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Deck the Decorator

Discussion in 'Trample & Foot Fetish Discussions' started by trampling_tramp, Jun 25, 2017.

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  3. goletiout

    goletiout Member

    Might be on ibn downloads?
  4. I think no.
    This is no video from ibn. Or yes? I do not know.
  5. goletiout

    goletiout Member

  6. I try search.
  7. this is an absolutely spectacular video by the way, one of the best i've ever seen. I have a copy on VHS and have been looking for a digital copy forever and can't find it either.

    it's with kaitlynn and eve ellis, and they do some great trampling in it including extended face standing. if you're a fan of kaitlynn's (and she was my all-time favorite), it's the only video i've come across where she really gets her feet worshiped properly, there's a great section right at the end.

    i haven't been able to find this anywhere myself (including the IBN site) - if anyone comes across it please do let us know. it's my #1 most wanted vid and has been for a long time.
  8. John

    John Infidel Staff Member

    I have it - let me find it...

    Darn, having an issue locating it. You had mentioned having a preview..could you post a picture of it or send it to me at webmasterdestiny@gmail.com so I can see it. I have tons of thumbs indicating videos but they are not all named...

    I know it's Eve, Kaitlynn and Zippy...and I think it's at my old partner's house...
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  9. cover is kaitlynn standing on his face and eve standing on his chest in front of a small fireplace. hope that helps...
  10. also John - if you come across any other videos during your searches of Kaitlynn having her feet worshiped, i'd gladly buy those off the site. she was amazing and i haven't come across many worship vids with her.
  11. John

    John Infidel Staff Member

    Hmmmm. Well, that kind of sounds like Mistress Flame's old house? That means I may have been looking in the wrong place. Does it look like that would have been shot on digital tape or Hi-8 (ancient!) ?
    Or, is it the same fireplace as this?



    The actual full site is at ----> mistressdestiny.org
  12. that's the same fireplace, yup. also - 'release date' on the tape is Sept 1, 1998.
  13. John

    John Infidel Staff Member

    Well, I do have some...I'm not sure I put them on any site because they are short and super old...Have you see the ones where she is dressed in a construction hat, lots of outside dirty foot worship, etc?
  14. no never saw those, would definitely like to for sure...
  15. trail

    trail Active Member

    I still have Deck the Decorator on VHS, It was one of the first I bought from trample.com.
    I took some screenshots from it. Hope that will help :)
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
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  16. bfrug

    bfrug Well-Known Member

    The technical quality may not be as good as we get thesedays, but the content itself is as good today as anything else out there.
    Brings back a few distant memories for me.
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  17. ran888

    ran888 New Member

    Please put this one up for sale, in agreement with scott_the_hound, been looking for it forever.
  18. trail

    trail Active Member

    There was another called "Tiny gets trampled" with one small and one big women and the little guy. The big women jumped so heavy I think he passed out.
    It was a special video, also from Trample.com. Hope it will come there too. And is "Heels of steel" there? I searched but no came up. It was with Flame and Taylor
    with Ruby.
  19. sinbad

    sinbad Well-Known Member

    That was a hot one for sure.
  20. Highstepper

    Highstepper Member

    This takes me back a few years.
  21. John

    John Infidel Staff Member

    I have been completely unable to locate Deck The Decorator even though I know I recaptured it...so now I need to get out the old tapes... :(

    I do have Tiny Gets Trampled that I can put up if anyone is interested...
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