flattening his features
    once more. The bone in his nose crumpled beneath her weight as she
    continued her journey into the night club.

    By then it was too late. Groups of women were going back now and
    Lewis's body disappeared beneath pairs of eager feet. Dirt and mud
    were ground into his body as the outlines of soles from shoes and
    boots left their painful imprint. Heels cruelly gouged at his flesh,
    slashing his body and almost impaling him beneath. His groin was
    covered with footprints and his chest, stomach and face were trampled
    into the turf.

    It was nearly 10 minutes before everyone had passed over him. The last
    woman, a tall lady in her mid 30's, dropped a lit cigarette. It fell
    on to Lewis's chest and she ground it out with her stiletto black
    pumps without even looking down. The cigarette temporarily burnt his
    flesh before her cool sole crushed it and him underneath. Standing on
    his body to light another, she let the heels sink painfully in to him
    believing his body to be the lawn. She took a long inhale of smoke
    before tossing the spent match away and trampling over Lewis.

    It made no difference. Lewis was dead. His body almost mashed to an
    unrecognisable pulp, blackened with the dirt from the soles of the
    women's shoes. He had been used like a sidewalk but had helped the
    women to leave and return to the club in relative safety. No one knew
    of Lewis...he was a petty thief and a felon. The fall from the
    railings would have left him paralysed anyway, so perhaps the women
    had been kind in trampling him to death.

    by StoneW
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    Fire! - CelesteJordan
    The Story:

    We were attending an “options” conference. It was a “ladies” only seminar. We were there to learn how to trade stock options. Most of us were in business attire…blazers and skirts. Many of us were wearing stockings and spike heels. Some even had heels that were five inches! Most were at least four-inch heels.

    We listened intently, as we sat with our legs crossed. Some were dangling their heels from their toes. Flicking their shoes as it were. As I looked around I saw so many sexy women, many with short skirts, leather skirts, blouses with a lot of cleavage showing, hair, makeup so perfect. I thought “wow! If I were lesbian I could sooo have a fun!”

    Suddenly…the fire alarm sounded! OMG! Such a stampeed for the exits! I don’t know why but the doors we closed and locked!

    There was a security guard at the door trying to stop us from getting out! The crush of sooo many women soon made him fall to the floor.

    I was one of the first at the door trying to get out. I was being pushed and shoved from behind. So many women in a panic!

    As it happened that day, I chose to wear a short leather skirt, white silk blouse, matching bra/panties and my favorite spike heel shoes. I found myself standing on the guard’s chest! I looked down at him and mouthed. I’m sooo sorry” because I knew that my heels were digging in to him soooo hard, but I couldn’t help it! Funny thing was, they still had Disco music playing on the PA.

    Suddenly there was a lot of smoke in the room. The ladies went crazy trying to get out! I was one of them. We were banging on the door ….Let us out! But they stayed locked!

    I was being pushed and shoved from behind, I knew I was standing on a man but I couldn’t get off of him! OMG I was sooo stepping all over him…his face, neck, chest, groin, I knew I was killing him with my heels!

    I kept looking down at him, seeing the pain in his eyes…

    I mouthed, “I’m sooo sorry!” Just as I said that, I was pushed again and my spike heel shoe stepped right on his face!

    It was then that I realized he wasn’t going to survive the crush of women. I started to enjoy what I was doing to him. It was really making me wet to think that I could trample a guy to death under my heels and no one would know. He wasn’t going to survive so why not let it be me? That’s when I started to enjoy what I was doing to him.

    OH MY! I soooo let myself be pushed and shoved, all the while my spike heel shoes were stepping all over him! I looked down a few times and saw sooo much blood! I smiled and mouthed to him…”I’m so sorry but I think you’re going to die tonight”. He looked at me with such fear in his eyes… I loved it!

    And then I didn’t care anymore. I just stepped and trampled him under my heels. Wow! When I felt my heel sink into his “private parts” and his eyes…I was sooooo wet! I loved trampling his head! I was laughing and swinging my hips. I was loving it! Laughing, dancing…

    When the doors finally opened, I looked back and saw him lifeless. So many of us trying to get out, so many running, screaming, our heels, our weight, sooo many women, trampling him…poor baby.

    It was a false alarm but the poor thing got trampled under so many ladies, he was the only causality. When they did the autopsy they wouldn't be able to explain the many marks on his body.

    I knew it was from so many women stepping all over him. The marks were from our heels. I’ll always remember him and what we did. Each time I think of him, I know I’ll be wet.
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    GREAT thread .....
    Would definitely like to read more of this!
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    Hmm what a way to go though.
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    Very nice stories.. thanks all...
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    dutchguy...if you have more like this, please post here...thank you.

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